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A Story About... Koolaide! Which Is Probably Spelled WrongEdit

One hot, summer day, Tornado sent out an email and walked into his kitchen. Retrieving some “Sugar Water” he poured a cup and downed it, heading upstairs. By the time Tornado reached the first step, he collapsed from the heat and blurted, “Must... have... drink! Can't... survive... without it!” He ran back and drank the whole pitcher in one gulp. Making more, at least fifty for going up the stairs, another fifty for walking to his room, another forty for closing his door, and the same, only going out of his bedroom, closing the door, walking away from his bedroom to the stairway, and going down again. Now, add that all up. Right now. What was your sum? That's about how much I wish I could dump on your head right about now. THE END!!! (The author takes off running)

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