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Hurricane's Leave

“Hey, Hurricane!” Tornado called after him. “I have an idea.” Hurricane stopped to talk. “Well, what is it?” Tornado thought for a moment. “Ah, there it is. We can make a club with Chester and go meet new people to make them feel welcome to this school.” Hurricane shook his head. “Sorry, but I’m afraid to make a name for myself, maybe even more than you and Chester think.” Hurricane walked away to class. “What did he say?” Chester came running up to ask. Tornado looked into Chester’s eager eyes, knowing he was waiting for an answer. “No good, Chester. I don’t get it too much, but I can kind of understand it. Hurricane doesn’t want to do it right now, we shall wait until he does. So let’s leave it at that.” They both walked to class, hoping Hurricane would think of coming and agreeing soon. Later in the day, Hurricane walked out of school looking at the ground. Tornado caught up. “Hey man, what’s wrong?” He asked. Hurricane stopped again to talk to Tornado. “I have a lot on my mind about a new girl in the school that just recently came. So I walked up to her and invited her to dinner. She accepted.” Tornado widened his eyes in fascination. “Wow! Congrats, man! Good luck. I met someone myself, so I have my own plans. Bye!” Hurricane watched Tornado leave. Then headed to his own house to meet the girl for dinner. The next day, Hurricane talked to Tornado. “I thought about it a lot and couldn’t place anything, but I got a feeling that my new friend doesn’t want to be friends anymore. So if that’s the way it’s going to be, I am fine with that!” Hurricane said in an angry tone. “Whoa, wait a minute! If you didn’t want an argument, you came to the wrong person! I say that you should go and try to make with her friends again.” Hurricane shook his head rapidly. “No. Understand one thing, Tornado. If I can’t make any new friends to hang out with, then forget about anything to have with new friends! I have decided to just throw it all away! There is no reason for me to have anything to do about it.” Hurricane walked away. Tornado thought Hurricane seemed like at any moment he would turn red eyed. “I wish you well, Hurricane. On this trip to find yourself. I wish I could help, but I can’t help you find yourself.” Tornado whispered. But Hurricane heard this anyway. The girl’s name Tornado met was Stacy. They talked at the park, where a picnic was set up. “I have been wondering about something.” Stacy confessed. Tornado looked up. “Huh? What did you say?” He asked dumbly. Stacy laughed. “Why do you always keep to yourself?” Stacy asked Tornado, drawing close. “Um… I have a reason, but ask me later.” Stacy was within one inch of Tornado’s face. He zoomed off, leaving by a windstorm where he once sat. Stacy looked disappointed. Tornado went to Hurricane’s house. He wasn’t there. “I have to find him before its too late!” Tornado thought. He found Hurricane swimming in the lake. Chester was there, too, Tornado was sure of it. Suddenly, a huge ship, about the size of New York City, blasted the ground before Tornado, tearing it up all the way to the lake’s shore. Hurricane saw this, and got blasted, all of them did, in the same direction. Hurricane nodded. He signaled Chester. They all held hands, preparing to fuse together. They became invincible, spinning at the speed of light. Together, Tornado, Chester, and Hurricane destroyed the ship. Also making them disappear for a long time. Hurricane was getting along even worse than last time. He left the group, almost fought his way out to get away from Tornado and Chester. “Hurricane, I’d wish you come back!” Tornado talked in his sleep. “Nothing is the same without your opinion here.”

The End

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