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“Here we are!” Tornado announced. Hurricane and Chester got out of the stuffy car. “Whoa! This place really needs some help, after being ransacked by a poltergeist ghost!” Chester exclaimed. Tornado marched forward. Hurricane followed. Chester flew above the two, checking the screen every minute or so. “The first thing we do is restore this hotel to it’s original past life.” Tornado walked upstairs. The whole floor was battered and old, looking like it could give way any moment. “Have you ever seen anything so old looking?” Chester asked. Tornado remained silent. He examined the floor. “Scorch marks,” Tornado muttered to himself. Suddenly, he was flipped over and crashed through the floor. “What was that?” Tornado looked at Hurricane. “I think it was the ghost. Be careful, and watch your backs, guys. Hurricane, you will sweep the floor.” Hurricane nodded and started choosing his selection of hurricanes to do the job. “Chester, take care of all the furniture in this room right away, clean them off, soak them, and come back to me when you are finished. I’m going to cover upstairs.” Tornado flew up the stairs this time, being careful to look behind himself when he could. Back to Hurricane. He had chosen a category zero hurricane with dust sweeping abilities without leaving any other dust behind. Hurricane stepped back to the kitchen’s door, covering his face with a mask. Chester started by controlling his tsunami wave, bring it in at very low tide, but this was still over his head. But that didn’t matter. Chester was blue eyed, so he could breath under the water. Meanwhile, Tornado had looked in all rooms except one. He flew into it, holding his breath as he did so. This room, surprisingly, was exactly like it was when this hotel was inhabited by workers, waiters, waitresses, and visitors come to stay the night, or week, or whatever. “Hello? Anyone here?” “Yes, there is.” Tornado turned on his invisibility eyesight, and saw the ghost. “What do you want?” Tornado asked. “This room is where a loved one of mine died, so I visit here in case she comes back.” Tornado shook his head. “It does not work that way, you see. Your friend, or wife, or fiancé, is never coming back, unless she is a living ghost herself on this planet, here somewhere in the hotel, or either at her favorite place she had.” The ghost thought for a minute. “Thank you for telling me that.” The ghost vanished, leaving no trace that he had ever been there. Tornado walked downstairs. It looked as good as new. “Anything up there?” Hurricane asked. Tornado smiled. “Let’s just say that this so-called poltergeist is no longer going to bother this place any more. But you did a good job, along with Chester too, I see.” The rooms upstairs automatically cleaned themselves, without Tornado doing it. “That’s the ghost helping. I told him something that made a spark in his leftover mind where his fiancé was. So now he’s helping put the hotel back into business.” Tornado and his friends walked out of the hotel, leaving the ghost to do his work in peace. Soon after, the hotel opened again to receive its first visitor. This visitor had a gruff voice like a dwarf’s, only he was not a dwarf. He was Negative Tornado.

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