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An Unidentified Hero

Soon after Tornado lost his powers, a castle rose up into the air on a cloud. “Hey, you! Freeze!” Tornado stopped where he was and allowed himself to be captured.

Hurricane and Chester practiced fencing for a competition coming up next week. It's harder than you think. It requires a lot more than any other sport does. But that didn't matter. “Got you, Chester! The fifth time, too.” Both of them almost never stopped practicing whenever they had the chance. “No fair! You've had more experience than I have!” Hurricane shook his head. “I came along while you were here. I've just started learning necessary things about sword fighting. I've just been beating you with the same strategy over and over again, and you still can't figure it out.” Chester muttered all the way back to his house. “Wait a minute! Didn't Tornado tell us he would join us in a few minutes?” Hurricane thought about this. “I don't recall him saying he would join us. Why?” “Tornado told us last Saturday that he would help us get better at sword fighting if we asked him to.” Hurricane walked over to Chester. “Chester... last Saturday is when Tornado disappeared, remember?” Chester had forgotten all about that. “Aw, horse poop. I was hopin' to get in more practice.” Hurricane told him, “What you need to do is practice on the computer before you start facing me again. You'll actually learn something.” Hurricane walked back to his own house and shut the door behind him.

Meanwhile, Tornado gets thrown into the first holding cell. Fortunately, he stops himself by rolling in instead of hitting the ground hard. He's had enough of that. “Who are you supposed to be?” An icy voice froze him into place, literally froze him into ice. A face peered at him through the growing block of ice. I can't tell you if you don't melt this ice cube. Tornado's face told the mysterious character. All at once, the ice melted, and Tornado was standing again. “Thank you. So, my name is Tornado. What's yours?” The person hesitated for a moment, then shrugged. “Some say I am an expert illusionist. But I am not. I have a natural ability of gaining power from who I watch that has power. The last one I took his power from had control over ice.” Tornado realized that this person, still unidentified, could help him. “Sorry, I forgot my name. Chaos. That's who I am. I cause chaos everywhere I go. Not to mention here.” He motioned for Tornado to sit down. “Since we're gonna be here for the rest of our lives, you tell me a little about yourself, and I'll tell you some things about me.” Chaos waited for Tornado to respond, his serious, unblinking eyes reminding Tornado of Hurricane. “My name, Tornado Cyclone, has been passed down through my family since the past five billion years. There were certain family members who turned evil and others didn't. Those who chose good over evil shared their power, eventually creating... I mean, giving birth to me after fourteen years ago. All that time, and no one has really recognized the true significance of my family heritage. I am the only one left; my father died years ago when I was little. I would give you a demonstration of what I could do, but my powers were taken away – by Shadow the hedgehog. Now, I can only sit here and think of future plans.” Chaos silently thought about this all. A superpowerful animal – turns into a human if he wills himself to. And besides, it was probably easier being human than bumblebee.* Days turned into weeks, weeks into months, and months into years. Tornado put his nine hundredth notch on the wall this morning, Chaos finally thought of another question to ask him. “What were your abilities? I know it's been a long time since you've been in here, but I had all those other questions... over ten thousand of them. And you answered every single one! Very detailed and descriptive.” “I spent fourteen years devoted to answering questions like those and all others. Rarely will I not give a good answer. My abilities were that I could throw tornadoes from my hands. When I willed a tornado to exist, it did. F1 through Finfinite, that's how much tornadoes I throw. And also, I can turn anything and anyone into dust. Including myself. But I hardly ever use it because there's no need to. Finally, I can turn into anything and anyone I want to. And have their abilities as well. I know more sword fighting techniques than anyone. So there you have it.” They talked for a long time, until Chaos told these words to Tornado. “If I can picture your powers good enough, I'll be able to get them myself and break us out of here!” Tornado was hesitant about this plan, because all he knew about Chaos added up to trouble if he let anyone use his own powers for other things besides good. And, if Chaos ever turned on him, it really would be chaos. Especially since Tornado is the only one who can stop Super Negative Tornado. Also, if he ever attacked, Tornado could never defend Stacy. But at least he had friends – surely they could hold off... even beat Negative Tornado? Considering all the power of Jack Stone, Metal Shadow, X, Chester, Hurricane, and Cyclone, maybe they would bring him down. “I don't know... maybe if you promise to get me out of here with you. Then, after that is done, I'll make sure you stay true to your word. In any way, I still have to retrieve my real abilities to use them at their highest level I can use them.” “You bet! We're pals to the end!” Tornado didn't hesitate one more second before describing in great detail, everything he could do. Chaos listened silently for that whole time. “Okay, I have got enough to possibly get us out of here.” Chaos told Tornado. “Good! Now let's go before it's too late.” Just then, a group of extreme powerhouse good guys came in and asked, “We were just about to join the world's largest superhero organization and was wondering if one of you would like to come with us.” This made Tornado want to go with them, but he had a better idea.

Hurricane rushed into the jail and talked to the jail keeper. “I heard you were keeping in my friend here, keeper!” The keeper looked up from his newspaper. “Sorry, Tornado's gone. You just missed him.” Hurricane noticed a party of local superheroes. “Nice, man!” “Let me see him!” Hurricane walked over to them and said, “Come on, Tornado. You're not going anywhere.” When he got through everyone, it wasn't Tornado. “Hey, you aren't Tornado!” “You mean the one with the blue stripe on his forehead? He gave us Chaos here, smiled and said “Good night.” Hurricane was dumbfounded. Good night? As the sun set, Hurricane saw an image of Tornado running past him, with Chester and Stacy behind him. Hurricane headed back to the prison where Tornado still resided and scratched his head. Nothing was in the cell! It was empty completely, no sign of leaving was there. Only a book, open to a certain page. Hurricane walked over and picked it up. It showed Tornado sleeping in a soft bed with a kitten sleeping on his head. He took the book, ran out to find Chester, and showed the book to him. Chester nearly cried; Stacy did cry, and Hurricane gave the book to her for keeping. After that, Hurricane jumped into the air and took off toward home.

The End

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