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Blue SwordEdit

Chester lay upon a steel bed with nylon straps to hold him down. “Hey! What're you planning to do to me?” Chester cried out. Several bolts of wavy white lines enveloped him, making the impression of a force field around Chester. Then, it stopped. The straps retracted back into the steel platform and Chester was transported back to his house. What was that all about? He wondered. Several hours later, Tornado listened to Chester's experience, pondering all of what he said. “One thing we know for sure: you never felt a thing while they were doing it. We've got to look this up.” Tornado walked to the library with Chester to research his story. Chester covered books and Tornado searched the web for anything related to Chester's problem. “Chester! I found something!” Chester walked over to Tornado and waited for him to continue. “I think someone cloned you! But why, I have no idea. There's no reason anyone would want to cl...” Tornado stopped in mid sentence. “Wait a minute! If I know what you're going to say, someone cloned me for my abilities, perhaps to make an evil me or something?” Tornado nodded. “Even though Negative Tornado is my enemy, he is still the very same as I am. And if I remember, long ago my dad first used a cloning machine on a doll. And it worked! The same happened to that doll as it did to you, Chester.” He thought about this some more. Unbelievable! Who would have the necessary equipment to do something like that? Clearly, someone wanted to destroy Tornado. A little later, Stacy searched for Tornado, but couldn't find him. She walked along the beach, wind blowing her hair back. When just a minute ago there was no wind. “Come on out, Tornado. I know you're hiding somewhere.” “Alright then. Here I am.” Stacy turned around to see Tornado right behind her. “Okay, there's something I wanted to tell you, but first is this: someone came up to me and told me to tell you that they want you to play a chess match against someone. Who it is, I'm not sure. It didn't sound good the way they said it.” “We'll have to find out who it is I'll be facing now, won't we? Let's continue walking.” The ocean's waves crashed onto shore. Tornado and Stacy sat together on the sand and watched the sunset. “I never knew our friendship would be like this.” Stacy told Tornado with a sigh. “Well, you can't help but to get to know me better and wonder why I go away so often.” “Why, in fact, do you hide? After everything you've done, most people would want to be popular for saving the world... but not you.” Tornado looked at the sand. “The truth is Stacy... I'll tell you later.” Stacy leaned against Tornado's shoulder. “The real reason for going away... why no one ever finds me... is because...” Chester interrupted them by running up and saying, “Guys, come quickly!” And Chester raced off again. Tornado helped Stacy stand and followed Chester. “Stay here, Stacy. I don't know what will happen so you are better off here.” Tornado blasted across the beach after Chester. He wound up in a cage, set up right in front of him. How did this get here? Tornado wondered. And then he knew. Chester walked up to him, shaking his head. “Poor Tornado. And I thought you were smarter than to run into my cage.” “Chester! We're friends, let me out of here!” Chester waved his finger at Tornado. “Sorry, pal. I can't do that.” He laughed out loud, and Tornado saw Chester's eyes turn red before he could say anything. “No! NOOOOOOOOOOO!” Tornado yelled, angry and hurt that Chester turned to the side of evil. “Yes, yes, YES! This is the best thing that's ever happened to me, Tornado! It's such a shame that you are one of the good guys. It would be funner if you were bad.” Chester walked away, laughing so hard that he almost fell over. Tornado's rage inside of him exploded the cage around him. “Watch out, buddy! Here I come, and nothing will stop me from making sure you never get your laughs about me again!” Chester just turned around and threw his hand up in the air. A hurricane rushed in and blew Tornado off his feet and into a sand dune. Hurricane stood beyond Chester, red eyes gleaming hatred and fury. Tornado cried out in pain. “NOOOOOOO! NOT HURRICANE, TOO!” Together, Chester and Hurricane could bring down Tornado if they tried hard enough. But, in this fight, Tonado had no chance. His own anger kept him from thinking straight and focusing on what he wanted to do. In the end, Tornado was left bruised and battered on the pavement. Stacy ran up to him and dropped on her knees. “Tornado, what happened?” He just groaned and held his stomach. X, Metal Shadow, and Jack Stone walked up to Tornado and watched in silence as Stacy held him there. “Now it's our turn, Stacy. Go home and rest.” Metal Shadow dismissed her, and Stacy walked home, wiping her eyes with a tissue that Jack Stone gave to her. X and the others examined Tornado. He wasn't in very good shape, and very agitated that Negative Chester and Negative Hurricane had beaten him so easily. “Come on, Tornado. You've had worse.” Tornado reminded Jack of Cyclone, Tornado's father, for some reason. “Alright, guys. Let's get him fixed up.” Tornado started to feel better, his bruises disappeared, and he started breathing easier. Tornado opened his eyes. No one was there. “Was that a dream?” Tornado asked himself. Something told him it was, and something told him it wasn't. He had to go and find who helped him. But Tornado suddenly grew tired. Not naturally, but exhaustion from what felt like a sleeping pill. Magic. Was the first word that came to mind. If he wasn't really tired, then someone had caused the effect to make Tornado sleep. And he did. Right where he was, Tornado fell asleep. For what seemed like forever, Tornado slept away his tiredness. When he awoke, the sun was shining on his face. Tornado's mind wandered back to the realization that Chester and Hurricane were evil. But then, Jack Stone, Metal Shadow, and X came into mind. Was it them who healed him and left? It's... possible, but... nah, unlikely they would have time to mess with me. Suddenly, Tornado remembered something. His friend and faithful companion, Blue Sword, was coming to visit him today and stay awhile. So Tornado zoomed to the airport to pick him up. “Blue Sword! Over here!” Tornado called. He smiled and waved, bringing his luggage over. “Yo, Tornado! How's it been?” “Good, good. I just remembered you were coming today, so I ran here as fast as I could.” Blue Sword looked around at all of the upturned airplanes. “Yeah, it's plane to see!” They laughed hilariously at his joke, hi-fifing. Tornado levitated his friend's bags while he told Blue Sword about his previous encounter with Chester and Hurricane. “Seriously? Man, I thought they were good! And I was psyched about meeting them, too!” “Maybe you still can.” Hurricane flew in from the sky, looking not at all like he had when Tornado last saw him. “Hurricane! What happened?” “I was cloned, that's what happened! No good, dirty rotten cloners! They never showed themselves, before nor after I was cloned.” Tornado was relieved and happy. Chester walked in shortly after Hurricane. “Good to see you again! What happened? Why didn't you follow me?” Tornado shook his head in disbelief. “Hello, Chester. I'm Blue Sword, one of Tornado's friends.” Chester shook blue Sword's hand firmly. “Nice to meet ya. Now Tornado, what happened?” “You were cloned, Chester. Your copy trapped me in a cage and I thought it was actually you when your blue eyes turned red. But I guess it wasn't. Anyway, let's get back home. We need to show Blue Sword around to get him used to the location he's visiting.” It was spring break for Tornado and his school, so he showed Blue Sword all of the tourist sites in the forest park. “This place is even better than I thought.” Tornado agreed with him. “And it's also a great place to come for pinecone wars. Hey, that gives me an idea!” Tornado took out his sword (which is always on him) and sliced a pinecone in half. “I can practice my accuracy with these! All I do is throw one or several up in the air and take a swing at it, trying to cut them in half! I can do it with bubbles, too, but I can wait for that.” Tornado sheathed his sword again. Meanwhile, Negative Chester and Negative Hurricane were plotting on how to kill Tornado. While Negative Chester planned it out, Negative Hurricane examined his surroundings. “Don't touch anything, stupid! I'll do the planning for us. All you have to do is sit back.” Negative Hurricane raised an eyebrow at this. “Think again, sucker.” He blasted Negative Chester across the room and into some test tubes. “That was very foolish, Negative Hurricane. Now you'll get what 's coming to you!” Negative Chester ran forward and tackled Negative Hurricane, tied him up, and weighted him to an anvil that was in a large water tank. But not for long. Negative Hurricane threw a glass shattering hurricane and broke the ropes that bound him. “Nice try, but that won't keep me down for long!” He threw a rope hurricane at Negative Chester, grabbed him then flied up into the air, very high above ground. “Good luck reaching the bottom.” Negative Hurricane then let go of the rope. Negative Chester screamed all the way down until he hit the stone pavement, snapping his neck and leaving a big mess where he had landed. “So long, corpse. You are never getting in my way again.” Negative Hurricane flew away, towards Stacy's house. He thought up a plan. Landing in Stacy's room Negative Hurricane grabbed Stacy, but she protested. “Hurricane, what are you...” She suddenly saw his red eyes and screamed. Tornado flew in with Blue Sword. “Alright, Negative Hurricane. What's your plan now? Never mind, I don't want to know.” Tornado tried to attack, but Negative Hurricane was so fast, he bailed out. Tornado followed, but was blasted back by a heat seeking missile. He crashed back down to Earth on the grass of Stacy's front yard. Blue Sword ran up to Tornado and helped him stand up. “Whatever he's planning, we'll have to find out before it's too late.” Tornado told him. “Yeah, but don't you think he'll send a ransom note?” “No. Maybe a challenge of some sort, but I hope it's not anytime soon. I've got to make a battle strategy in case Negative Hurricane creates an army. Or, I'll have a meeting with you, Chester, Hurricane, X, Metal Shadow, and Jack Stone to see what we can do about it. If it comes to fighting a whole clone army.” Blue Sword offered to get more guys from the Undefeated who could fight, but Tornado turned him down. In fact, Negative Hurricane was right now heading to Negative Tornado's hideout, to get an idea on what to challenge Tornado at. And he was going to use the girl to lure him in. Negative Tornado thought about this predicament for a while, turning back to Negative Hurricane. “I suggest you challenge him to a game of chess.” “CHESS?” Negative Hurricane roared. “Chess is NOT a game I want to beat him at!” “Ah, but you won't beat him. Stacy will.” He thougt about that. “You can teach Stacy how to play chess, and then, when she clobbers you, you'll know she's ready to take on Tornado!” “And what do I do if Tornado beats Stacy?” Negative Hurricane asked, uncertain about this plan. “I will do that part of the plan. When Tornado sits down in his chair, I will make it so that he will disappear if he loses... or wins! Either way, Tornado cannot get out of this situation.” Negative Hurricane believed that this was a good idea, so he started teaching Stacy how to play chess right away, but she was under protest. Negative Hurricane made her move to certain spots on the board and told her everything that she needed to know. Once he did that, Stacy beat him in a very close game that ended with only three pieces on the board. Two kings and Stacy's rook. She was ready to play Tornado. Meanwhile, Tornado thought extremely hard on his plan of how to take down Negative Hurricane without harming Stacy. He guessed that Negative Tornado would be planning with him, so he gathered up his friends and talked about how to storm the hideout. But, they didn't need to. In two weeks, Tornado got a letter in his mailbox that read: Tornado, I challenge you to a game of chess at this location in two hours. Be there or you will not see Stacy alive again. Tornado appeared at the hideout with no one at his side. Blue Sword was positioned in a clever hiding spot, with some other guys. Negative Hurricane walked up to him. “Welcome, Tornado! We have prepared for your arrival.” “Cut the chatter and let's play that game. I'm more prepared to beat you than ever before.” Negative Hurricane laughed. “There was only one thing not written on that note. It's who you'll be playing!” Tornado's eyes wandered over to the chess table. Stacy sat on the opposite side, waiting to get it over with. “Stacy! Why are you doing this?” Tornado walked over to the table and sat down in the special chair that Negative Tornado had made. “I'm sorry, Tornado! I wish it wasn't like this, but there was no other option.” Tornado looked at Negative Hurricane and started standing up. “You don't want to do that, Tornado. That chair is specially made for blowing up like an atom bomb if you stand.” Tornado sat back down again. “Alright, then. Let's play chess.”

Chester and Hurricane stood at their position. “It's not looking good. What? Stacy is playing chess with Tornado? I can't believe it! Tornado is sitting down. He's making the first move! A pawn? What the heck, this is horrible. Okay, Hurricane. It's pretty intense, but... Tornado is winning! He just captured a pawn with his pawn!” Hurricane slapped his forehead in utter disbelief. “The suspense continues! Stacy capture Tornado's knight when he captured her own knight!” As Chester explained in great detail every single, small move, Tornado carried on a conversation with Stacy. “I should have moved faster, Stacy. I'm now sorry I didn't.” He captured another one of Stacy's pieces with his queen. Meanwhile, Chester explained to Hurricane, “Tornado made a kill with his queen! This is going to be a close game! Who's gonna win? Stacy or Tornado?” For hours, the game went on. Stacy chased Tornado's queen all over the board, but with no success. Later in the game, Stacy was winning. Tornado sat at the board. It was not a good situation. He was about to be checkmated by his best friend. “Hurry up, please!” Tornado begged desperately. Stacy sat on the opposite side of Tornado, in a position where checkmate could easily happen. “Hurry, Stacy. I'll die anyway.” She shook her head and looked into Tornado's eyes. “Check.” Stacy wiped a tear away from her face. Tornado moved his king toward himself. And Stacy moved her rook right into the queen's way. “Stacy!” Tornado cried. “I can't do it, Tornado!” Stacy burst into tears. “I love you!” Tornado didn't know what to say. He captured Stacy's rook, checkmating her king at the same time. “Checkmate, Stacy. Goodbye.” “No!” She cried out. Tornado disappeared in a puff of smoke. “Ha ha! I win! Tornado is no more!” Negative Hurricane jumped up and down in celebration. “Alright, boys! Attack!” Blue Sword, X, Hurricane, Chester, Metal Shadow, and Jack Stone attacked all at the same time. Super Negative Tornado stepped out of the darkness and joined the fight. “Alrighty, everyone! Time to have a power party!” Hurricane threw a hurricane at Negative Hurricane, but it was cut short by Super Negative Tornado. X used his power, sending beams of everything towards Negative Hurricane. Super Negative Tornado blocked those, too. “Go ahead! Give us everything you've got!” Chester and his loud mouth. He was the first to fall. Metal Shadow ran ahead and tackled Super Negative Tornado. Again, Negative Hurricane covered his current ally by throwing a hurricane that Metal Shadow could not block. Not he was unable to stand. But he still fought, growing ten thousand times his original size. Taking out his sword, Blue Sword charged at Negative Hurricane, disarming him from his sword. “I expected better!” Super Negative Tornado heard this. Transferring half of his power into Negative Hurricane, he blocked and broke Blue Sword's weapon, causing him to use his powers. Jack Stone, about more powerful than all of the people in the room combined, attacked Super Negative Tornado. “If I ever see you again, you will die!” Jack yelled. He withdrew his hands from his pockets. Glowing white, green, blue, yellow, purple, and red, he blasted the beam into Super Negative Tornado and Negative Hurricane. An explosion rocked the earth, caused by Jack's attack on the two paired team. Suddenly, it was over. Everyone was reported dead in that explosion, all who were near that particular spot. But some say a blue light flashed in and out from that place. In fact, Blue Super Star Tornado did go in there while the explosion took place. He rushed in, grabbed everyone out, and teleported them away before any of them were vaporized. Stacy fainted during the fight. She awoke again while Tornado was carrying her away really fast. “Tornado! You're alive! I...” She never finished before they kissed each other on the lips. Tornado continued on. A flying piece of debris was in their path, but Tornado twisted out of it's path. It brushed past them like a feather. “No one can defeat the power of love, Stacy. Not even I, as clever as I am, would be able to not hear what you just told me yesterday.” They continued on until Stacy fell asleep. At that same time, Tornado stopped flying and landed in their home town. When morning came, Stacy awoke in her bed. She looked around for Tornado but couldn't find him. “Tornado? Tornado!” Stacy cried out. Tornado came in through Stacy's door. “Thank goodness! So you never left?” Tornado shook his head. “I've been downstairs in your living room, staying awake just in case anything else happened.” He withdrew from her room and Stacy rushed to her window just in time to say, “Tornado! Never forget, I still love you!” Tornado nodded and smiled, disappearing in a blur of motion.

The End

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