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How Tornado Met Stacy(2)Edit

Tornado had lost his powers. And Shadow had somehow gotten rid of them. He could still fly, but how fast? As fast as he always could. That was a relief. Police cars blared their sirens and surrounded Tornado. “Put your hands up!” A policeman yelled. “Alright, see? They're up.” He flew straight up and exited the scene. The police were left behind, scratching their heads and wondering where the person had gone. Tornado laughed at himself, until he felt something slightly throwing his power of flight off balance. Soon, he was falling instead of flying. Bummer, I guess flight's gone now, too. Tornado told himself. A red, flashing light showed in the distance. Before Tornado knew what was happening, he landed on a passing airplane. What are the chances of that? At the airport, Tornado got off of the airplane and ran away from the airport as fast as he could. Which wasn't very fast. It was a long walk back to the town that Stacy lived in, and the one that Tornado was currently staying at. As he unlocked his door, Stacy walked toward him from down the hall. “Tornado, I want to talk to you.” “Yeah? What about?” Now that she was facing Tornado, it seemed harder to talk to him rather than a picture from the newspaper. “Greg, that's what. I know why he hired that one, whatever it was, to come and get you.” “Well, he got me alright. And now I can't do anything I could do before. My powers are gone, so I might as well go on with life.” Stacy followed him into his room. “No, Tornado! He only wants you to think that. That was a thought control shock wave. I've read about them before, and...” He started to direct Stacy out of his room. “It's late, and besides, I'm tired from walking all that way. My powers are gone, and there's nothing that can be done about it now. Goodnight, Stacy.” Tornado closed the door and locked it. “Phew! And I though she would never leave!” Finally, after watching some movies, Tornado fell asleep. He wondered if Stacy was right or not, but he couldn't let that hold him down tonight. The next morning, Tornado slept in most of the time. Unknowingly, he forgot it was a school night. As soon as he figured it out – Tornado fell asleep again. Too tired to do anything, after that long walk from the airport can make anyone tired for a while. After all, it was about five hundred miles out from Stacy's town. The next day at school, Tornado didn't come. No one saw him leave his room once. Some say he watched cartoons all that time and ate snacks. But our story doesn't end here.

Thirty Years Later...

“Rick, will you come up and do the first problem on the white board?” Rick, a gifted teenager in high school walked up to the board. He picked up a marker and tested it, and then started writing it out. While Rick figured out the problem, his mind showed him the answer to the problem, how to work it out, and told Rick that he would get it right. The board now was covered in complex math that no one knew. Rick turned around and walked back to his desk, sitting down in his chair. Somewhere else, a high school girl's baseball team played baseball. Alina was up to bat now, and she raised the metal bat above her, preparing for the pitch. As the pitcher winded up, Alina saw it in slow motion. The ball was pitched, going at least fifty miles per hour, but Alina read the ball and saw it coming as slowly as a slug. It was far outside, so she didn't swing at it. “Ball!” The umpire called. The catcher threw the ball back to it's pitcher, and she threw the next ball. This time, it was coming straight across the plate, but slowly to Alina's eyes. Keeping it in her eyesight, Alina swung at the ball and hit it farther than any normal teenage girl in her high school years should hit it. There was a wall about one thousand feet away, and the ball sailed over that wall. Alina couldn't believe it, but she ran all around the bases for a single home run. “Impossible! That pitch must have been thrown over fifty miles per hour!” Alina ignored the comment and shoved her bat into a bag waiting for her in the dugout. Picking it up, she walked back to her ride, waiting to take her home. A boy in middle school was sitting on a bench during recess. One kid came up to him, picking him up. This kid's name being picked on was Kyle. “Hey!” “Think you're tough? I don't think so.” Kyle was thrown onto the ground. His eyes suddenly turned white as the bully reached down to pick him up again. But his hands passed through Kyle's misty body. “What the...” Kyle floated away before his attacker did anything else. Once inside, Kyle turned back to his normal eye color and continued on walking to the bus, only to find out that it had left already. “Crap, I hate it when this happens.” Kyle groaned. He would have to walk home today. A small girl that was already home, but home schooled she was, wondered why she had to do such boring things. Why was there even school? And home school? This girl's name was Alicia, six years old and gifted with telekineses. Since she was bored, Alicia saw animal crackers up on a high shelf. She concentrated and brought the whole thing to herself. “Alicia!” She jumped and looked over to the entrance of the kitchen where she was now. Alicia tried to look innocent, but it didn't work. “We've got to do something about your appetite!” Alicia's mom sent her back to her room while she prepared dinner. These four kids that were just mentioned soon learned a secret that no one had seen for thirty years.

“Where is he? Get him in here!” A tall man named Ryan wanted to see Tornado Cyclone. And it wasn't very hard to find him, not hard at all after he had lost his powers, or seemingly had. If Tornado still had powers, he hid them well. “You wanted to see me, Ryan?” Tornado walked up to Ryan, and stood right there until Ryan talked. “Yes, I wanted to see you. We want a school for special kids with powers, and you seemed to be the obvious choice to train the kids to understand how they can use their powers. This is because we've recieved a message that the same place you sent Super Negative Tornado to is bringing him back.” “What? Now hold on a minute! Super Negative Tornado is too powerful for these kids!” “What do you suggest we do, then? He'll be here in a week. You've got that much time to get these kids prepared for a fight they'll never forget.” “And probably never survive!” Ryan dismissed Tornado. He just stared at him as he walked out. The assistant, Alexia, smiled at him and opened the door for him to leave. “Tornado?” He turned to Alexia. “What? What do you want?” Alexia cleared her throat before answering, “I just wanted to say I'm your biggest fan!” Tornado's face was blank. “You and your friends helped out so much in the past, I wanted to thank you for what you've done since I never got the chance to ever thank someone as good as you are.” Tornado gave her a small smile. “Yeah, sure. Whatever you say. But I'm not who I was, I'll tell you that much.” He walked away toward his living quarters for the week, and then he would return to his normal living. But how on earth would the kids defeat Super Negative Tornado? It was impossible for them, with Tornado having no powers.

The class was small – only four had made it through the testing: Rick, Alina, Kyle, and Alicia. Alexia introduced Tornado Cyclone to the small class of four. “Students!” She started out excitedly, “This is Tornado Cyclone! Your teacher for this class! He has defeated tons of evil bad guys and is an old hero with lots of experience, so please listen to him.” The four just stared at Tornado until he spoke. “Uh, well this is really the first time I've ever taught a class, so don't blame my teaching if it's wrong.” Silence. “Okay, follow me!” Alicia walked through the door first, followed by Alina, Kyle, and Rick. Once they stopped walking, they were at a gym. “Here's where we train you to become stronger than you are right now, and also to control your power, or powers if you have two of them.” Tornado showed each teenager and younger kids where they would train. Alicia looked around in her training area. It was full of huge objects that she would have to concentrate on lifting with her mind. Tornado showed Kyle his training area. “Gosh, how am I supposed to teach a kid how to use white eyes?” Just then, Tornado remembered how he used them throughout his adventures. “Let's set you up in the simulator over here, which trains your control over using white eyes. Good luck.” Tornado shoved Kyle inside, closed the door and turned on the simulator. Next, Alina saw her training area to be a strength test place. Lots of weights and workout stations to see how strong she was. Last but not least, Rick was stuck taking a test on paper, with real problems that Tornado had to think through while he was on an adventure. There was one really hard problem which was a little like this: You have two enemies on either side of you, close to perfect at fighting with swords. You have one sword, one person close enough to help but he's fighting other attackers. Both of them charge at you at full speed and pass by you in less than a second. How would you handle this situation? As soon as the day was over, each of the four were a little bit more used to using their power. “Good job, everyone. Now all we have to do is practice teamwork, so there's this machine that you have to turn off while trying not to get hit by any of the paintballs. Ready?” The kids got into the machine, and Tornado started the thing up. He never used this growing up, but why should he need to use it anyway? After a while, the kids were too tired to continue, so Tornado turned it off and brought them back out. “That wasn't the best time, even though you've never been inside until now. We'll continue tomorrow.” As the unsmiling kids walked back to their rooms, Tornado wondered: How on earth will they be ready in time to fight Super Negative Tornado?

The next day, and the day after that, the four strangers became friends and started to do better at controlling their powers. One day they had a food fight in the food court! After the sixth day ended, they held a dance party to celebrate the progress they had made. Rick asked Alina to dnace with him. She smiled, taking his hand and dancing the night away.

“Where's Tornado? Bring him in here!” Ryan paced back and forth until Tornado appeared in the doorway. “You wanted to see me?” Ryan stopped pacing back and forth. “Yes, I did! We're going to go ahead and use gamma radiation on the kids to prepare them for the fight.” Tornado was shocked and angry. “You can't do that! You have no idea what will happen!” Ryan looked directly at Tornado. “I see no other choice. Dismissed.” Tornado stomped out of the office, slamming the door behind himself. He walked over to his living area, moving around his room. That's it. I've got to get those kids out of here. But just as he was leaving, two guards appeared and explained, “We have to place you under confinement. Come with us please.” Since there was nothing to do, and the guards had guns, Tornado walked willingly with them, but didn't like being confined at all. “Okay, get inside.” Tornado tried, but was too wide to get through directly. “I'm sorry, I don't think I can get in here.” One of the guards turned Tornado sideways and pushed him in, closing the door. “Great. Now I'm helpless.” Two guards appeared at each of the four kids' doors, telling them that they were going to be injected with gamma radiation. Alexia walked with them. “I wish there was something I could do.” She told the kids. Suddenly, she remembered the ring that had been given to her. “Actually, I can do something.” She turned around and pushed two guards through the double doors that the four just walked through. “Now!” Kyle turned white eyed and sent mist all around in front of the guards' eyes. Rick's mind figured out the situation. He first took out the guard closest to himself, and then kicked over another. Alina threw one guard through a wall, and Alicia hung one up on a hook which was on the wall. “Let's go! To the security room!” They ran to where Tornado was being held. Rick found the containment unit holding Tornado and gestured for Alina to take it down. “Tornado, stand back!” Alina punched the door down, accidentally flattening Tornado for a moment. Rick lifted the door off of his teacher with Kyle's help. “You could've said, “I'm gonna kick the door down!” So much for that! Come on, we don't have much time before Super Negative Tornado gets here.” Tornado led them to a large room which had a transport of sorts. “Get on! I'll set in the area!” Tornado ushered them onto the platform. He set in the place they needed to go, and ran as fast as his body would carry him. “Come on, Tornado! Hurry!” The device began to hum, while Tornado was still running for the thing. Just one second before it sent them there, Tornado jumped on as it transported them to the place where Super Negative Tornado was going to be coming from. “You four go and find a place to hide while I try to deal with him. Go!” He shooed them away to a hiding place, and got ready for Super Negative Tornado to appear. The vortex was appearing now, and pretty soon Super Negative Tornado would be landing on the ground. Ryan stood at a safe range from the landing site, ready to give the order to launch the net. “Come on, what's taking you so long?” Tornado muttered to himself. Suddenly, His enemy was right there. “Well, look who we have here!” “Welcome! Now that I've welcomed you, do you feel special?” Super Negative Tornado snarled and launched Tornado backwards. But he got up again and tried to talk to his enemy. “You know what? You have got to stop doing that! It could get someone hurt.” “I DON'T CARE!” This time, Super Negative Tornado charged and picked Tornado up, throwing him into a boulder. “Wait a minute, I know why there's so little resistance. You've lost your powers, haven't you, Tornado?” “Well, I...” He was thrown backward again. “Can you please stop? It's giving me a headache!” Just then, Rick, Alina, Kyle, and Alicia stepped out from their hiding place. “Come on, Super Negative Tornado. Let's fight.” Their enemy took a quick look at their stats. “A team of four against one? Isn't that a little bit unfair?” He laughed, sending several tornadoes in their direction. “NO!” Tornado yelled. His body reacted fast, as fast as the real Tornado would go, and suddenly had his powers back. “Hang on tight!” He told the four kids. Running as fast as he could this time, which was faster than light, moved in front of the kids and rose up on a tornado of his own, only more powerful than normal. “Go Tornado!” Tornado pushed forward and redirected the attack on Super Negative Tornado. “I will not be defeated by my own tornadoes!” They disappeared, leaving dust in the air and Super Negative Tornado standing not far away. “Now!” Ryan gave the order, and a net fired out at Super Negative Tornado. He saw this, of course. And switched it's direction right to Alicia, standing away from the group. “Alicia!” Tornado yelled. He ran to her, picking her up and zipping behind a boulder. Laying her down, Tornado felt Alicia's pulse. “Come one, stay with me!” Alicia opened her eyes and smiled at Tornado. He was relieved and happy. “You moved so fast, Tornado. How did you do it?” Tornado smiled. “I have my powers back, Alicia. All of them. Now let's go back to the group. They want to see you.” Tornado teleported Alicia and himself back to the group. “Wow! You moved so fast!” Alina commented, staring in awe. Tornado laughed. “I was pretty fast, but you saw me run as fast as I ever did! Now lets' go get Super Negative Tornado!” Alicia threw boulders with telekenises, and Super Negative Tornado could barely destroy the rocks in time. Rick surveyed the situation, and ran into the fight. Running right up to Super Negative Tornado, he threw a punch but it was stopped. “You will not get me. All you can do is plan things out.” Super Negative Tornado threw Rick away from himself. He landed hard on the ground. Alina saw this, and she ran ahead to Super Negative Tornado, charging him straight into a boulder, causing bits of boulder to rain everywhere. Kyle ran to help Alina, and once she was out of there, Super Negative Tornado lifted the boulder, slamming it down on Kyle. He was almost crushed, But he had turned white eyed just in time to prevent any major injury to himself. Walking away from the boulder, he turned his normal eye color again and then punched Super Negative Tornado, a karate black belt punch. Then he turned white eyes again, but didn't count on his enemy doing the same thing. “Oh, yes! I can do that as well!” Super Negative Tornado's grip tightened around Kyle's neck until he started choking badly. Tornado couldn't do anything, but Kyle soon found out something. Turning his normal eye color again, he slipped through Super Negative Tornado's hands. “Stand aside, everyone! Time to do something I haven't considered for a while!” Everyone stepped aside as Tornado threw his sword at top speed straight through Super Negative Tornado. One life had to be taken, and Super Negative Tornado's eyes turned to Alicia. He extended his hand to turn her into dust. Tornado tried to stop it by throwing something else in the way of his sight, but failed as Alicia fell to the ground as millions of several dust particles. “No!” Alina cried. Now Tornado was Super Tornado, and he walked right up to Super Negative Tornado, gutting him with an attack not very often used because it was so brutal. Ten different blades were thrust into their enemy, protruding out of his back. “It's over, my friends. No one would surive that.” Suddenly, Super Negative Tornado grabbed Super Tornado's ankle, but let go again as Tornado severed his enemie's head. Alina looked away. Tornado turned back to the three remaining kids. “I'm sorry it had to be this way, guys.” Tornado walked forward to Rick, and helped him up. “What now?” Kyle asked. Tornado thought about this. “Let's see about some business that needs taken care of first. Which means I need to find Stacy and tell her she was right, my powers were only gone because I thought they were, but that wasn't true.” Tornado found Stacy not too long after that day, and he told her that she was right. And Tornado apologized as well. “It's alright, Tornado. Now we can continue on living, which is what I want to do.” Tornado smiled and hugged his friend. “Thank you, Stacy. It means a lot to me.” After that day, Tornado lived in the public for a while, and then moved back into his old tumbleweed.

The End

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