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Information Section 1: Characters

Tornado: Tornado is the main character in all of the stories. He can throw tornadoes, of course, but a part of his past, or more likely, his ancestors, Tornado came from a group called ‘The Undefeated’. This was a colony that had all kinds of powers, like shrinking and growing larger. It has been told that on a stormy day, the Undefeated, the whole colony disappeared. Except one that survived, and that was Tornado. While two bumblebees were on a honeymoon in space, they found another bumblebee unconscious and floating in outer space. It was pulled into the ship, and the couple made up all sorts of names, but with no success. Finally, they decided on a name like the baby’s father: Tornado. It was perfect, and he even had brown eyes. His eyes opened, and looked at Cyclone with huge, brown, innocent eyes. Then the baby accidentally triggered his power, and sent Cyclone flying into the floor. That is how Tornado got his name. When Tornado is gone, the prophecy says, when the people know that he is their only hope, he will return with his ancestors, the Undefeated, and conquer the world of evil.

Chester: Chester is one of Tornado’s friends, and also, Chester had a brother named Sam. And Sam turned into a bad guy. So, Chester and Sam battled and Sam was killed. Chester didn’t want to kill him, but could not find another way to get out of the fight. Chester met Tornado in an awkward way. Tornado was exploring the town and he was in a tornado. He lost control of the tornado, and that’s when Chester saw him. Tornado was thrown out of the tornado and he landed in Chester’s house. Also, Chester had a fight with Tornado and lost, because Tornado was way too powerful for Chester.

Yoshi: Yoshi is the dumbest dinosaur in the world. He doesn’t care if he gets killed, but sometimes his friends have to rescue him from danger, serious danger. Yoshi once decided to climb the coldest mountain in Antarctica once. He ended up falling into a crevasse. Chester, Tornado, and Sonic had to very quickly run to Antarctica and catch him before he landed. His powers include: egg roll, egg pound, and ground pound.

Shadow: Everyone knows Shadow. Who wouldn’t? Shadow is Sonic’s archenemy. Shadow can do an attack called, “Chaos Control”. It allows him to blast away enemies from all sides. And he uses it to stop time, also.

Rodney: Rodney is penguin. He gets a remote that can pause people. He was born in Antarctica.

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King Boo: King Boo is everyone’s enemy, but not Tomato’s, because he set Tomato free by uncorking the bottle and leaving a message saying: King Boo did this.

Sonic: He likes chili dogs, he can run very fast, turns into a ball and hits everyone around him, and if he gets seven chaos emeralds, he turns into Super Sonic. Sonic also uses his rings to make the spin attack more powerful.

Hurricane: Hurricane is another one of Tornado’s friends. He usually helps in any way he can, and often will sacrifice himself for Tornado, but on certain occasions, he will just not show his face in great battles.

Negative Tornado: He is the worst enemy of Tornado, and he can also turn into Super Negative Tornado. This is the story: Chester was trying to make a perfect clone of Tornado, but the plan backfired, so Negative Tornado was made. No one knows what goes on in his mind except that he will do anything to kill Tornado, no matter what the cost. That is why he’s so dangerous.

Pickachu: I’ve not had Pickachu in all of the stories because he only comes when he feels like it. He stays at home with Pichu, an adopted Pokemon from his cousin’s house.

Volcanore: Volcanore is the villain in "Beginning of A Lifetime." he has a volcano shaped head, which is why he is named Volcanore.

Stacy: I made Stacy because I thought that it just isn’t the same without a girl in a story, you know, that has to get rescued all the time. So, I started using Stacy in my very first book. She has been Tornado’s friend now for over twenty years, trying to help, but ending up in a lot of trouble instead.

Chaos: Chaos is able to copy anyone's power, but he can only have one person's power at one time.

Metal Shadow: Metal Shadow is the second most powerful character in my story. Tornado fought him once at a tournament and almost lost before he could execute a complete ultra violet ray from the sun that completely scorched him. Metal Shadow also fought along side with Tornado as he defeated Super Negative Tornado, but he was thrown to the ground easily when he had about did his very best attack. So he decided to commit suicide on himself. I cannot tell you anymore, because if I do, I will become another victim of Metal Shadow.

Metal Snow Shadow: I created Metal Snow Shadow when it was snowing outside, or we just got snow, because he had to at least have one super transformation power at least.

The Undefeated: During the time that the universe was created, shortly after that, a human made an organization called the undefeated. His goal was to gather up all of the best powerful people in the world and make a colony out of it. It was successful. First, the Undefeated got their name by never being actually defeated, and they were victorious through the ages. One day, however, they all disappeared. For what reason, no one knows, but that’s just the story. What I think actually happened is this: they turned themselves into animal life forms. After that, they took on names, such as Cyclone, he was Tornado’s father. In the human form he was called “Blue Fire” and, Blue Star Fire. That is the reason for Tornado’s blue stripe down the middle of his forehead.

Cowboy Yoshi: He was actually never created, but I don’t care, he’s in here anyway.

Kirby: I don’t use Kirby in any of my stories, but you never know when I might put him in. Kirby is really good at stealth missions. He can fly with a certain power up, and he can swallow enemies and make a hat out of them, but they soon pop out, and they continue fighting. I do not know any more about Kirby, but there is more to come when I find out.

Blue Sapphire: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Sapphire: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Blaster: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Blaster: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Sword: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Sword: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Midnight: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Skeleton: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Skeleton: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Pearl: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Pearl: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Sardonyx: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Sardonyx: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Moonstone: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Moonstone: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Zircon: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Zircon: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Ruby: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Ruby: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Emerald: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Emerald: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Fire: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Fire: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Diamond: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Diamond: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Topaz: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Topaz: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Hawk: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Hawk: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Heart: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Heart: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Dragon: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Dragon: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Hope: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Hope: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Nature: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Nature: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Ghost: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Ghost: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Mystery: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Tornado: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Tornado: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Super Star Tornado: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Silence: *Text Unavailable*

Blue Star Silence: *Text Unavailable*

Super Tornado: Tornado turns into Super Tornado whenever he fights Super Negative Tornado.

Super Spirit Tornado: another super transformation change that pops up out of nowhere when Tornado is extremely angry, so don’t get in his way when he is Super Spirit Tornado. And he’s about five hundred thousand times more powerful than Super Tornado.

Wrollie: he’s basically a caterpillar, just so you know.

Silky: a spider. Silky shoots silk. He injects venom into his enemies.

Jenny Hawkinson: my sister, is in my best Tornado Trilogy stories EVER!!!!

Andy: he, I have decided, will be a villain in my trilogy, his powers are spelling and remembering words, memorizing, great at scrabble and tennis, incredible abilities at high-fifing people (his best attack) and very startling good looks.

Ashley: She is a very very clever and funny girl, always has a joke, and has magical powers.

Ashley Moise: He is a happy and mysterious man who wears tights, neon jackets, and is a paradigm of physical fitness and also has the power of calling on birds to help him fight.

Kari: her green lantern not only provides light and hope in the darkest of times, but she can drink all sorts of potions from it.

Rika: she is an excellent assassin, who loves the environment, and allows NO ONE to mess with her friends.

Suzanne: much like Chester, she can call upon the rain, water, and especially swimming pools to help Tornado. Very fast studier.

Lea: Lea is a white tiger that Tornado rescued from a cage World 1.

Information section 2: Abilities

Icefire: Tornado uses icefire in one of my stories called, “icefire”. What that does is it first causes the ground to split open, and from the cracks it makes, blue lines appear on either side of the target, and they come in at the speed of sound and exterminate anyone who is in it to a different world.

Egg pound: Target gets pounded by an egg.

Ground pound: the user slams his/her fists on the ground and the Target gets knocked down, or out, considering the level of power that person has.

Rodney’s Remote: Gives the user ability to pause, change channels, stop completely, and some other stuff that I cannot think of. The Target is unlucky to have his opponent pause or stop him.

Ice gun: freezes Target in place until the Target escapes.

Tsunami wave: you have to be near an ocean or lake for this to work. Target gets drowned by too much water pressure. (unless Target can swim.)

Chaos Blast: sends out a red shock wave that blasts opponents far, far away from all sides. It works by, oh, just find out yourself!

Spin attack: (only with Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Shadow.) User spins rapidly in a ball and hits Target(s). a special type of ring helps to make it more powerful.

Chaos Control: teleport, also used to stop time for ninety seconds.

Transformation: user transforms into anyone or anything he/she pleases, giving the user unlimited power, unless he/she knows how to use it.

Super fused tornado: fuses anything with any object the thrower wishes.

Ability steal: Target sees some one coming. After that person passes, Target no longer has powers.

Tornado throw: user throws a tornado. (There are many different kinds of tornadoes, I will list them all in time, but first, the most powerful one).

Barf tornado: tornado that looks like barf, is barf, and smells like it, drives Target away and soon Target smells like barf.

Ice Tornado: freezes Target inside tornado until tornado dissipates.

Fire Tornado: burns Target until tornado disappears.

Art Fanatic: show Target a painting. Target now wants a career in painting.

Untitled: I found it hard to title this one after I had tried to come up with a name for almost five minutes. Whoever the User chooses to do it on, that person is now in the emotion state of anger, calmness, romance, or any other emotion. It can be used on a boy or girl, aslo man and woman.

Information Section 3: Things

The Thunder stone: The Thunder stone is something said to be of great power, like weakening the opponent that the user wishes it to. It came from a passing asteroid one day while Tornado was fighting Super Negative Tornado.

The Weeping Willows: They are old trees of wisdom and help Tornado a lot in his big quest to destroy something.

Acacia: I need to look this up, too.

Redwoods: I am the biggest fan of redwoods! I wish I owned a redwood!!! Anyway, Tornado's forest he always walks in is a redwood forest.

Bonsai Apple Tree: trees that Tornado can use to get energy from, by eating one single apple, Tornado’s health gets regained fifty percent.

Information Section 4: Places

The School: This is where all of the characters go to school. It is EXACTLY like Gold Bar Elementary, only it has lockers, and Gold Bar doesn’t. But let’s just say it does.

The kickball field: I only used this place twice, but what does that matter? I have it in here all the same.

The Basketball shed: Even the shed is in my stories twice, but that doesn’t matter, either.

The Grand Canyon: I decided to do this place because it’s big, and it would be a GREAT place for inspiration for my story, Storm Tornado.

The Bridge: Hey, I need to stop telling you why I place all of the places in this special edition Guide Book. So, the bridge is only in a story once. That’s it. It may come to be I will put it in again, but, as I always say, you never know.

The Neighborhood: that’s right, boys and girls! The NEIGHBORHOOD is almost the main place where Tornado and his friends hang out.

Library: The library is a very helpful resource to Tornado and his friends.

Casaliland: I need to find out how to use this place in the trilogy somehow, and that I know already.

Taj Mahal: this place is included in my best trilogy EVER!!!

Mt. Kilimanjaro: in Japan, there is a mountain named this. Tornado is coming here as a part of his quest to destroy something.

The Lava Caves in California: I traveled there myself, and it’s really quite amazing.

The Amazon Jungle: Tornado gets lead to here in his quest.

Bottom of the Ocean: Tornado sees something, possibly the end of his quest.

Las Vegas: After the quest ends, Tornado has a party here.

Paradise: Chester hangs out here before hearing about the quest he will help attend.

Houghton, NY: I will figure out how to use this place a little later.

South Africa: everyone knows that South Africa is a good place to go on a quest, so it’s in here, and it ain’t comin’ out!!!

The Dungeon: this is where Metal Shadow meets Tornado. That story is one I will work on after I type this. There is just no end to this book, ya know!!!

The Pampas region of Argentina: Do not ask me where this is because I do not know.

The wardrobe in London/Narnia: an interesting place, I believe it is. It will be in my best trilogy EVER!!!

Where the sidewalk ends: I have it all planned out about how this place will be used. You just have to wait.

The desert at night: I can think of a lot of ideas about the desert, especially when it’s nighttime!

Batman’s cave: this one is a little bit trickier. I need to find out something if how to use… wait! I have it now!!! But YOU… have to wait. Until I am finished with my stories.

The Elevator to Hades: it was originally the elevator to Hell, but I want to call it Hades instead.

Manitoba: I must be crazy to be putting this in here like I am right now. But there is a difference. Right now is April 15, 2008, at 9:10 PM.

Neptune, California: I need to look this up before I decide about it.

Surrey: same thing.

Information Section 5: Seasons

Canadark: the time when Canada’s sun doesn’t shine, the season of fate’s perfection.

Well, this sums up just about everything I can think of to put here. Now get on with your day. There must be several things you have to do, including take out the garbage.

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