A New DimensionA Story About... Koolaid! Which Is Probably Spelled WrongA Story About... Koolaide! Which Is Probably Spelled Wrong
After(Homework Assignment)An Unidentified HeroB. S. S. T. For Blue Super Star Tornado
B. S. S. T. Part 2Beginning of a LifetimeBeginning of a Lifetime, Homework Edition
Blue HeartBlue SapphireBlue Sword
Dungeon EscapeEverything You Need To Know About The Characters, Places, And MoreFifty Years Ago, Fifty Years Later
From The City To The CountryHow Hurricane Came Back From His DeathHow Tornado Came To Be
How Tornado Met Stacy(1)How Tornado Met Stacy(2)Hurricane's Leave
Hurricane's StoryInspirationInspire
New Age of SuperheroesOne Page StoryOne Wish
ProtectorQuest For The Ultimate TreasureSacrifice
School Script of Tornado And FriendsSeparate WorldsStart(1)
Storm TornadoStory TitlesTC Fan Club Wiki
The Beginning of it AllThe End? (3)The Fall
The First Key (1)The First Vortex(3)The Great Restoration
The Haunted House(Homework Assignment)The Last BattleThe Quest's Beginning (2)
The Second EncounterThe Second Key(2)The Second Vortex (4)
Thunderbolt: A New BeginningTony StarTornado's Defeat
Tornado's Defeat (1)Tornado's Favorite SentencesTornado's Loss
Tornado's SagaTornado CycloneTornado No More
Tornado ReturnsTornado UltimatumTriangulas
TrilogyTwisterTwo Years Later(2)
Two Years Later(3)UntitledVersion 1
Version 3World 1
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