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A New DimensionEdit

Tornado walked with his friends, Chester and Hurricane on the sidewalk one day. Stacy stomped past them on her way to her house. “Whoa, Stacy, what’s wrong? Someone do something bad?” Tornado joked. Stacy glared at him. “Forget about helping me, Tornado!” She screamed at him. “Because I don’t want to have anything to do with you anymore!” Stacy ran away. Tornado’s shoulders drooped. “Fine. I don’t care anyway! Find another friend!” Tornado wiped a single tear off of his cheek as he charged inside his tumbleweed to get his bike. Tornado’s helmet automatically appeared on his head. Tornado felt more tears coming as he raced down the sidewalk with his bike. A portal opened, and Tornado went through it, riding his bike as he did so. Chester and Hurricane tried to come, but Tornado made an invisible hand push them into the ground. “Come on, we have to do something!” Chester cried. Hurricane shook his head. “Forget it, Chester. Tornado doesn’t want us to come, so we won’t. End of story.” Hurricane continued walking on to his house. Chester looked back, hoping to see Tornado again. He didn’t. Stacy thought over her words. Did she really mean to do that? “Yes,” Stacy told herself. The next day at school, Tornado didn’t come. He got listed as absent on the teacher’s list. Stacy wondered if this had anything to do with her attitude yesterday. “He’ll come tomorrow.” She thought. But Tornado didn’t come. Stacy was finally afraid he would never talk to her again. She visited Tornado’s tumbleweed after class. “Tornado? It’s Stacy. Hey, sorry about yesterday, and I was wondering if you could forgive me?” Stacy asked hopefully. No answer. Stacy peered inside and gasped. Everything was covered in cobwebs. Meanwhile, Chester and Hurricane studied at the library on a homework project about the ocean. “Okay…” Chester looked out the window, bored. Meanwhile, where Tornado was, it seemed like dreamland to him. First, there was a rainbow of very bright colors Tornado had never seen or heard of before that existed in his world. But Tornado’s world was light years away, maybe even millions of light years away. “I have got to get out of here!” Tornado cried. He started pedaling his bike down a rainbow pathway, seemingly in a video game of Tornado’s company he supported. Maybe it was his favorite game. Tornado remembered staring at the small TV screen playing it. While he thought about this, Tornado heard a buzzing sound. Stacy turned on a game that Tornado gave her for her birthday party when Stacy turned ten. Turning it on, she saw a message. It said: sorry for any type of problems you are having with this particular game, but there is a bug in your cartridge. Take it out and try again. The same message came every time. There was something wrong. Back to Tornado, he was smoking the tires from going so fast at light speed. Finally, after three hundred miles, another portal opened, and Tornado rode full into it. This time, he got launched very far out in the eighteen hundreds sometime. Without his bike. Tornado looked around. Nothing but desert. So he began to run, kicking up a lot of sand that blinded some Arabs as Tornado zoomed past. Again, another portal opened up that allowed Tornado to go through. His vacation spot. But disguised with a whole bunch more buildings… big buildings like the ones in Seattle. No where Tornado saw that there was a patch of fresh grass, even dry grass. He slowly walked through what once was all desert. Now, however, it became a small sandlot in the middle of a big city. Several small sandlots, one by each apartment building. Before Tornado walked an inch, the city disappeared, and reappearing as his home town. Stacy was running on the girls' track team. She was always a good runner. But not faster than Tornado. There was one year that Tornado had gone on the track team. He ran fast, but had to reduce his running speed to only fifty mph. Tornado still remembered the look on the judge's faces. He stopped thinking, and came back to reality. Home was in front of him. Tornado walked one step. Nothing happened. He walked all the way to school. Still nothing. Inside. Nothing. Outside once again, it was like a festival. People rushing here and there, occasionally running into each other. Until Tornado ran into Stacy, it was chaos. Stacy looked surprised. “Hi, Tornado.” “Hello, Stacy. What's happening? A festival? It doesn't seem like it.” Stacy took Tornado's hand and led him to a booth on the sidewalk. This is where chaos ended. It was only Tornado and Stacy now. Except Hurricane and Chester, but they were both sleeping on the ground. Tornado reached out to them, but his arms were strapped to his side. “GET ME OUT OF HERE!” Tornado yelled as loud as he could. The whole place shook, and everything fell down, collapsed, or imploded on itself. Tornado was left in the middle, until nothing remained. He himself fell to the ground, wanting to get out of this nightmare. Tornado felt grass on his face, and noticed he was on the hill, lying face down. Tornado remembered that it was fall, the season of jumping into tree leaves. Some kids down below laughed and had a good time. Chester and Hurricane stood in front of Tornado. “He's awake, Chester!” Hurricane called to Chester, who was playing in the leaf pile. Hurricane helped Tornado get off the ground. “It's good too see you again, Tornado! We thought you would never come back.” All Tornado could manage to ask was, “Where's my bike?” Chester pointed. It was clean and undamaged. Tornado walked off the hill, running to his bike. Tornado wanted to ride on it right away, but he pushed that urge aside. Stacy was reading a book in the shade when Tornado saw her. She looked up, her face full of tears. Stacy had her nose literally in the book, so Tornado couldn't see her face. Now here she was, trying to hold back tears. Tornado walked to her quickly. “Everything's alright, Stacy. Go on. Let it out like you never have before.” Stacy was crying uncontrollably way before Tornado said those words. But it was perfect timing. “It was my fault, Tornado! I was in a bad mood, clearly you had seen that!” Stacy said in between long moments of silence. The kids playing in the leaves were gone. “It doesn't matter now, Stacy. You can forget it ever happened.” Stacy continued crying on Tornado shoulder. It was damp after Stacy finished crying, and Tornado helped Stacy up to walk her away. Once they reached her house, Tornado let Stacy go on her own. He watched the front door close, and wondered when she would recover. Tornado shrugged, walking away to join Chester and Hurricane.

The End

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