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B. S. S. T. Part 2Edit

“What? You're supposed to be dead!” Hurricane's father laughed. “But I'm not! So ha! I was always in this form ever since Blue Sardonyx banished me from the Undefeated. Ever since, I have wanted revenge. And I got it, too! Blue Sardonyx is dead, along with your father and mostly all of your friends!” “Hurricane!” Blue Super Star Tornado jumped up and turned around to go find Hurricane. “Run and hide, sissy! You can't even face me now, as the leader of the Undefeated! I'll be waiting for you to return, you fearful leader! Ha ha ha!” Tornado didn't pay any attention. Once he found his friend, Hurricane wasn't doing too well. Of course, he was dead. His body... (graphicness, along with more graphicness). I can't describe it because you would get nightmares. Okay, back to the story. Using his power of resurrection, Blue Super Star Tornado put his hand on Hurricane, and restored it to life again. Hurricane coughed violently at first, but settled down and looked at Tornado. “Yikes! Who are you?” He asked, clearly unaware of Tornado's change from Tornado to the leader of the Undefeated. “I am who you've known all your life, in the form of the Undefeated's leader.” Suddenly, something clicked in Hurricane's mind. “Tornado Cyclone?” With that, B. S. S. T. got up and flew away, back to Hurricane's father. “Alright, sir, I'll finish you off before Hurricane gets here so he won't have to see any of this.” Already, Hurricane ran toward the direction he saw Tornado go in. The clashing sound of sword fighting grew close. Still running, Hurricane jumped up and flew over the hill to see his father and Blue Super Star Tornado fighting. All too quickly, Tornado disarmed his enemy and stabbed him all the way through with his sword. “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!” Hurricane screamed. Tornado looked up. He saw Hurricane run up to his father and check to see if he was still alive. He turned away, stumbled forward a few steps and dropped his sword right where he currently was. When Hurricane raised his head, his eyes were colder than the surface of Pluto, Tornado could feel it. “You killed him! Why? He was my father!” Tornado turned back around and picked up his sword, putting it away. “Trust me, lad, you don't want any trouble from me. Just let it go and let's get you back home.” “NO! I WILL KILL YOU!” Hurricane attacked Blue Super Star Tornado, thinking he could beat him. But no luck. Tornado did the same with Hurricane as he did his father. “Now... this is where you don't want to mess with me, Hurricane. You can do nothing to help your father, and I will not help him. He was too dangerous while I was...” Tornado paused, wondering if he should tell this to Hurricane. Suddenly, an unexpected move from Hurricane startled him, and Tornado raised his sword. Hurricane's sword shattered into pieces this time, and scattered all over the ground. Green shards of metal, very sharp metal with a yellow diamond edge lay right at Tornado's feet. “That was not my fault. It was you, Hurricane, who threw it that fast and caused the sword to shatter. Now, I may not be able to even walk freely around without my sword at my waist. So, I will not replace your sword. And I'll make sure you can never purchase one, either. Too risky.” Hurricane was breathing hard, and Tornado had not wasted a breath! “Who are you, anyway?” Hurricane muttered, not expecting an answer. “I told you already. But in case you didn't hear me, I'm Blue Super Star Tornado, leader of the Undefeated.” Inside of himself, Tornado felt pity for Hurricane's loss of his father. And he himself had caused it. Now, Tornado had to make sure that the body of the man be incinerated. “Let's go, Hurricane. Follow me.” B. S. S. T. took a running a start and jumped into the air. Hurricane followed right behind him. Soon, they were talking – an amazing thing to do right after you saw your father killed by the person who did it. “I'm sorry, Hurricane. I didn't want you to see us fighting, but it was my mistake reviving you from your death.” “Don't worry about it. I probably smell better now than I did while I was dead. Where are we heading?” “A place I only know as “Navalia”. It's a city that moves, so very few can ever find it again once they leave and come back.” As soon as he finished the sentence, a city of magnificence and beauty appeared, obviously very strong from it's structure. Tornado landed with Hurricane close behind. “How long has this city been in existence?” Hurricane asked. “As long as you and I have lived combined, and just to let you know, it was made in about 330 AD.” Tornado knocked on the door to see a face peek back at him. Immediately, the doors opened and a human gatekeeper saluted Tornado. “Come in, commander. It's been awhile since your last visit.” “Yes, all too long, Hugo. This is Hurricane, a friend of mine. We will be here for a short while, and then we have to leave.” Hugo stepped out of their way. “Go on, then! Do not let me stop you!” Tornado smiled and moved on into the grand city. “This is the first time I've been in a city so old.” Hurricane exclaimed seriously. “And it will be your last visit, too. I do not know how long I can remain like this, so it has to be quick.” Walking past some shops to get to a disguise shop. “You get all of your disguises here?” “Wait outside.” Tornado ordered. Hurricane obeyed, and while he was in the shop, Hurricane smiled at the young girls of about his age. No one else was so fortunate. Tornado walked back out, with lots of heavy looking boxes that he held in the air with his powers. “All those?” Tornado transported each one mentally to his doorstep at his tumbleweed. “Yeah, what do you think? I can't use just one box of disguises, so I have to get several. They just give them to me for free.” He directed Hurricane to the front of the city and told him to wait outside for about half an hour. Five minutes later, Hurricane was throwing rocks across the vast amount of space before him, bored to death. Back to Tornado, we are in a weapons shop, where Tornado is looking over several swords that look fit for use of combat. Finally, he chose one with a golden hilt, the blade, which is three and a half feet long, golden also, but with a peculiar design that would fit the person he wanted to give it to. It was nice and sturdy, unbreakable to the point of nothing. This was, in fact, better than the sword that Blue Super Star Tornado had right now, but it wasn't for him. Hurricane was sleeping by the time Tornado walked out of the city of splendor. Navalia disappeared in a flash of white, leaving nothing behind. Gently shaking Hurricane awake, Tornado transported his gift to the tumbleweed. “Yeah?” Hurricane asked sleepily. “Time to go home.” Those were the last words Hurricane ever heard from Blue Super Star Tornado. The next day, he woke up in his own bedroom, lying on top of his sheets. Hurricane rolled out of bed and stood up, swaying a little as he did so. Yesterday was such a long day that Hurricane could hardly remember any events that took place. Except, the scene where Tornado had killed his father. That was still with him, and wouldn't go away. Dashing out of his house and to the direct location of where his father died, Hurricane saw scorch marks and an outline of where his father was. He wasn't there anymore. “Hurricane!” A familiar voice called to him. Turning around, Chester ran up and tackled his friend. Hurricane threw him off playfully, right onto the spot where the marks were. Chester yelled in pain and sprang up off the ground, looking at the mark. “What happened here? Because it's still fresh. It's at least as hot as three hundred degrees still!” Wow. All Hurricane thought was that. “Let's go to Tornado's house, Chester. I want to see him.” They flew across the desert until they found Tornado's tumbleweed. Chester knocked on the door, and soon, Tornado answered. “Hey, guys. What's up?” “We wanted to visit you, that's what?” Tornado stood aside and welcomed them in. “Come on in, friends. Want to have breakfast with me? I just started.” Hurricane and Chester couldn't say no to that, so Tornado led them to his kitchen. “Eggs and bacon?” Chester licked his lips. “Sounds good! I'll have three strips.” “Hurricane?” For a while, he didn't respond. “Hurricane! How many pieces of bacon?” Finally, Hurricane came back to reality. “Oh, I'll have three strips, too. Thank you.” Tornado cooked nine pieces of bacon perfectly, and inserted them on each plate. “Uh, Tornado?” Hurricane asked. “Yeah? What can I do for you?” Pause. Quite a long pause, too. “Never mind. I'm just glad to be here right now. Sorry for how I behaved yesterday.” Hurricane knew now that Tornado wasn't who he was previously. “Why are you apologizing? There's nothing to apologize for.” Hurricane smiled the first time that day. Or maybe it was the hundredth time. Breakfast was eaten and enjoyed, so the three walked outside. “Hurricane, I have a gift for you.” He turned around to face Tornado. “For me? After how I acted yesterday? Forget it. I don't deserve it.” “But I'm giving it to you.” Tornado whispered to him. He turned around and pressed a button on a controller. A table rose up, out of the sand, and a hardcase box emerged. “As token of my gratitude for you being my friend, I present this special gift to you to keep for the rest of your life.” Tornado softly pronounced. Opening the box, Tornado pulled out a sheath and a sword. Hurricane's mouth dropped wide open as he was given this gift. “Go on, take the sword out.” The hilt was gold! Hurricane slowly slid the blade out to expose a golden blade, 3 and a half feet long, with a special insignia on it. “This blade is good for combat. The best one I know of is this one, and it can shatter all sorts of blades at your word. No matter where you are, this sword will accompany you, as a companion when no one else will come with you where you go.” Hurricane felt tears roll down his cheeks, for the first time ever. He gave Tornado a bear hug, quite a long one, too. But they cherished that moment and that memory forever.

The End

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