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How Tornado Came To BeEdit

How Tornado Came To Be

        A kid named Jack grew up south of England, where they tortured people for no particular reason. While Jack was talking to his friend, Chris, he fell down into what seemed like a bottomless pit. But, soon enough, he reached the bottom and broke his neck. Jack lay still, unmoving for over a week. Then, after the week passed by, a blue beam picked Jack up and hauled him out of the dirty pit into a ship. 

“How’s he doing?” A far off voice said. “No telling when he’ll wake up.” “Wait! Let me through!” That voice was strong, like the wind, only this man was in control of the wind. He was Cyclone, the one and only Cyclone who could control tornadoes and also throw them. “Please, doctor, this child is very young! Let me take him in as my own and I will rename him! To Tornado!” The doctor shrugged. “Okay, fella. We can’t do anything. You go ahead and try.” Cyclone picked up the boy and carried him to his own room. Cyclone set down the boy gently on a couch and got out a small, oval rock. “In my power, make this boy feel warmth and protection, peace, and love. Tornado, I call you to wake from your slumber, coming alive as my son that will sometimes get into trouble, but not too often. Go!” He said sharply, and a piercing blue light filled the room with radiance. A blue stripe appeared on the middle of Tornado’s forehead. He got up, rubbed his neck, and looked at Cyclone. “Dad?” Tornado asked. “Yes, Tornado. I am right here. What do you want?” Tornado accidentally thought of how Cyclone looked and threw a tornado. Cyclone barely got control of it, shrinking it to nothing. “What did I do?” Tornado asked another question. He got off the couch, stretched… and zoomed backwards at the speed of light, crashing through everything in his way. When Tornado stopped himself, he was really dizzy, which made him fall into a table, snapping it in half. Tornado got up again, this time not doing anything catastrophic. “I… feel… powerful. Like… I never have… before.” Cyclone hurried to Tornado’s side. “Yes, I know, son, I know. Times are difficult right now.” He helped Tornado stand up and steady himself before letting go and walking back to Tornado’s and his room. “Dinner is ready!” The cook yelled. Everyone hustled to their tables. “Come, Tornado. Time for dinner.” Tornado found a new power he had, for he was suddenly far ahead of Cyclone at their table. “What was that?” Tornado asked Cyclone. He tried to explain to Tornado what he did, but could not think of it. “You teleported by thinking of dinner. So here you are.” Tornado still didn’t get it. Cyclone spent all night trying to get Tornado to understand teleporting. Finally, Tornado found out what went on in his mind… a place, or time… he thought about teleporting and a place he wanted to go, and he was there. Simple. For now. On a day that Tornado asked questions about what he could do and how his blue stripe came to him. “Your stripe, eh? What a marvelous thing, it is. Your stripe is what allows you to have your abilities. It signifies that you are different than all the rest, and if it ever comes to getting new abilities, you will feel a slight tingling.” Just then, Tornado felt a tingling sensation in his blue stripe. “Ask me a definition of a word I don't know.” Tornado asked his dad. “Okay, um, let's see... ah! Here's one: a hoo-poe. What's that?” Tornado thought for a moment. “I believe... it is a brightly colored bird of Europe, Asia, and Africa. It has a long, slender bill, a fanlike crest... I'm not getting anything more.” Cyclone nodded his approval. “Correct. Almost got the part where it says the bird is 1 foot long. But good job anyway.” He placed a photo of a planet on the desk. “What planet is that?” Tornado asked. “This planet is our home that was destroyed by our enemies, the shape shifters. They are extremely hard to kill, but we can do it. Another easy way to kill them is blow up their space ships in orbit.” Tornado walked to the window. “Is that one of them?” Cyclone rushed to the window. “Yes, it is. I have business to take care of.” He hurried out of the room, heading toward his office. Tornado discovered a new power: stealth spy. He activated it by curiosity. Following his father, Tornado stood in the doorway. “Commander! Cyclone here. We need to speed up! Yes, it IS an emergency. Sir, look out your window.” Cyclone said calmly. He put the phone down and laughed. Tornado stepped out of the way as Cyclone ran out to get people ready for a boarding party. Tornado got to the armor room first. He chose a tiny gun with what looked like a needle. Tornado guessed it was the sight. Then, he teleported onto the other ship. Shape shifters patrolled the corridor. Tornado fired the gun he was holding. An explosion rippled through the whole ship, making it explode. And it threw Tornado into empty space at an amazing speed. Pretty soon, he was floating into Earth's atmosphere. Blue covered this part of the planet. Tornado orbited around Earth until a grass land appeared. And suddenly started falling. He was heading home.


More Stories Will Be Added SoonEdit

I will add more stories soon, so you can keep on reading them.

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