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Blue Heart

Tornado helped Stacy bring her bags out to the taxi that was taking her on vacation. “Have a good time!” Tornado hugged Stacy one more time. Then, she got in the car, and she was off. Tornado turned to Chester and Hurricane. “That... was hard to do.” He told them. “At least Stacy is going on a vacation. She could use one, too.” Hurricane, without anything more to say, walked back to his house. Chester faced Tornado. “It will be easy for you to see Stacy walk away now, since you already have. It gets easier and easier to let go of your closest friends. I've had that happen enough to me already.” Chester flew back to his house. Since there had been frequent attacks, Hurricane and Chester moved their houses on either side of Stacy's house, just in case she had been robbed or something like that. Tornado stared at the ground. Distant memories clogged his mind from thinking clearly. Finally, Tornado walked across the street to the park, where he had parked his tumbleweed. The next day, a stranger was walking past the park up to Tornado's hill. Tornado watched this person. He or she stood upon the hill like a hero. Tornado crept up, turning invisible. Whoever it was, it was a girl. With something familiar about who she was. “Who's this?” Tornado asked. The girl spun around. Yep. This was certainly someone from The Undefeated. Blue Heart, to give it away. “Who's there?” Blue Heart asked, nervously looking all around her. “You'll see. Pretty soon.” Tornado flew over (and, since he was invisible,) Tapped Blue Heart on the shoulder and turned visible. She stared. For a long time, that is. “What? You look like you've seen a giant.” Blue Heart's eyes softened. “Tornado! You do live here!” Tornado laughed and hugged her. “Yes, I do live here. What did you expect. A city?” Blue Heart looked into his eyes. It was weird, locking eyes like that. It was hard, too. Blue Heart had heart-shaped eyes, just to let you know. It could hypnotize a normal boy. But not Tornado. “We're late for school. Want to come?” Tornado asked. Blue Heart shook her head. I can't, Tornado. I'm already educated well enough so that I don't have to go to school anymore. But I'll see you after for a date, okay?” Tornado nodded. “You will definitely see me after school. I have to run, so bye!” Tornado disappeared, leaving a gust of wind behind him. Blue Heart smiled. She would get to hang out with Tornado! That excited her more than anything. The leader of The Undefeated, wanted to hang around and talk! Blue Heart sat down and waited. Meanwhile, Negative Tornado plotted in his lair. “Since that Blue Heart can defend herself, I will launch an attack in her direction. Let's see if Tornado is so dazed when he was that time instead by Blue Heart's death!” Negative Tornado laughed so hard at himself, he doubled over and fell on the ground laughing. Back to Tornado, he finished school and homework to hang out with Blue Heart. “I need to ask a question. Do you mind?” “No. Ask away!” Tornado got ready for this question he was about to ask, and made backup plans in case in backfired. “Are there any more Undefeated? And if so, where have they been all this time?” Blue Heart's eyes were excited. “Oh, yes, there are! Every single one is alive and looking for you right now!” Tornado was surprised. “All of them... looking for me.” He muttered to himself. “And also, they're looking for Blue Fire. The leader? Well, they haven't found him, yet, but they probably will soon.” Tornado had another question. “Who is Blue Fire?” “Oh! You never knew? Blue Fire is...” She was interrupted before she told Tornado. An air attack was coming! “Come with me, Blue Heart! We must get you out of here!” Blue Heart shook her head and closed her eyes. A ship exploded to shards of metal that was surrounded by all the other ships. Suddenly, a firework display was going on. Ships all around them began to explode after that one in the middle did. Some of them escaped into the atmosphere. Tornado took care of those by flying up and diving his sword into the cockpit. When they were done, Tornado put away his sword. “That was impressive!” Tornado praised Blue Heart, clapping. “It was nothing, really.” He walked over the forest floor with Blue Heart. They got to know each other a little bit more every minute they spent together. “I spend all my time creating new ideas for weapons and inventions. I'm constantly going to the library, checking out information on what I need. Like a magazine for car parts.” Blue Heart hummed a little tune. Tornado enjoyed it very much, because he knew she just loved to hum her favorite songs. On the day before Blue Heart was supposed to leave, Negative Tornado spied on Tornado and waited for the right chance to execute his plan. The two walked under the hill at the end of the street, sitting on the bench Tornado did when Blue Heart arrived. “It's been fun, Tornado.” Blue Heart told him. “Yeah, it's been quite a week, hasn't it?” When Tornado turned around to get something he had bought for Blue Heart, she wasn't there! Tornado looked up. Nothing. And Blue Heart didn't know how to teleport. He flew straight up, and there he was, Negative Tornado stood over Blue Heart's dead body. Tornado turned extremely red with rage, and he turned into Metal Shadow. “You think that's going to help?” Super Negative Tornado mocked. Metal Shadow ran at him, pushing Super Negative Tornado so hard, he dematerialzed back into Negative Tornado. Metal Shadow had only gotten started. Next, Negative Tornado blocked Metal Shadow's attack but was knocked down, and hard. Metal Shadow picked up Negative Tornado, pitching him straight on into a spike protruding from the ground below. And he threw him at a very fast speed for a quick death. So that's what... did... NOT happen, because Negative Tornado was faster. He flew forward, but to his own surprise, another Metal Shadow was there. Still a Metal Shadow on the hill, and also one right in front of him. Negative Tornado had to dive down, only to find land mines covering the ground. But he didn't die that time, either. Instead, he flew left. Tornado saw this, attacking with a sonic boom, sending Negative Tornado to the ground. Tornado used sonic booms until Negative Tornado no longer moved. But he still attacked. With tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, water, and everything else at his disposal. Finally, Tornado collapsed. He was tired, and went home. But not before he had a funeral service for Blue Heart. “Blue Heart, even though she only lived as a loner, wanted to marry Tornado when they were older, but tragically, she was found by Negative Tornado, and he killed her brutally, with no mercy.” Blue Heart's friends she had made were there, along with: Tornado, Chester, Hurricane, and the pastor of Tornado's church. After the preacher finished, everyone threw in a flower or a bunch of flowers. Tornado didn't put in anything, neither did Chester nor Hurricane. “Come on.” Tornado said to Chester and Hurricane. “We have things to do that are more important than this.” They walked away from the funeral service. Tornado didn't turn back or glance back at the coffin holding Blue Heart. As Chester complained on being hungry, Hurricane noticed Tornado wasn't talking. None of them but Chester were talking. “Nothing is worth it anymore.” Tornado's voice was soft. Three weeks later, Stacy came back from her vacation. Tornado helped her unpack and carry bags into her house again. “Anything happen while I was gone?” Stacy asked. “Nah. I was a couch potato the whole time.”

The End

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