This one is kind of short because I explained it that way. :D

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The day after Hurricane and Tornado died from the fight with Super Negative Tornado, a group of scientists searched their houses for anything important to analyze at the lab. One certain scientist found a hair of Hurricane’s, and took that to the lab. Another found two of Tornado’s hairs in the shower room, but kept them to himself for an important time. Everyone currently inside the laboratory worked on a project of cloning Hurricane’s hair to make him live again. And the scientist who kept Tornado’s hair stole the notes on cloning Hurricane right after they had successfully “reincarnated” him, briefing himself on who he was and what he could do. However, the REAL Hurricane was in superhero paradise where all superheroes go when they die. And the real Tornado was, too. A clone cannot replace an original person who once lived, I say.

The Time of Triangulas, Two Years Later

When it came time to clone Tornado, the same scientist who stole Tornado’s hair got it out and did the whole process himself. At the eve of Hurricane’s most needed time, the cloned Tornado appeared, knowing what to do because he WAS a clone, exactly like Tornado and his powers and personality too, so he performed an attack on Triangulas. After that, unfortunately, the clone disappeared and was never found. The scientist knew this would happen because after defeating Super Negative Tornado every time, Tornado had to go away and get back to normal health. But this clone never came back. Tornado’s second strand of hair got the wrong idea, and cloned into the rebirth of Negative Tornado. That’s how all the bad guys and good guys do it. They are all CLONES. I would go into more explanation now, but I have other stories I am working on. And so, that is pretty much what happened and IS happening at this moment. (Encore!!!)

The End

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More stories to be added...

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