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New Age of Superheroes

There was a person who knew no evil, no time, and almost no friends. Every time he kicked the ball in kickball, he lost it over the fence in the fowl zone. “Nothing I do goes right. I want to be like other kids. Mark was walking around in circles, thinking. Just then, the “cool” group was inside the basketball shed. They were talking about Tornado and also talking about whom the descendant of Tornado is. “Who do you think is the descendant of Tornado is?” One asked. “I don’t know. It’s not really likely that anyone at this school is.” Said another. “It would be totally awesome if it was one of us.” The leader of the group exclaimed. “Very unlikely it could be! Ha! ” Mark thought as he walked toward the recess line. When school was over for the day, Mark rode his bike home and studied for the math test he was doing tomorrow. Mark had a dream that was like something he never suspected. It was about kickball. And two blurry people sword fighting. It was like watching shadows. But a lot of things were different. One of the figures was a foot taller than the other, and another thing was that the smaller one had a glowing sword and was attacking very hard. Not like mark had ever seen before. The bigger “ghost” pushed the other one. He shivered, Because the smaller one was flailing his/her arms and legs and crashed with an explosion. Mark opened his eyes. He wasn’t in his house. He was in Tornado’s old tumbleweed. Mark walked along the stairs and found a doorknob hidden right under the seventh step. He turned it and the door slid back to reveal several swords and shields. Mark looked at all of them in awestruck silence. Then, he heard someone walking down the stairs. Mark quickly went inside the little compartment and closed the door. The person who was walking down the stairs was now in front of the door. Mark held his breath. The door opened, and Mark saw a bumblebee about his size, and looked away. “What’s the problem?” The bumblebee asked. “Who are you?” Mark questioned. “Not really anyone interesting. But since I don’t want to be rude, my name is Hurricane.” Mark stared for a long time. “Why are you in Tornado’s house?” Mark asked. “Tornado gave it to me as his will. He was my very best friend. Anything else you want to know?” Mark told Hurricane about his dream. “Ah, too many people dream about things they’ll never know about. But your dream was about the future.” Hurricane walked to the door with Mark. Just before he turned to go, Mark asked him two questions. “Can you teach me about fighting? And can I have your autograph?” “It’s not that easy to leave. First, you have to figure out where the door is.” Mark looked around everywhere, but he could not find the door. “You have to stay and listen to my stories. I have quite a lot of them that you might be very interested in.” Hurricane led Mark upstairs where the old family room was. Mark and Hurricane sat down on the couch and Hurricane told him stories that no one had in books. “There is a final and last story that is the most mysterious of all collections of what I have told you. Have you heard of The Wizards’ Quest?” “Yes, parts of it, but not all of it.” “Well, there’s a very ancient scroll that I happen to have that was given to me by a ten thousand year old Wizard. He told me someone by your description would wake up in this house and look for something exciting. You found it. I’m sending you on this quest. You have to be taught swordplay first. That I can teach you. Then, have you ever heard of an army so big, no one can defeat it. Not even the German army can defeat it. You must travel to the magical land of tornados. More help will be there.” Over the months, Hurricane and Mark practiced Mark’s sword fighting in the expanded gym that was in the tumbleweed. When Hurricane thought Mark was ready, he challenged Mark to a duel. “You must be kidding.” Said Mark. “No, of course not. Let me show you something.” Hurricane started to change shape. He looked like a very different person. Hurricane was now mark’s size and weight. “Is that what you looked like when you were my age?” Mark asked “True. Now, as a reward, you get to choose a sword from the weapon compartment.” They went inside and Mark chose a sword that thought was like himself. Hurricane got the sword that was in the front. Mark had lost his seventh game in a row when he suddenly collapsed. Mark woke up and he was on the couch upstairs. He looked in a mirror and saw nothing wrong. Mark went downstairs and had breakfast. But before he got downstairs, out the window was Hurricane. Mark went to the backyard and watched for a minute. “What are you doing?” He asked. “Preparing you for your long journey. Replied Hurricane. “Here is your list of things you need to do on your quest.” He handed Mark a list that was two pages. One side had different things written down, and the other page had somewhat like a lecture on it. “What’s the speech for?” Mark asked. “It is for convincing the army and the General of the Army to follow you in battle.” “Why? I’m not going to be in a war! I never wanted to be in one.” “You have no choice. You must find something called Super Fused Tornado. Here is the tale. You can analyze it in your car’s onboard computer and it will read the story for you.” Hurricane continued packing. It was time for Mark to leave. He said goodbye to Hurricane and was about to leave when Hurricane gave him something. “Keep this dog safe, and happy. He will be of great help to you. “Thank you, Hurricane. You were like a father to me when I stayed. I will not fail.” With those last words, Mark directed his car to go to the magical land of tornados. Halfway there, Mark fed and kept petting his dog, Tornado, as that was Mark’s wish to name a dog if he had one. Mark drove his car for one third of the way, then got tired and slept for the day. Food would be no problem, because Hurricane gave him a device that would allow him and Tornado to survive even without food. “Man, Tornado, I wish I could get there soon.” Said Mark. As if Tornado had read Mark’s thoughts, he drove himself. And Tornado was like Mark at driving; only he could not run out of energy like his master could. Mark celebrated when he got to the magical land of tornados. All that time it took to get there was six weeks’ driving. Tornado barked happily and ran around in circles, trying to catch his tail. Mark hiked up the hill and knocked on the gate. The gate opened, and two guards were standing on the side. “What’s your business for coming here, sir?” The guard on the left asked. “I have come to this land for information.” Mark answered. A farmer came to the door and looked at Mark. “I will take you around the city for free. My usual price is one dollar, but I can sense something special about you and why you came here.” The farmer turned around and led Mark into the city. “This is amazing. Like from a fairytale. How many people live here? Mark asked. “Oh, quite a few. I have good news to tell you that your friend, Hurricane, asked me to pick you up at the gate. “What did he do that for? Hasn’t Hurricane done everything for me already?” “I almost forgot, but he sent me something I think you will like. The mailing service is so fast that it got here in one day.” The farmer finished showing him the city and took Mark to his hotel. “Now, I’m sure that you will find everything you need in the drawers in your room. Good night.” “Wait! What did Hurricane send me? Mark asked. “It’s on the dresser in your room, waiting to be opened. See you tomorrow morning.” He left, leaving Mark in front of the room numbered seven. Mark and Tornado unlocked the door and went inside. On the dresser, there was a big, long, and narrow package. Mark hurried over and read the letter.

Mark, I leave this very, very rare thing in your possession. You were all right with swordplay, so I want this to be yours.


Mark slowly opened the package, and pulled out a hard case box. He opened the box, and found that it was the sword that Tornado had used when he was fighting. Mark wrote this down in his travel book. He looked at the blade. It was shiny blue, and was about three inches across. The handle was much bigger than the blade. Marks’ hand could not fit around it. Even his two hands could not get all the way around it. Tornado was barking and scratching at the door. Mark walked to the door and patted his dog, and opened the door. Farmer Rick was there. “Did you sleep well? I didn’t think so.” He came inside and sat down. “I see that you stayed up all night. Time goes very fast here.” Farmer Rick said. Tornado jumped up on the bed and sat on one of the pillows. “You see that they only serve the best food here. No wimpy stuff like buttered toast.” Farmer Rick left, and Mark finished breakfast. That night, Mark had a dream that a whole army was coming to this city. The army was huge. It attacked the city and took everything in it. Mark also saw that all of them were rushing at him with their shields and spears in the front row. Mark woke up, shaking, from the fright of the army’s appearance. Tornado perked his head up from the bed. He hopped down and looked up at Mark with a funny look. “I have to get away from here immediately.” Mark thought. He packed everything and left a note, then slipped out the window with his stuff. Mark stumbled down the sloping rooftop and landed silently on the ground and left the wonderful city he had got to know. You must never come back here until it is safe. Said a small voice in his head. Mark headed further out into the land. After many, many day and nights passed, Mark came to another city. The gate had no guards. He went inside, only to find that another army now surrounded him. “What is your business here, young man?” A general asked. “I have come to fight. And I suppose I will be rejected?” Mark challenged. “How do you intend to do it? Listen, the army we will be facing will probably win. It is the biggest one in the world.” “Well, win or lose, I do not care. I will fight to the end of my life!” Mark yelled. Suddenly, a horn blared in the air. “Prepare to fight! We will raid the army and leave nothing left! Forward!” The general led the army to the gates. Mark stared at each soldier as he went by. Then, Mark came last. “Tornado, you stay here. A war is not what you want to be in.” He rushed out, leaving the dog in the city. When Mark was gone, Tornado went to lie down on the ground. The army, as Mark saw in his dream was much bigger. It was almost as much soldiers as the stars above. “Ready! Set! Fire!” The general yelled. The soldiers unleashed over one hundred arrows. The other army started running forward. Just then, everything seemed to go in slow motion. The army that Mark was in started to run. Or walk, it seemed like, into battle. When the first kill was made, everything was back in motion. Mark waited until the soldiers were halfway into the war, then ran in at his top most speed, and killed anyone that attacked him. When he saw the general of the other army, Mark wasn’t feeling so good. He barely blocked the attack that came, and stabbed through the person in front of him. Mark dodged, parried, and struck. He was getting sweaty for how many people he defeated. And suddenly saw Tornado running down the hill forward him. “Tornado! Go back! Mark screamed. But the dog kept coming. To his surprise, Mark saw who the enemy’s general was heading at. A person that looked like he had a farm and was a humble man was busy fighting anther soldier. Mark tried to warn him, but the farmer wouldn’t hear. So, Mark ran as fast as he could. He blocked the generals’ attack. Mark widened his eyes when he saw the general’s face. He started to fight the leader, when the leader suddenly, but somehow, flung the shield away. Mark was tired. But that didn’t stop him from fighting. “Ha! Silly little boy. You shall never defeat me!” He said. “Oh yeah? Well guess what? I’m not close to stopping either!” Mark did everything he could, but the leader seemed to block everything. Mark struck his hardest, harder than he could ever have done, if Hurricane hadn’t taught him about sword fighting. The leader came down with his sword, and caused Mark to fall down. But he kept out of range of the other sword. Pain took him over as he rolled to the right and got up, only to fall again. Suddenly, Mark felt pain and saw the sword through him. Mark fell as the sword withdrew, and just then, he saw a face looking at his eyes. It was his dog, Tornado. “Tornado, move!” Mark panted, but the dog did not move. Instead, Tornado’s head was different. Mark gasped his last breath, and closed his eyes. A transformation took place to Tornado. His furry feet and legs turned into human hands, arms, legs, and feet. When it was done, the real Tornado was standing, looking at Mark with angry eyes. He turned to the leader. “You will pay for this. Tornado said. “My old enemy.” He got up and looked at the leader. “Super Negative Tornado.” He said in the coldest voice anyone has ever heard. He looked at Mark’s dead body again. Then, Tornado attacked. He got out his sword and started fighting his old enemy. “You will not win today, or any day!” Tornado said. “We shall see about that, Tornado. I have been practicing for over one hundred years, just to let you know!” Super Negative Tornado flew up in the sky and landed on a transport. Tornado, with his strength, jumped up onto it and started fighting again. “You will pay for the pain you have caused me and everyone else you have eliminated!” Tornado shouted. He was really not happy about this. And it caused him to turn into Super Spirit Tornado. “What’s this? I never knew you could do that!” With a burst of speed, Super Negative Tornado had just a little time to dodge that blow “No! Impossible! How can you have so much power? He asked. “I will show you how and why. You made me be this. And there is nothing you can do to stop me.” Tornado’s voice sounded almost metallic. Tornado jumped off of the transport and saw how Mark was doing. Then, acting as if he was calm, Tornado closed his eyes, and waited. For several moments he did this. Mark coughed a little bit and opened his eyes again. He saw someone standing there. “Who are you?” Mark asked. “Mark. I have been waiting for you.” The person looked around, and ran away to the right side of Mark. Mark sat up and stared. Tornado was not what Mark expected him to be. His voice was metallic. And also, Tornado was shiny Blue and silver. He was fighting Super Negative Tornado, and was doing really good, when he saw Tornado being thrown into the city wall. Mark got up, but dropped again just in time as a fireball whizzed over his head with a hissing sound. It landed and exploded on target into the ground. The ground shook. Mark was bouncing up and down from the explosion. He got up and ran to Tornado and Super Negative Tornado. Super Negative Tornado just flung Mark into the wall as if he were a bug. The wall started to cover Mark, but Tornado stopped it from caving in. “Okay, now I’m getting angry!” With what seemed like never ending energy, Mark raced over to where Super Negative Tornado was. Suddenly, Mark fell down on his knees, screaming in pain. Tornado was surprised by this, and just barely blocked his enemy’s blow. Mark was transforming into something that Tornado or his nemesis had ever seen. “Ah, at last, it is come that time!” Super Negative Tornado yelled out loud. Mark had been morphed into someone that looked like Tornado, Super Tornado, Negative Tornado, Super Negative Tornado, and Super Spirit Tornado. Only one thing was very different. Mark’s eyes were red, white, and blue. “Whoa! No way! Tornado gasped in awe. “My name is X. I have come to avenge everyone that has suffered who was innocent. X picked up Super Negative Tornado and threw him into space. X followed. “Let’s have a little battle in space, shall we?” X blasted his enemy back an inch. “You have to try harder than that if you want to defeat me, you know.” “Do not make me angry.” X picked up and threw Super Negative Tornado into an asteroid at ten thousand miles an hour. Going at such a speed, Super Negative Tornado slowly dematerialized back into Negative Tornado. “No! Not now! He can’t possibly do that! Negative Tornado said to himself. “You will never be seen again!” X said. But Negative Tornado only smiled. X looked at him weird, and then saw himself shrinking. “So, what do you say now? Forgot about that? I guess that the stories you’ve heard don’t say anything about that.” X grabbed his sword and attacked again, only to see that Negative Tornado turned into stone. He changed back to normal and pushed X off of the asteroid. X hurtled through space at high speeds, and went toward Earth. He never landed, though. It had seemed like time had stopped, only it hadn’t. X was in a time freeze. Only one person could get him out of it. But who? And when will this be? To be continued…

Continued in: Tornado's Defeat

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Story continued in: Tornado's Defeat

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