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Beginning of a Lifetime

Tornado sniffed the air. It smelled like cake, and Tornado had made cake for a birthday party. “Tornado! What are you doing?” Chester screeched to a stop and almost fell over had he not balanced himself. “What do you want to tell me?” Tornado asked. Chester caught his breath. “The party is cancelled.” “Now what?” “I don’t know.” “You should!” “I don’t.” “I’m goin’ for a walk.” With that, Tornado left the room. Chester zoomed over to Carly’s house. “Hey, Carly, did Tornado come over here?” “Yes, he did. Something going on?” Chester went over to Brad’s house next. “Hi. Did Tornado come over here?” “No, not that I remember. Why?” Chester hit his head on a nearby wall. “If I am correct, this isn’t good.” Chester left for Cody’s house. “Hey, dude, Cody, did Tornado come over here?” Cody looked up from his homework. “Sorry, no clue.” “Blast it! I’m sorry, but I know what’s happening now.”

Tornado had walked to Carly’s house to visit her one last time. No one, except Chester, he suspected, knew what had happened. “Does anyone miss me? I’m sure they will. Why should I go back? I could, but what will happen? I have done this before, but that was to gain my health back again. Most of all, what is my purpose to them and the world? No, I do not want to know. I will find out soon enough. Also, is it my destiny to return or not? Just wait, that’s the best I can do right now. Next, how can or did I change history? I will do that many times, I bet. Last but not least, what is left for me? I am loved by all my friends, Carly, Jake, Brad, and Cody. It may be a long time before I can come back.

Chester had told everyone that Tornado left for a reason. Now they were starting to miss him. One year later, still no Tornado. How long was it when he would come back? “All we can do is somehow figure out what to do without Tornado.” Hurricane told Chester and Carly. That night, on the horizon, Hurricane saw Tornado. Chester saw too, and he grabbed Carly’s hand and ran to Tornado. His hands passed right through Carly’s hand, and she woke up, scared for Tornado.

Fifteen years later, Tornado had come back. All else I can only tell you that there was a big celebration when he returned.

Real version: Beginning of a Lifetime

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