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Super Tornado was in bad shape from the explosion and shock waves. He had to walk – without using his powers in any way – back to his hideout. Super Tornado had to stay in his regeneration tube for several months before he came out again. “The time has come to reincarnate everyone that died.” Super Tornado started with Hurricane. Then, after he did that, it was: Chester, Jack, Metal Shadow, Sonic, Shadow, X, Stacy, and finally, last but not least, Tornado. They all laughed and had fun together. Hurricane found out that, while everyone was having a good time, Super Tornado wasn't there. In fact, neither Metal Shadow nor Jack Stone saw any trace of him either. Hurricane and his friends came to the conclusion that there never was a Super Tornado, and they had all been dreaming. But Jack Stone was convinced there was such a person, he just hadn't remembered. Tornado looked around everywhere, but he couldn't find who he wanted to see. And then, there she was: Stacy talking away happily, as if nothing had ever happened. Stacy noticed Tornado looking at her. They locked eyes for a moment. Tornado and Stacy ran up and embraced in a hug that seemed like it lasted forever. Stacy looked once again into Tornado's brown eyes. Tornado looked into Stacy's blue, sparkling eyes. “Finally, I get to know what it feels like to be you.” Stacy whispered. “No you don't; you are me.” They stayed there in that same position, talking, until everyone had left. Tornado led Stacy to his favorite place when he liked to be alone. Now it was Tornado's favorite place to be... with Stacy. “Everything we've been through... I like doing everything you do, Tornado. How can you keep silent about all of your adventures?” Stacy asked him. Tornado gazed at the stars. “I'm not keeping quiet,” He replied, laughing. “I plan to tell you every single one of those tales some other night, but tonight... tonight is a different story.” Stacy leaned against Tornado's shoulder. It was a night Tornado remembered for the rest of his days. The next morning, Hurricane and Chester helped clean up from last night. There was still couples sleeping in the park. Including Tornado and Stacy. Both of them were exhausted. Stacy woke up first. A spectacular sunrise was right in front of them. She shook Tornado gently. “Tornado? Time to wake up!” Tornado didn't respond. Stacy walked over to Hurricane and asked a favor of him. He smiled and told her he'd do it. Seconds later, Hurricane stood fifty meters away from Tornado, facing the front of the bench. Taking a running start, he held the bucket beside him and splashed water all over Tornado, and hid behind a tree after that. Tornado awoke immediately. “Alright! Who did that?” Tornado was sopping wet. Using X-ray vision, he spotted Hurricane, who waved at him. Tornado charged the tree, knocking it over. Hurricane side-stepped. Tree met ground, crushing a car parked on the street. Tornado chased Hurricane for a long time. Hurricane turned around, holding up his hands. “Okay! I surrender! You win!” Tornado stopped running and laughed. He continued on with the current day. Stacy and Tornado met by a fountain to talk. “I was extremely heart broken when you were lying dead at the doorstep. I was so sad, I didn't know what to do. But now you're here, and it's alright. I don't know what I would do with you really dead.” Stacy was speechless. Tornado knew how she felt, but didn't say it. Until she started crying. Tornado comforted her with these words. “You're not alone, Stacy. Just let it all out. It's alright, you'll get through this, and I want to help if I can.” He helped her get to her house, and then headed back to help the others. When will I have the courage to tell her? Tornado thought. I don't know what to tell Stacy and if the moment comes where it is absolutely necessary, I won't have anything to say. I'll just have to come up with something that I think is right. As he gathered his thoughts, Tornado helped Hurricane and Chester clean up from the celebration. “It's a fine day for fishing, right?” Chester asked, gazing up at the sun. “Yes, it is,” Agreed Hurricane. “What's your problem, Tornado? You haven't said a word yet.” Tornado looked up from his job. “It's Stacy. She needs a friend now more than ever. If I can't come up with something to say, I'm afraid that'll be it for our relationship.” Chester put his hand on Tornado's shoulder. “Whatever it is, we'll help you pull through.” Tornado was touched a lot by that. These were real friends. “A certain friend once told me that who finds a friend... finds treasure! And I believe that applies to both of you.” No other words were spoken all morning. When it comes to tough times, Tornado always knew what to say. Even though this wasn't a tough time, but he still had good advice at times. “Long day today, you know?” Jack Stone asked Metal Shadow and X. “Yep.” They both answered. Fishing poles in their hands, can full of worms and lots of catches... it would never get better than this.

The End

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