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How Tornado Met Stacy

On one of those days that Tornado was victorious against Super Negative Tornado, he disappeared and showed up in a far away town that looked simple enough, with houses on either side. Tornado had walked through a desert to get here, and it looked like this would be the place he was staying at for a while. Four suitcases magically appeared. Tornado picked them up and continued on his private tour of the place. Somewhere one mile from where he started, Tornado spotted a two story high motel that he could stay in. “Welcome to our town! How may I help you?” The clerk asked. “Get me a room for one person.” Tornado replied. The clerk walked to get Tornado's keys to his bedroom. “You are in room ninety-one on the second floor.” Tornado tipped his hat as he walked to the elevator. When the door opened, he strode in, pressing the number two on the pad. Someone else hurried up to the door. “Hurry! This town is being attacked!” Tornado widened his eyes. “Who is, if I may ask?” “I don't know. I just heard a person yell that out.” Tornado was talking to a girl that looked like she was eleven or twelve years old. She was out of breath and must have run a long way. She noticed the blue stripe on Tornado's forehead. “How did you get that?” She asked, pointing at Tornado's stripe. “Um... it's a long story. To make it short, I got it when I became who I am. My name is Tornado. What's yours?” “Stacy.” Stacy answered. “Well, this is a surprise!” Tornado continued. “It's not every day I get to meet someone such as you, Stacy! Best friends... forever!” Stacy looked confused. “Sorry, Tornado, but I don't know you too much just yet.” Tornado wasn't there. Stacy shrugged it off and went back outside. Tornado was dealing with the threat that he saw in town. Stacy couldn't see what it looked like, so she decided to get up closer. Giant mushrooms with swords attacking. The last thing she had expected. And by the way Tornado fought, they were really good at sword fighting. “If that's the way you play, I have my own way!” Tornado growled. He ran super fast backwards until he could no more. Then Tornado unleashed his true power. A massively humongous amount of tornadoes came out of nowhere. The mushroom aliens screeched and ran. But they were no match for Tornado's final attack. He threw another tornado, jumped on top of it, and directed the tornado where the other tornadoes did not get them. In a few minutes, Tornado finished off the last mushroom. The tornado dissipated, leaving Tornado suspended in the air. But the amazing thing was that he did not fall. Like he flew. Floating back down to earth, Stacy ran to meet Tornado. When she reached him, he disappeared altogether. Stacy was disappointed. The next day at school, Stacy took her seat at math class, where she excelled at. “Hey, guys. Look, it's little miss perfect. I don't do anything wrong. See?” The boy held up a fake homework paper with an A+ on it. The paper suddenly turned into dust in the boy's hand. He turned around. His friend, Tommy, sat behind him. And Tommy couldn't do anything like that. But a new person that came in before Stacy looked like he could. Someone with a blue stripe on his forehead. Stacy saw the teacher come in and sat up straight. “Hello, class. Did you have fun during break?” There were cheers all around. “Alright, we will start with a review with everything we have been discussing, okay? The papers on your desk are what you need to do. Raise your hand if you have any questions. Begin.” Everyone in class pulled out a pencil, some big, some small. Some super tiny, like Tommy's, for small hands. Tornado kept an eye on Tommy's friend. Greg, his name was. Greg tried to cheat by peeking at the person next to him. Tornado prevented that. Greg hit his head hard on an invisible brick wall. A dull thud sounded when that happened. Tornado heard giggles trying to be stifled, but end up as laughter. He smiled to himself. Tornado enjoyed it here, plenty to do to keep himself busy while pretending to be bored. It worked. The teacher looked up. “Greg!” He warned. Greg snapped his head up toward the teacher. “It wasn't me! I bumped my head on an invisible wall!” The whole class laughed out loud. Stacy was enjoying it, too. Tornado made sure that she would get a few laughs out of his little show. At recess, Stacy approached Tornado, who was leaning against a brick wall that went into the basketball court. “Was that you?” Tornado looked up. “Was what me?” He asked, standing up straight. Stacy struggled to find the right words to say. “What happened with Greg. How did you do it? Is it something to do with you being a superhero?” Tornado shrugged. “Possibly.” Was all he said. Something loud took place out in a big, grassy field. Tornado walked forward to investigate. It was Greg and Tommy. Apparently, the two were school bullies, also. Not just cheaters at tests. “Come on, Greg! Beat his brains out!” Tommy stood and watched the whole thing. As soon as Tornado came up, the fighting stopped. Greg turned to see who it was. He wasn't happy to find the same kid who made such an embarrassment of him in class. “Come on, kid! Let's fight! See how good you are!” Tornado shook his head. “You don't want to fight me. I have an unfair advantage against someone like you. Have you ever seen a real sword before?” Greg shook his head for no. “Meet me after school right out here. You'll be surprised.” Tornado walked away once more. Recess ended. Greg got in trouble for getting into a fight. He was suspended for one week. After school, Tornado sat in the middle of the grassy field, waiting for Greg. He finally came, along with some friends. “Alright, what is it you wanted to show me?” Tornado remained silent as he showed the sheath to Greg and his friends. “I have to show you this.” Tornado told them as he pulled out his sword. There were oohs and awes from Greg's friends. Greg only stared at it. “Are you going to use that anytime soon?” Greg asked. Tornado chuckled. “I don't plan to, unless there is a problem that forces me to use it. No, I won't unless a bigger issue comes.” Tornado started to walk away again. Greg hurried to catch up. “What does the handle look like?” He asked. Tornado stopped. “You mean hilt. That's what it's called.” He showed Greg the hilt again. He never saw anything like it before. Bronze hand protector, silver emblem of a small T on it. “What's the small T mean?” Greg asked. “It means that only I and my future descendants are allowed to hold it, but only if I allow it, someone else can hold it.” Greg got an idea. “Can I hold it?” Tornado shook his head. “Heck, no, you can't. Think I'm stupid?” Almost. Greg thought. Later, at Tornado's motel room, Tornado sat at the kitchen table. “I can tell that Greg wants to hold my sword, and also wants to do something bad with it.” He spent all night writing tactics on a small piece of paper, thinking about his plans and crossing out ones he didn't think would be good enough. Meanwhile, Greg was planning a heist against Tornado. As soon as his hands were on the sword, he would strike down Tornado with it. The reason is, because Stacy was formerly Greg's girlfriend, but she dumped him. He would show Stacy that he could take down a mutant like this one. When morning finally came, Tornado jogged to school. Greg watched him carefully. He payed no mind to Greg, so Greg thought this was the moment to carry on with his plan. Tornado knew Greg was watching, so he planned to pretend to vanish all of a sudden when Greg's helpers came to get him. Until Tornado realized who he was up against. Back to Greg: he was talking to a figure with a robe and a hood on to keep from seeing who it was. “So, you'll do it for me?” Greg asked. “Gladly.” The answer came. “It is about time I get to see what Tornado can do. Now is my chance, and I won't skip out on it.” A pair of red eyes turn away from Greg and watch Tornado jogging down the street. Tornado still was guessing who it would be when something hit his back, forcing Tornado on the ground. Tornado stayed in that position, pretending to be unconscious. The figure came up to him. Funny. Tornado had seen only one person that was all black. He sprang up, grabbing whoever it was attacking him, and threw it into a wall. Glass shattered. Shadow emerged from the wall. “So that's who it is, eh?” Tornado exclaimed. “Never knew you would be trying to defeat me. Why do you attempt it, since no one else can?” Shadow looked for an answer. “It has been long since I have attempted at you, Tornado. Sonic is a different story, but I wanted to see what you can do.” “Then why not just ask for a demonstration?” Shadow growled, turning into a ball again. At a speed never seen before by the way Shadow was going, he had put all of his intentions on defeating Tornado. But for who? And why? Tornado stepped to the side, allowing Shadow to pass. It just so happened that Greg was standing right there. Tornado thought it was Greg. “Hey! What did I tell you that it was dangerous around when I'm fighting?” He threw a tornado. Greg was scared stiff, thinking this was his end. The tornado picked him up and carried him away, putting him safely on the sidewalk where school was. The tornado disappeared. Greg cursed. “(CENSORED) Tornado! Why did he get me out of the (CENSORED) way?” Shadow became so angry that a red outline appeared around him. “Uh oh.” Tornado murmured. And ran as fast as he could in the other direction. Shadow's chaos blast was a super powerful attack that could cover the circumference of the whole earth. This was one of those. Tornado looked back. A red line still following him at light speed. Tornado combined light and the speed of sound together, breaking the sound barrier for the first time. Tornado had already gone all the way around the world! Now he was doing it again. And again. And again. Until he got tired. Shadow still directed the attack on Tornado. He interfered by getting in the way. It sliced through Tornado like a sword, only there was no pain. Shadow was gone. Tornado noticed that it wasn't to destroy him, it was to take away what he valued most... his abilities. Tornado still had his sword, but so much as turning into anyone he wanted... it was gone.

To Be Continued...

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