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Blue SapphireEdit

A yellow cab arrived in Surrey. Tornado drove his super cool car to the exact location where the cab was supposed to park. The driver of the cab pulled up beside Tornado and rolled his window down. Tornado followed suit. “Sir? You're in our parking spot.” Tornado turned his head and looked at the cab driver. “Mister Cab Driver,” Tornado started, “You can just drop off your passenger here. It's alright, whoever came with you probably knows me. I can sense whenever one of my friends are arriving, ten thousand miles away just ten minutes away.” The passenger got out and so did Tornado. “Hello, Blue...” Tornado didn't get to finish before Blue Sapphire ran up and hugged him. He returned the hug. “It's so amazing I get to spend a week with Tornado! I mean, it's funky, right?” Tornado chuckled. “I welcome you to hop in my car and drive you to my town.” Blue Sapphire smiled. “I accept, thank you!” In seconds, they were on the highway leading back to Tornado's hometown. In the time that followed, Tornado learned a little more about Blue Sapphire. Of course, they played a game which involved naming all of their favorite things and stuff to do. It took the whole time to name all of those things and talk in between them about likes and dislikes. “Well, here we are, Blue Sapphire. You can stay at my friend's house. Her name is Stacy. I'll think you'll like her.” Tornado led Blue Sapphire to Stacy's house and introduced her to Stacy. “Stacy, I hope you wouldn't mind if Blue Sapphire stays with you?” Stacy smiled sweetly. “She can stay here until she needs to leave.” “Thank you, Stacy. And we were going to go to a theme park later if you also want to come.” “Sorry, Tornado. I have other things planned for tonight.” Tornado said goodbye and gave Blue Sapphire a tour of his neighborhood. “There's so much to do and so little time to do it! Let's have as much fun as we can before you have to leave.” They walked to the theme park and got on the bumper cars first. “Hang on!” Tornado yelled. He made a wide arch to bump into the person behind him. Someone else bumped them, and Tornado controlled the bumper cart while Blue Sapphire talked to him. “This is fun! We should get in line every time!” Tornado smiled, and Blue Sapphire returned his smile. “Great idea! There is always new people to bump around and see how good they are. Oh! Look, I think we've got our target!” Tornado turned the bumper cart to bump into his target. But this guy turned a sharp left, and got behind Tornado. Blue Sapphire noticed a shell being tossed onto the bumper car ride. “Tornado!” She screamed. Tornado saw the shell, now, and drove to it. Picking it up, Tornado noticed several buttons on the side. He quickly found it's combination and turned it off. But then, several more were tossed onto the ride. “Blue Sapphire! I'll drive along side all of the shells and you disarm them.” She obeyed, picking up all of the shells. Before it was over, some of them blew up. Tornado avoided this by driving to the opposite side of the ride. So did everyone else. “Who would want to do this?” Tornado didn't know. “The thing is, I remember planes roaring overhead.” “How come I didn't hear them?” “I blocked out the noise.” Blue Sapphire used Tornado's shoulder as a pillow as they sat down at a bench. “With all the excitement, I just want to stay here. With you.” Blue Sapphire told Tornado. He just nodded, as if lost in his own thoughts. “Did you know Blue Heart?” Tornado asked her. Blue Sapphire suddenly remebered that Blue Heart had come to visit Tornado, but she never came back. “Yes, I think so. We were friends.” Tornado closed his eyes, thinking how terribly Blue Sapphire would take this. “Well, by the time she came here, she never expected an attack on the town.” Blue Sapphire widened her eyes. “You mean she was killed by an attacker?” Tornado shook his head. “No, it's... painful to say, but while she was here, we developed a relationship. Blue Heart must have wandered up onto the hill where my favorite place was, and I guess she expected me to follow her. But I didn't. I waited for her to come down, and she didn't. I reached the top just in time to see Blue Heart struggle and try to get out of my enemie's grip, but he ran her short of breath and her wind pipe closed. She looked at me one last time before she died. Blue Hearts' expression was one of sorrow. She tried to stop him, but she was too late.” Blue Sapphire stood up and stomped away. Tornado tried continuing to have fun, but it was no use. Once he got back to his house, Chester and Hurricane were just leaving. “Tornado! Think we could do something together? Like have a guys night out?” Tornado looked from Hurricane to Chester, and then back again. “Sure we can. Let me get something, though, and I'll be right out.” He headed inside his house and got his digital camera. “Ready!” Tornado grinned. This was going to be awesome! They split up and went to different homes, knocking on doors and asking parents to allow their boys to come and hang out with them for the night. Three small groups joined each other, and gathered in the concert hall. There was a band playing music onstage, boys sitting at arcade games and some even slept! “This is great! Let's go play an arcade game, like racing!” Chester suggested. Tornado and Hurricane fell to the floor, laughing. “Chester, racing isn't an arcade game... pacman is!” They continued to laugh as Chester walked away to his favorite game. “Tornado!” Someone called. Tornado turned around and Blue Sapphire ran into his arms. “I'm so sorry! I knew it wasn't your fault!” “What wasn't my fault?” Tornado asked. “Blue Heart's death. She was...” As Blue Sapphire continued talking, Tornado's mind goes back to that day, when he saw Blue Heart looking at him for the last time, a smile on her face, and eyes no one could describe. Now, looking into Blue Sapphire's eyes, Tornado realized something. These eyes were the same as Blue Heart's, now that Tornado had come to think of it. “Tornado? Are you still in reality?” Blue Sapphire asked. Tornado dowsed himself with water to wake up. “Yes, I am... Blue Heart.” Blue Sapphire's eyes turned wide again. “How did you know?” Tornado laughed and hugged her. “Your eyes betrayed you, my friend! I knew that it couldn't have possibly been you that was in Negative Tornado's grasp! It was a dummy!” Blue Heart realized that this was the time to do what she longed to do most ever since she laid her eyes upon him in his car. She kissed him on the lips. Once they pulled away, Tornado stuttered something, but Blue Heart disappeared into thin air. He looked up just in time to see a ship take off and jump into space. Tornado shrugged it off, and continued to have fun at the concert hall.

The End

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