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Dungeon Escape

In the city of Mexico, a thief took someone’s money bag. “Hey!” Metal Shadow shouted. “Get back here! Or I will have to use unnecessary force to get you back!” The thief kept running. “Oh, very well. You asked for it.” He started off after the culprit. At the same time running into a barbell. “Mission completed.” A Mexican said into a comlink. They dumped an unconscious Metal Shadow onto the cell’s bed in a big dungeon. Five thousand rooms and winding staircases will get anyone lost, even an ant following a straight line out of it. He woke up to the sound of clinking. “Who is it? What goes there?” A figure emerged, with a blue stripe down the middle of his forehead, brown eyes, and about 5’ 3” in height and width. “Hello.” The figure dropped himself back into the shadows. “Wait! Can you tell me about this place? How it got here?” The figure chuckled. “Long story, but we have time. All the time in the world.” Metal Shadow nearly choked. “Who are you?” The blue stripe started to shine, as if it were a flashlight. “Me? I call myself nothing, but you can call me Tornado.” Metal Shadow thought for a minute. Was he brought here for what he had done? No, there is no reason for that, because he didn’t do any bad. Not that Metal Shadow can’t remember. “You… will be stuck with me… for the rest of your days.” Tornado laid himself down on his cot.

Three hundred years later…

Metal Shadow lay on his bed, sleeping. He gets awoke by a flash in the tunnel. Tornado rushes over and holds his shoulder. “This is supposedly the place where Tornado was once held. Rumors say that he was killed in a gunfight for this dungeon. Next up, we have…” The tour guide continued on. “What was that for?” Metal Shadow fumed. Tornado looked at him. “Remember when you first got here? I didn’t think so.” One hundred years later, Metal Shadow now had forgotten how to use his powers. “We need some plan of escape! We have had no food in four hundred years!” Tornado meditated. He opened his eyes. “I believe… we find out how to get our powers back and escape that way. I knew I could use a metal fist back then.” “What powers?” Metal Shadow asked lazily. He got up, thought for a minute, then walked to the cell’s door. It collapsed with a thundering sound. “What the heck did I do?” Tornado looked up. “You have made our escape way easier, that’s what.” Tornado hurried out with Metal Shadow. Once they found the armory, all of Tornado’s equipment was there. His sword, rusty a little, shone while in the presence of Tornado. He picked it up, cleaned it off, and grabbed the belt it went to. Tornado also found something new: a gun kind of like a toy dart gun, but it was actually real metal and could shoot tornadoes if Tornado pulled the trigger. “I forgot how to throw a tornado, but I can use this instead. It gives me more accuracy.” Metal Shadow looked around himself. His eyes widened when he saw a sword, emerald blade with gold diamonds on the edges. “Tornado, I think you need to see this.” Metal Shadow told him. Tornado walked over to where he was and examined the sword. “They got Hurricane,” Tornado replied coldly. He dashed out of the armory. Metal Shadow followed. “Here, I found this transport device while looking around.” Tornado said. “It will take you anywhere you wish to go, because I can already teleport.” He gave Metal Shadow the transporter, going faster after he did. Before long, they found a skeleton. Tornado fell to the ground in despair. “No, no, no no NO! This did not happen. Hurricane is NOT gone, he can’t be!” Metal Shadow looked in the cell. Sure enough, there was a skeleton, mouth agape and helpless, maybe died of starvation. Tornado yelled in rage and fury, getting up, and running down the winding staircase. Metal Shadow chased after him. Until he saw something move in a cell. “Tornado, you better get back here!” Tornado walked back, in a sour mood at the moment. “Holy…” Tornado ripped the cage off its hinges. He marched inside. Who it was inside looked up. Tornado widened his eyes. He saw green eyes looking back at him. “About time… you came,” Hurricane told Tornado. He gulped. “I… believe that… this is yours.” Tornado held out Hurricane’s sword. He took them, stood up, and fell down again. “Been such a long time… since I have stood up.” Metal Shadow looked unsure if he could trust Hurricane or not. “Hurricane, this is someone that got thrown in here. This is Metal Shadow.” Hurricane stretched. “We need to hurry. I think they got Chester, too.” Tornado looked surprised. “What? They got Chester, too? Well then, I guess we need to find him, too.” Hurricane followed Tornado out of the cell and back down the staircase. Metal Shadow had gone back to the armory, looking for Chester’s prized sword. “Tornado, this is not good. Come take a look at this.” He stood aside while Tornado walked into what looked like Chester’s cell. He knew this because there were drawings of himself, Tornado, and Hurricane doing a tournament together. “He really did love to draw.” Tornado whispered. Next to the drawings was a hole in the concrete wall, possibly made by cannon fire. Hurricane guessed that there had been a ship here once long ago, bombed this dungeon to take it over, and failed. Tornado thought Chester was taken out by one of the cannon balls when they hit. “I found Chester’s sword, guys.” Metal Shadow appeared in the cell. His face dropped when he saw it, also the hole in the wall. “And I was hopin’ to meet him too, since you had so much fun times together.” Tornado turned to Metal Shadow and Hurricane. “Maybe none of this happened the way we thought it did. There is a chance…” “…That Chester blew a hole out himself with his bomb stinger and flew out of here. If that happened…” Tornado thought for a minute. “We need to find Chester. Which means he is alive and well, thinking about us. Possibly. Let’s go.” Tornado led the way out of the castle after Metal Shadow chose his weapon of choice, since it was just a tourist attraction anyway. “Okay! Split up and find Chester immediately. We’ll search our home town, and Metal Shadow, you can search anywhere near here. He couldn’t have gone far.” They split up and went to different places. Hurricane looked around the hill that he used to stand on all the time back in the good old days. Metal Shadow looked everywhere, but with no luck. Until he came to the Golden Gate Bridge. Metal Shadow paid for entry, walking along the side for other people to get by. He saw someone who thought he was nuts, standing on the railing like that. Metal Shadow rushed to help, but not soon enough. The figure jumped, free falling all the way down until he hit the water. Metal Shadow was disappointed. A moment later, the figure burst back up out of the water, zooming straight up and diving into the water again at high speeds. Metal Shadow thought he noticed a hint of blue in the character’s eyes. Tornado had told him that Chester has blue eyes for surviving under water with his eyes. What happened next, just so amazing. A tsunami wave formed, with Chester on top of it. “Wahooooooooooooo!” Chester whooped. Feeling the wind against his face again felt good to Chester, after spending all that time in jail for nothing! Well, he did do some bad things at the time, but no reason for getting arrested and thrown in prison. Metal Shadow used his teleport device to go to Tornado. “Hey, Tornado! I’ve found him at the Golden Gate Bridge! Come quick!” He was blasted aside into a wall as Tornado and Hurricane raced to Chester. “What a great way to meet again!” Tornado exclaimed. “The trinity was broken up, but will reformed itself as soon as we find Chester.” Hurricane was talking about the trinity that was formed a very, very long time ago. It seemed almost ancient now compared to new buildings and neighborhoods popping up all over. Chester diminished the wave as he reached the bridge, then remade it by rising it up again. Tornado and Hurricane zoomed up from behind Chester silently as a mouse, grabbing him on each side, taking him home.

3 Years Later

Metal Shadow and Tornado fought Super Negative Tornado together. Metal Shadow was thrown to the ground in combat, getting so angry from his recent temper, causing suicide. Tornado makes a memorial and a special place where his victory with Metal Shadow’s help over Super Negative Tornado.

To be continued… (for sure!)

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This story is continued in: The Quest's Beginning

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