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Fifty Years Ago, Fifty Years LaterEdit

50 Years Ago...

Negative Tornado raced down the hall, intent on finding Megan. She was in trouble, he could feel it! “Hey! You, get back here!” Negative Tornado looked behind himself. Guards were straining to keep up with him, but he just increased his speed, outrunning them. “I'm coming, Megan! Don't worry, you're going to be all right!” This made Negative Tornado want to run faster, up to warp speed, and he did. He found Megan in the room with a big window that overlooked Earth. “Megan! You're in danger, and you have to get out of here!” “Tornado, it's too late! I'll never get to go to Earth. Even if I can now, I'd rather have you go than I.” Negative Tornado heard the guards' voices down the hallway. He found himself being directed into the emergency shuttle. Glass closed in around him, and Megan ran to the releasing lever. “Megan, NO!” “I'm sorry, Tornado. I know that this will be the last time I ever see you.” Negative Tornado shouted Megan's name again. “Hey! Young lady, get away from that lever!” A guard shouted. Megan closed her eyes, and pulled the lever down. “MEGAN!” Negative Tornado shouted one last time. The guard shot Megan with his rifle, and she collapsed to the ground. Megan looked up at Negative Tornado and told him softly, “Tornado, you were created to help people. It's all right. I am going to a better place now, where my mother and father are right now, waiting for me.” “Megan, you were a good friend!” Negative Tornado shouted through the glass. “Not all people are bad. You just have to get to know them to become friends with them, like I did with you.” Megan's voice was soft as she faded away. “Promise me you will do that, Tornado. I know you can. And so do you.” Negative Tornado was released into space, and his emergency shuttle sped toward Earth. I promise, Megan. I promise.

50 Years Later...

Chester and Hurricane silently worked on their tests in class. Several hours had passed, seeming like forever. Tornado was sleeping in the corner of the class room, where his desk was. He had finished it in record time, and now it magically floated over to the teacher's desk, setting itself right in front of him. Stacy was in another class, but she was having a party instead of taking a test. Her class was ahead of Tornado's by a week. Looking at Stacy now, made Tornado think back to fifty years ago. Megan's eyes before she had died, Negative Tornado's face showed a tear drop on either side of his face. It was a terrible day for Tornado, and Stacy's eyes reminded him of Megan. Hurricane got up and saw Tornado thinking in his corner. He turned back to the teacher's desk, the test laid in front of him with Tornado spelled in handwriting. Hurricane snapped his head around just in time to see Tornado wink at him and close his eyes again. Chester came up from behind Hurricane, placing his test on Hurricane's. Chester also looked at Tornado's desk. It was empty this time. “Pretty good. You're getting better at these tests.” Tornado was behind them, smiling as he usually did. Stacy's class room emptied, and only the teacher in that class remained, studying past homework assignments. Tornado slipped quietly in between the student's desks and back to his own. He silently raised his hand, keeping it there until he was sighted by the teacher. “Tornado?” “May I please go? I have my test finished.” The teacher looked at Tornado's work. “Alright. Go ahead, Tornado. You deserve it.” “Thank you.” Tornado left the room, headed outside, and travelled to the library where he found Stacy. “Why come here while you can enjoy the sun outside?” Tornado asked. Stacy answered without looking at him. “There is so much I have to research, Tornado. Someone found a mysterious capsule right around here. I'm looking for information about it, and I've got nothing so far.” Tornado saw Stacy's hand sifting through the papers from fifty years ago. “Well, I hope you find what you're looking for.” Tornado turned around and walked out of the library. He jogged down the sidewalk, and into his favorite nature trail. Tornado started walking again once he reached the trail to enjoy being alone while he still could be. Tornado thought back to fifty years ago, thinking about how much he missed Megan. I miss her up to my own suicide. Tornado thought to himself. If he was to die, he would rather do it by the blade of his enemy, not by himself. Negative Tornado was working on a plan to rid himself of Tornado when Tornado suddenly appeared at his place. “Tornado, what are you doing here?” Tornado wasn't armed. His sword wasn't at his waist, like it should be. “I have one request of you, Negative Tornado. Kill me.” Negative Tornado was shocked, but didn't show it. Why would his enemy want to be killed so suddenly, even though... Negative Tornado knew. It was Megan. He wanted to see Megan again. “Why? And come to me now?” “Yes. Now kill me. I'm waiting.” Negative Tornado grabbed his sword, taking it out of the case. Without hesitation, Negative Tornado rushed forward and ran Tornado through with his sword. Tornado didn't try to resist. He slumped to the ground, dead.

Tornado was dead. He knew that much. This place was too real to be a dream, and Tornado knew this is where you went when you died. This place – it was amazing. Just like a town, only so much energy glided through the air, it was unbelievable. Tornado walked to a grand building, standing well over fifty stories. Decorated in many ways, Tornado knew there was no mistaking that Megan was here. And so was everyone else who had died. Tornado walked slowly into the building, and a clerk was at the front desk. “Welcome, Tornado. We have been waiting for you for a very long time.” Tornado opened his mouth, but no words came out. The clerk handed him a key. “This is your room number. Here you will be safe forever.” Tornado took the key and gave the clerk a weak thank you. Tornado was on floor fourteen. He saw the name Megan on the room next to his. Tornado's heart raced faster and faster every single moment he figured out something new. Finally, he found a screen in his room, taking up most of the wall. In it, he saw Chester, Stacy, Hurricane, X, Metal Shadow, Jack Stone, and all of his other friends. The whole colony of the Undefeated were there, too. At his funeral service. Stacy cried very hard all the way throught the service and Chester spoke first. “Tornado was a great friend, greater than one could ever be.” Tornado was shocked when he heard this. From Negative Tornado to just plain Tornado, he had given up his way and started to make friends rapidly, more than he could ever have known. A light knock sounded on his door. Tornado walked over and opened it. “Tornado! It really is you! I'm so glad to see you again!” Megan hugged Tornado, and he returned her hug. “Why did you...” Megan never finshed. Her eyes filled with tears. “It's alright, Megan. I came for you. I could wait no longer.” Megan looked at Tornado. “I saw you approach Negative Tornado and I also heard you ask the question.” Tornado realized that he should have let her come in. “Sorry about that. Why don't you come in for a while?” Tornado let Megan in and he closed the door behind them. The screen was blank again. Megan sat down on Tornado's bed. “I double checked to make sure it was you on my screen. And sure enough, it was you. Your friends miss you terribly, Tornado. But the only way they can come see you again is if they die also.” Tornado had to stop them from doing what he did, or worse. “Can you appear to your friends on Earth with this screen?” Megan nodded. “How?” She walked over to a small pad. “You have to hold this while you talk to your friends. Press the green button to end your conversation. Green. Hurricane's favorite color. “Blue is to start the conversation, and red shuts down the whole screen.” “Okay, here I go!” Megan stepped out of the screen's view while Tornado zoomed in on his friends. Chester, Stacy, and Hurricane were still at Tornado's grave. This would be creepy for them, so Tornado shut off his screen. “I can't do it! They're all at my grave right now, and I would like to appear less frightening to them than now.” Tornado turned back to Megan. “Why don't you show me around here so I can get used to this place?” Megan walked with Tornado out of his room and into the place where Tornado would probably spend the rest of his life. Take your controller. It works everywhere, because there are screens like the one in your room all around. Different people looked into the screens, weeping as they watched their family struggling to get along without them. “That's where you can eat, but you can also fix up food in your own room if you want to. That's what people do if they don't want to show their faces.” She pointed over to another place. The kids play there with other friends of theirs that died on Earth, but were found here, lost. I would show you around some more, but it's time for lunch. Join me?” Tornado gave her a thumbs up sign and smiled. They talked about what's been happening in their own lives every day. Tornado told Megan about Earth, and Megan told Tornado about this place. Meanwhile, back on Earth, Chester and Hurricane tracked down Negative Tornado and demanded answers. “Look, I didn't do it by choice. Tornado wanted me to kill him, so I did. And that's that.” It started raining hard, and the two friends walked back to their homes in the rain. Stacy called Chester and asked what happened. “We were right. Negative Tornado did kill Tornado, but the weird thing is that Tornado wanted Negative Tornado to kill him.” Stacy remained silent for a while. “Alright, thank you. Bye.” The phone clicked, signalling that Stacy had hung up.

Tornado walked back to his room. He and Megan had caught up on a lot of things. First, she told him about how she noticed he had gotten rid of the name Negative Tornado and changed it to Tornado. “I changed my name in honor of you, Megan. You asked me to promise to make friends on Earth like you did with me, and I lived up to that promise. I made friends, and had some really good ones named Chester, Hurricane, Stacy, X, Metal Shadow, and Jack Stone. You taught me a lot about friendship, my friend!” Megan's voice was softer now. “I really wish you hadn't done what you did, Tornado. It still makes me happy that you came here for me, but not how you got here. There was no honor in that. But it's alright, we're still friends. And we always will be.” “Goodnight, Megan.” “Goodnight, Tornado.” Tornado opened his door and headed inside. He decided to appear to his friends. Turning on the screen, he pressed the blue button once Chester was seen on the screen. “Tornado! I thought you were dead!” “I am, but I have to tell you something. Do not do what I just did, no matter what happens! It's great where I am, but I don't want you to throw away your life like I did!” Tornado's image disappeared, leaving Chester to think. Tornado appeared to Hurricane, and then Stacy, also to everyone else that he knew. They all got the message clear that Tornado did not want them to do what he did. Finally, exhausted, Tornado laid down on his bed and went to sleep, shutting off his screen. The next morning, Tornado had forgotten to try something out. Would his powers still work in this place? It was time to try it, but not before breakfast. After Tornado had eaten, Megan ran after him, catching her breath as she stopped. “Bad news! Come now!” Tornado looked surprised. “What is it?” Tornado asked. “Just come, you must hurry before it's too late!” Tornado ran to his room with Megan right behind him. Turning the screen on, he saw an attack on the town. The main people outside were Chester and Hurricane. They talked to each other while they continued on. “All right, Chester. We'vre caused enough trouble. Now let's pretend we were fighting and accidentally stumble onto our swords.” Tornadi immediately turned on the communication button. “GUYS! DON'T DO IT! PLEASE, YOU MUST NOT DO WHAT I DID, EVEN IF IT'S ALMOST SIMILAR!” Tornado got their attention. “Why? Stacy is balling her eyes out every single night just because you asked Negative Tornado to kill you! And she won't stop unless you come back!” Tornado looked at the ground. “I am not coming back.” He whispered, and shut off the screen. Megan stood beside Tornado, and whispered into his ear. “You can go back. If someone didn't want to die in the first place, they could use an emergency go back to Earth button where they could go back. And when they died again, this time there would be no going back to Earth.” Tornado sat down on his bed. “Why didn't you come back? We could've... we could've....” Tornado decided not to finish his sentence. He got up and walked out of his room, onto the street, and ran as fast as he could in circles. It worked! He could still use his powers here, or at least he could still run as fast as he did when he was on Earth. Next, he tried to make a tornado. He could make a lot of wind, but no tornado showed in his hand. Finally, Tornado tried to turn something into dust. He used a handfull of grass to do this. And it worked! He could still turn things into dust. Tornado would try more of his powers later, when he had time, but now... he teleported to his room. That power still worked! He found Megan in his room, gaping at him. “What I just did is called teleporting. I could teach you how to do it, too. You probably can, since you were born by one of the Undefeated. Heck, you might even be more powerful than I am. But I'll wait for that moment.” Tornado took Megan to a movie. He got some popcorn for the two of them. After that, Tornado tried flying. Tha worked as well. He flew over the whole perimeter of his new home. “Guess what? There's the park, where you usually go often on Earth.” Megan told Tornado. He flew down to that area, gently landing on the ground, and he set Megan on a bench. The bench was actually more like a couch, but it helped. As Megan slept on the bench, Tornado picked a spot to lay down on the grass. He watched the stars as he did at home, only watching them with Chester and Hurricane was funner. Together, they made up new constellations, moving stars into different positions to make what they wanted. Chester made himself, and so did Hurricane and Tornado. Now, he stared at the sky and saw just a mess of stars glowing in the sky. After a while, Megan came and joined Tornado. “I used to make constellations with my friends on Earth with the stars. Now I miss doing that, but I can still fly. That's what I enjoy most is flying. There's no better way to feel the wind on your face than flying.” Megan smiled, and so did Tornado. For a second, they started leaning in toward each other, and then stopped. Commotion was being caused where Tornado had first come to when he died. Tornado stood and helped Megan get up. Running toward the sounds, Tornado's hope that this wouldn't happen did. Chester and Hurricane walked into the building where Tornado had gone to get their rooms. Hurricane and Chester could share a room, they were as close as brothers. “Hey, Tornado! Glad to see you!” Chester called out. Hurricane nodded, but said nothing. “What did I tell you guys? You weren't supposed to come here by killing yourselves!” “Ah, but we didn't. Someone else did.” “Who, then?” Tornado demanded. Hurricane took over. “What Chester is trying to say is someone teleported into our rooms and shot us in the head with a gun while we were sleeping.” “That story is even worse than the ones I came up with when I was little.” Tornado walked back to his room. Megan ran after him. “Tornado, what's wrong?” He took a deep breath and tried to control himself. “I didn't want Chester and Hurricane to come up here unless they actually died fighting.” “They did die fighting, Tornado. They fought a whole army alone, side by side, and were finally killed, but not before losing ten thousand.” Tornado choked. “Did you say... ten thousand?” Megan gave Tornado a thumbs up sign. “Maybe I was a little hard on them. Wait! Stacy!” Tornado grabbed Megan's hand and teleported to his room. He turned on the screen and zoomed in on Stacy. She was crying harder now that Tornado saw her. “Why is this happening to me?” She screamed. “First Tornado, and now Chester and Hurricane! Oh, I don't know what to do anymore!” Stacy screamed in her pillow to relieve the stress, and that seemed to work alright. She cried herself to sleep, and Tornado watched her. For a moment, he contemplated wether or not to appear to Stacy and say, “I can come back” but decided not to. It was too painful for Tornado at the moment seeing Stacy in this condition. Now, since all of her main protectors are dead, Stacy has to turn to X, Jack Stone, and Metal Shadow now for protection. Also, Tornado vowed that he would watch over her from his bedroom every day, night, and all the time, no matter what happened. In an emergency, Tornado would go back – but not without Chester and Hurricane, least of all, Megan. He was sure to go back with her if no one else. And her mother, too. Her whole family would come back to Earth with Tornado, even if he had to turn them into dust and bring them in a jar back with him, he would take Megan home again. Tornado started his 24/7 watch on Stacy as soon as he fixed himself breakfast. She went to school, studied for tests, got good grades, and pretty much kept to herself all day long. At night, Stacy would cry herself to sleep, under the watch of Tornado Cyclone. There was a knock on Tornado's door. Chester and Hurricane stood at his doorstep. “What are you doing here, guys? I'm sort of busy.” Tornado shut off his screen and walked back to the door. “Let's do something fun, like we used to. You haven't been the same ever since we died.” Tornado stared at them blankly. “I really am busy. Why don't you two go visit some of your dead relatives?” He closed the door, and then turned his screen on again. Stacy was in no trouble at this moment, so Tornado headed into his kitchen and started eating a small bag of chocolate chips. Suddenly, Tornado heard a scream from Megan's room. He went through the wall to see what was wrong. Her screen showed a messy massacre in her home town. There was red everywhere, including on sign posts and mailboxes. Tornado caught Megan before she fell onto the floor. Once she opened her eyes, they were full of tears. “Tornado! Oh, Tornado, they're all dead! My town was massacred with big, strong thugs in ski masks and chainsaws!” She swayed a little when Tornado let go, grabbing his arm before falling. “It was terrible! I don't know what to do!” Suddenly, noise came from outside. “Let's go see what's happening. It might cheer you up.” Tornado put his arm around Megan and led her outside where everyone in her home town entered, very much alive here but dead on Earth. “There she is!” Someone shouted. Tornado released Megan, and she ran forward to another boy that was his size and height. “My dear brother! You're home now! I'll get you to your room before it's time to eat.” Megan showed her brother to his room. I'm glad that whoever you welcomed here is safe, but I know he's not your brother.” Megan looked at Tornado with sorry eyes. “I'm sorry, Tornado. I met him on the ship, but we never talked. He always stayed in his room, and went to Earth one day.” Tornado nodded. That was understandable. If Tornado knew he existed, he would have killed him already. “Want to go out to dinner?” Megan smiled sweetly and told Tornado she'd be ready at six o' clock to go. Once Tornado and Megan were having dinner, Tornado suggested they fly. “I don't know how,” Megan began. “I'll teach you. All that is required is you think of flying, and you fly.” Tornado demonstrated this by flying up into the air about one foot above Megan's head. “Try it. It's fun!” Megan closed her eyes and thought of flying. She started to rise up into the air, slowly. Megan opened her eyes and saw that she was flying. “Tornado! I'm flying! It's so amazing, I'm nervous.” Tornado flew close to Megan, ready to catch her if she fell. “I know, Megan. Flying for the first time is a bit scary, but you'll get used to it, I promise.” Tornado guided Megan along and taught her more as she got used to flying. Soon enough, Megan did not need Tornado's help to fly anymore. They soared together above the town, and had a great time. The sun started rising, and Tornado touched ground with his foot before running to breakfast with Megan. She laughed all the way to the dining hall, enjoying time with Tornado. “That was fun, Tornado! Let's do it again tonight!” “Sure thing. I'll come by and pick you up like last night.” Tornado parted with Megan, and searched the many tables to find his friends. Hurricane and Chester were at the far end of the whole place, talking and laughing. “Hey guys!” Tornado called. Hurricane waved Tornado over to their table. “How's it going?” Chester asked him. Tornado shrugged. “Okay, I guess. It's quite a story I have to tell you, my friends.” He told them all about last night, teaching Megan how to fly and what a fun time it was. “I've never really known how to have fun until I flew with Megan. She's good! You should watch her fly with me some day!” Chester shot a look at Hurricane. He widened his eyes, and turned toward Tornado. “We saw Stacy on our screens just this morning. She was in trouble...” Was all Tornado heard. He bolted up and zoomed straight out of the dining hall and into his bedroom. Stacy was in trouble, but the worst trouble he ever saw her in. She was tied to a pole above water, crying for help, but no one heard her. Not even Jack Stone, X, nor Metal Shadow. Stacy was crying now, even though the pole wasn't moving, she cried uncontrollably, as much as Tornado had ever seen her. Tornado felt a tear roll down his cheek, and remembered what he had promised himself. Meanwhile, back on Earth, the second capsule that supposedly held a mysterious person lay on the ground, covered in sticker bushes. They disappear, and the lid to the canister hisses open. A black figure jumps up and gets out of the prison it was held in. All that is seen is a black figure dashing away from a canister of metal. Stacy's captors reappear, this time binding her hands and feet. The black figure from earlier spies on what is happening. A memory comes to it, of a girl and being on a ship, racing down the halls, seeing a guard shooting it's best friend, and a tears streaming down it's face. “You're not going to live another hour, so you better be praying for a miracle to happen.” The creature heard one of the kids dressed in black say. They didn't know that Tornado X waited for them to do what they wanted to do. One of the thugs beat around Stacy and kicked her to the ground. Everyone else joined in until Stacy screamed. Tornado X acted then, pushing a hand out, and shielded Stacy with a forcefield. The thugs were thrown backwards, scattered in all directions. Tornado X walked out into the open for the first time ever since fifty years ago. His enemies struggled to rise, and when they did, they regretted it. Ten beams of black hit all of them, sending at least two to the grave. Everyone else collapsed. Tornado X slowly walked toward Stacy, hands open and outward. Stacy's eyes were filled with fear. The ropes binding her fell and Tornado X disappeared into the night.

Tornado watched Hurricane and Chester as they tested out what they could still do. “Hey, guys? I'll make this easy for you: you can still fly, and you can do some of the basic stuff. Chester, you can still throw your stingers, and Hurricane can still throw hurricanes.” Chester looked at Tornado, and then to Hurricane. He pulled out a stinger a threw it at Hurricane. “Ow! What was that for?” Chester fell over, laughing his head off. “Here's payback!” Chester suddenly flew backwards, landing on a soft part of grass that appeared, and then disappeared. Now Hurricane was laughing, but not as soon as Tornado decided to jump in and rustled the tree. A whole pile of leaves fell on Hurricane, covering him completely. Tornado laughed uncontrollably, unable to stop and unable to do anything about Hurricane blowing him away to where Chester was. Megan saw Tornado and his friends having fun again, and it was encouraging. How? She didn't know, but she suddenly wanted to tell Tornado how she felt about him. But why? What's the point if Tornado won't even listen, or will he? Something was nagging at Tornado X's thoughts. To help or to destroy? Megan turned away from the window. She needed some time to herself. Laying down on her bed, she started to cry. And eventually, her pillow got soaked with her tears. Tornado would have to wait. “Chester! Come on, let's go back to Hurricane.” Tornado and Chester flew back to Hurricane, who was sitting in a tree. “Well, that was fun.” Chester declared. Tornado nodded in agreement. It was the most fun he remembered while he was little. Cyclone taught him to drive at four years old. Cars, space ships, buses, airplanes, and anything that required a license – Tornado had it all down in his head. Now he would probably never drive anything again. His real passion was for flying. And only flying. The wind against his face felt good when he flew fast, and Chester, Hurricane, along with everyone else, knew you could only get away your thoughts if you flew in the sky. There was no limit of sky space to fly in. For that, Tornado was grateful. Tornado X saw what was going on in his town. It was frightening to see people get mugged by other people. He walked on the sidewalk, thinking to himself: What am I supposed to do here? It turned out to be the center of his thoughts, always. He could not get it off his mind, or out of his head, no matter how hard he tried. Tornado X felt like a copy of someone real. What he didn't realize is that the person he was made from was real, but he was dead in this world. Tornado flew into his room from his window. He switched on the screen and accidentally thought of himself. The picture showed Tornado X walking down the sidewalk in the night. Tornado gaped, thinking to himself: Who is that? It's like a copy of me. Tornado had a decision to make. Either he would stay here and live happily ever after or he would go back to earth and face Super Negative Tornado until he was finally defeated by him. Option one sounded good, but how could he live knowing that Stacy needed him down on earth? And option two was constantly going to face death a thousand times over again, but always returning and fighting for friends. Hurricane and Chester tried to call Tornado, but there was no answer. After that failed, they went up to his room that was next to Megan's. Chester opened the door. “Tornado, why haven't you...” Chester stared at an empty room. “Where is he?” Hurricane asked. Chester stepped back and let him look into Tornado's old room. “Gone. He... he decided to go back to earth.” Chester looked at Hurricane with a surprised expression. “Why would he go back?” Chester ran to his room, and Hurricane went to his own room, too. Turning on the screen, Chester thought about Tornado and saw him racing toward their hometown. Hurricane did the same, but ended up seeing another Tornado in Maine. “Chester! Get over to my room. It looks like we have doubles.” Chester walked in and looked at the screen. “Another Tornado? How can that be?” Megan appeared quietly at the door. “I sent the Tornado you know to earth from a space station, and I was shot by a guard. I apparently also released a prototype of Tornado to earth in another capsule, named Tornado X.” Hurricane and Chester exchanged looks. Chester turned back to Megan. Her eyes were streaked with dry tears. “We have to go back, Hurricane. Tornado might need our help.” “Okay, I'm willing to go back, but what about her?” “It's her own choice if she wants to come back. Besides, we don't force people to do things they don't want to do.” Chester left, and Hurricane followed. One last time, he talked to Megan. “Why don't you come with us?” Megan closed her eyes. “I would, but I need to think about it a little bit more. Maybe I will, maybe I won't. It depends.” Hurricane nodded, and he was sent back to earth after Chester.

Tornado entered his hometown. At first sight, it seemed like a dark and dreary place. But, as the sunrise peeked over the mountains, it took it's old look again. The library was closed, but Tornado stayed and watched the person inside open the doors, putting down a doorstop. Next, Stacy's house was only three houses down from the library. Tornado waited by the library's doors, until Stacy walked down the sidewalk. She always came early, to get the better books and study guides. “Yo, Stacy! How's it been going?” Tornado called out to her. “Tornado!” Stacy yelled, running up and giving him a bear hug. “Why are you here? You're supposedly dead to everyone in the world!” “Hey, Stacy, you're forgetting a couple of more kids!” Chester and Hurricane walked up to Tornado and Stacy. “Guys! Why did you come back?” “The same reason you did! Megan told us about the other you. It's creepy, I think we ran into him while we were running here!” Hurricane explained. Chester spoke up, “We're all friends, Tornado. No one can separate us for too long, even if death comes to one of us!” Tornado was speechless. “Come on, then! Join the party, and we'll search for Tornado X together!” They linked hands, and Tornado took them to their desired destination: where Tornado X resided. After about a second of flying, Tornado, Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy set foot in Maine. “Okay, guys. Chester and Stacy will cover north an south, Hurricane and I will cover east and west.” Splitting up, Stacy went north and Chester searched south. Tornado searched east, and Hurricane covered west. Tornado X watched four people spread out in all directions and start either running or walking in their direction, looking vertical, horizontal, and sideways. Tornado X decided to stay hidden for as long as possible, but he would let the girl find him. Meanwhile, Chester ran up and down the streets searching for Tornado X. He even called his name once. “Tornado X! We need to talk to you! It's urgent!” Stacy searched, but did not find. Several hours later, she was exhausted, and sat down to rest. That was when Tornado X appeared to Stacy. She gasped, noticing how straight-faced he was. His features were very similar to Tornado's: brown eyes, blue stripe down the middle of his forehead, almost exact same up and down. But he had a different sword. This was shaped weird, like flames, only steel brown flames. The lettering on the sword said: A storm isn't coming. Do not beware of Tornado X. Stacy wondered if Tornado had the lettering on his sword or not. Probably, but she would ask him later. “Hello, there! I'm Stacy, what's your name?” Tornado X paused. “Tornado X, is my name. Pleased to meet you, Stacy.” A monotone voice, if you know what that means, is how Tornado X's voice sounded. Stacy smiled as best she could. “Why are you trying to hide? The real Tornado...” Ouch. The real Tornado. It reminded Tornado X that he was just a prototype, and it hurt him. “The real Tornado? I doubt he even exists. I'm the only real Tornado as far as I'm concerned.” “Well, you're not concerned enough! There is another Tornado out looking for you, and all you can do is hide? I think I would be better off with that other Tornado than you!” Stacy snapped. Tornado X recoiled back into the shadows. “Wait! Just a minute!” He came back for a brief second before Stacy called Tornado. “I can take you to Tornado, and he would really enjoy talking to you. After all, fifty years is a long time to be locked up in a steel, stuffy capsule.” Tornado X could not find the words to reply to this sentence. So, with that, he disappeared. Completely. He would have to face this other Tornado himself if he really existed. If he did, and they were the exact opposite, he would have to do something bad or join forces with a criminal mastermind. Tornado ran down the street he was on. Stacy told him where she found Tornado X, now he only wanted to talk to him. “Tornado X! I need to talk to you!” “What about?” He snapped. “About us and how we were created the same! I know in my heart you were meant to help save people's lives with me!” Tornado X jumped down from where he was. Tornado saw that everything about Tornado X was the same about himself. Except his sword. It had no sheath, but these words were very clearly shown on it. The words on Tornado's own sword had similar to those words, only different. And his was harder to see. Etched in silver and gold, Tornado's words on his sword was. “Anyway, Tornado X, we have to talk in greater detail, but it is too dangerous here for unwanted ears to hear us. Wait, actually. Now we can talk. What happened to you fifty years ago?” Tornado X explained. “I was in another part of the ship being created while you already knew how to speak, spell, write, and read. I knew nothing about those things. So, I was made a prototype and put in a capsule. I never got to see you because I was to stupid, I heard them say.” Tornado now saw how Tornado X had chosen to appear to Stacy. “I know you can become smarter, Tornado X! You can even become my brother! I will make sure you get into my school and I can help you! That's all I want to do, is help!” Tornado X thought about this for a moment. If Tornado could help him, how would he be treated? It might be necessary to do a little show to impress and make him be feared more. “You don't have to do any of that, Tornado X! I can help, and also help you make friends, too!” “Well, I'll think about it. I know where to find you when I decide on my decision.” Tornado X disappeared into the night. Tornado headed back to Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy. “I might have gotten somewhere, so I have to wait until he makes a decision.” Tornado and Hurricane found an old abandoned house. Some fixing up and Tornado restored the house to it's original state. “We've got a house. Good, now there's a place to stay until tomorrow.” Stacy spoke up. “I'm hungry, Tornado. Shouldn't we have dinner first?” Chester agreed, saying, “Yeah, we're all hungry and you know that! Or our stomachs do, at least.” “Didn't we have dinner already?” Hurricane asked. “I'm pretty sure no one has. But that doesn't really matter.” Tornado finished. They walked into their house, and went to sleep at twelve. The sun shone on Stacy's face that morning, and she awoke to what looked like a beautiful day. Chester opened one eye. Hurricane and Tornado lay next to him, silently sleeping. Chester walked out the front door. He was attacked by Tornado X. “Hey! Who are you?” His attacker didn't reply. Instead, he flew away. Chester chased him. When Tornado X realized he was being followed, he swerved right. Chester was close behind him when Tornado flew up behind him and pulled him away from the chase. “Chester! I needed to talk to him, and now he's gone!” Tornado X reappeared again. “Gone? Doesn't look like it.” “Hey!” Tornado X blasted off again. “Catch me if you can! If you can, I will tell you what I know.” Tornado followed him this time. Tornado X turned around and faced Tornado. “Never mind, that's no fun. I'll just tell you now.” Tornado remained tense and ready, if Tornado X changed his mind. “Sorry, but I must do this.” Several beams, of all different colors, hit Tornado head-on. After that, Tornado X sped away, off to his new life. Tornado felt weird when he was hit with those beams. Like dying, but being restored at the same time. He realized that he was back on the ship he was on from fifty years ago. Guards ran around and secured the area. He raced to find Megan, if this was indeed what he thought it was. A siren blasted in his ear. Tornado ignored it. There she was. Megan stood at the control panel of the capsule launcher. “Megan! I've come to get you out of here!” Megan looked up and smiled at Tornado. “I'm sorry, Tornado. I have to stay. I will never be able to visit Earth.” Tornado marched forward and looked Megan straight in her eyes. “No. I will get you off of this ship and go to Earth with you. Just stay right here and I'll be right back.” Tornado ran out the door as a guard came in. He took out his sword and knocked the gun away. A little while later, Tornado had gone around the corner, but not before turning the gun to dust. Wait! He could turn all of the guards' guns turn to dust right now! And so, Tornado raced through the halls, until every square inch was covered. Next, he pitched air, which caused all of the guns on board turn to dust. “Hey! Who did this?” “It must have been the prototype!” Tornado knew who they were talking about. Acting fast, he teleported to Tornado X's room. “Tornado X! Open up, it's Negative Tornado!” Tornado yelled, knocking hard on the door. It opened a creak and Tornado X peeked his eyes around the corner. “Come on, dude, we're escaping! And you'll be my brother on Earth!” Tornado X looked surprised. “Why? I'm just a prototype. Why would you want to take me to Earth?” “Because you're my friend, that's why! Now I'll need your help.” Tornado explained his plan, and Tornado X agreed to it. Each person ran in opposite directions. “Hey! I'm free, try and catch me!” Tornado X yelled, running through the halls. Tons of guards chased after him. Tornado ran in the other direction, yelling the same thing. More guards chased him. Turing into a different corridor, Tornado X saw a chess table. Tornado must have set it up! He sat down and waited for the guards to turn up. “Hey guys, over here!” The guards rushed over and stopped right in front of Tornado X. “Want to play chess?” “Well, alright. I guess a few games won't hurt.” As the first one sat down and faced Tornado X, the real Tornado appeared at the edge of the door and ran in. All of the guards chased him. “Alright! Let's go!” Once Tornado lured everyone into the room, Tornado X closed the door mentally and bolted it strong. Tornado and he passed through the walls and the guards tried to follow, but ended up breaking their noses. Once they were out, Tornado X and Tornado congratulated each other. “You did pretty good, Tornado X! I see you'll be a great brother!” They arrived at the room where Tornado saw Megan last. There she was, waiting as Tornado walked through the door. “I'm back, and all of the guards have been taken care of. Now, Megan, let's get this ship to Earth!” He grabbed her hand and helped her to her feet. “Tornado, I'm so amazed! Even though we won't get to Earth anyway.” “What? Why?” “The systems are guarded by a security system that is impossible to hack into if it's not logged in.” Tornado closed his eyes. “Then we better pray that it's logged in, alright?” There was no more talking in between the time it took to get from the capsule room to the control room. Tornado X ran over to a computer. “It's logged in!” He yelled. “Good! Now find the controls for steering and steer us back to Earth!” “Gotcha, captain!” Tornado X joked. Tornado realized that his opposite wasn't as bad as he'd known previously. “Megan, you can sit down and relax. We're heading home.”

Stacy cried over Tornado's body. It hit the ground, because Tornado was flying when it happened. Now she hated Tornado X, and she always would. Hurricane tried to comfort Stacy, but to no avail. Chester tried, but a series of harsh words broke him completely. He crawled into a corner and cried. Stacy realized that she shouldn't have said what she did, but it didn't matter now. Hurricane leaned against a wall, his back facing Stacy. He knew there was no going back, so he decided to go home. Stacy didn't hear him silently lift up into the air and fly away.

“Almost there!” Tornado X reported. “Okay, you've done good, my friend, and now that we are almost to Earth, I have to say something. SNOWBOARDING IS FUN! That's it. Keep going.” Tornado fell on the ground laughing, and pretty soon Megan and Tornado X joined in. “That was SO random, Tornado, it was SO funny!” Megan was still laughing a little bit. Tornado had recovered and now went to search for anyone else who might be loose on the ship. “Tornado X! Look!” Megan pointed to a green section of Earth, with red roses planted all over the whole field. “It's so... beautiful.” Megan whispered. Tornado came back, and gave his report. “There is no one else on the ship besides a whole bunch of strangled guards. They killed each other in there, and the one left I took care of myself.” “How did you do it?” “By throwing him out a window. Kidding! I eased his passing by turning him into dust. Now, all that remains is a pile of dust scattered everywhere.” Tornado X reported that that they were landing on Earth. “Tornado, I'm so excited! I'll get to go on Earth!” “And we'll stay here, to put that on top of things. I know from the past I was meant to do a mission on Earth, but I don't know what it is. So I'll find out by living here.” As they waited for the door to open, Tornado was back in Maine, with Stacy and Chester. “Tornado! We all thought you were dead so we headed back to the house.” “Where is Hurricane?” Stacy looked around. “Um, I... don't... know. He must have gone somewhere, but I didn't see him at all today, actually.” Stacy finished, and Tornado suddenly knew where Hurricane had gone. “Come on, Chester. I know where Hurricane is, but I'll need your help.” He flew up and away, Chester following closely behind him. Tornado's guess was right. Back at home, Hurricane sat on the hill, doing nothingas far as Tornado and Chester could see. “Hurricane! It's us, Chester and Tornado.” Hurricane didn't move. Or even twitch. Chester touched his shoulder. Suddenly, Hurricane slid forward, falling off the hill and landing on the ground below with a thud. Tornado peered over the edge and noticed he must have been in a sword fight – and lost. A mark was on his shirt, stained with red. “Chester, Hurricane's dead. Nothing we can do about it now.” Chester looked once and almost puked. It was a bigger mess now. Hurricane was ripped apart, but I won't go more graphic than that. “Tornado, down here!” Tornado looked and saw Megan running up the hill, breathless once she reached him. “MEGAN????” Tornado exclaimed. “Why are you here? To mourn Hurricane's death with us? Don't look, it's not pretty.” Megan turned to Chester. “Hurricane told me to give you this,” And she held out a necklace that was made by Hurricane himself, just right before he came outside. It had everyone's name on it as the chain, except Hurricane's. “Thank you, Megan. I guess Hurricane knew he wouldn't come back.” Tornado looked around, and saw his friend's image right behind them. Hurricane smiled and waved, finally disappearing. “Hurricane can't come back now any more. He's already used his come back to earth button for the last time. Now, it's time for us to continue living as though nothing ever happened.”

The End

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