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One WishEdit

One day, a kid wished that he could fly. The wish came true. “That is so cool!” One of his friends, Jake, told him. “No one must know, you hear?” Mike hissed. Jake shrunk back in disappointment. “But that doesn’t mean I won’t take you for a ride in the country.” He added quickly. Flying through the sky, having a good time and twisting, Mike’s favorite thing to do, lasted for only a little bit. Until they started falling. They screamed bloody murder all the way down. Out of nowhere, Tornado appeared, carrying them to the ground. “What were you falling for?” Tornado asked them. “We…um,” “I wished that I could fly and so it came true. But I had no idea I would run out of fuel soon.” Mike thought he saw a small smile from Tornado. “Flying is for amateurs, like me.” Tornado replied. “I'll tell you that wishes are dangerous. You never know when you get it and when you don’t.” He suddenly disappeared. “Time to try again.” Mike tried and tried, but he could not get himself to fly again. That night, Jake told Mike to watch the news. “Why?” Mike asked. “Because you will never believe what is happening.” “So I won’t watch.” “Just turn it on, okay?” Mike hung up and turned the channel to news. “Someone reported seeing Super Negative Tornado earlier today, planning his next big attack. This strikes everyone around dead of fear because no one can beat him, only Super Tornado with a little help from his friends, Chester and Hurricane, sometimes X and Metal Shadow join in.” Mike turned off the T.V. set for later. He knew exactly what to do. Next morning, Mike set out for the battleground of Super Tornado and Super Negative Tornado. They both fought overnight, into daylight, and through again. Mike started to wish he could fly when Jake came running over in his direction. Tornado was tiring. “Wait, Mike! You might kill yourself! Or even worse!” Mike sighed. “You don’t know what I’m doing, Jake. Leave this to me.” Jake pleaded, “I should do it instead of you!” Mike looked at Jake with a bored expression. “You only want to be known as a hero. Not gonna happen.” Jake grabbed a hold of Mike’s ankle before he zoomed off in a burst of speed, flying toward the battle. “Get off me!” Mike yelled. He shook Jake off his ankle and continued on. Tornado was on the ground. “Sorry, Jake. It’s for the both of us.” Mike whispered as he slowly started to shine with a radiant yellow in front of him. Mike collided with Super Negative Tornado at over seventy sextillion miles an hour. He and Tornado’s enemy were pushed into a cliff and exploded on a perfectly direct hit in the middle of it. A beam of light shot up, out, back, down, and straight before exploding into a ball of fire as hot as the Sun. Super Tornado saw this. He raced across the dirt to the canyon now, since it was one. There was no one to be found. Until Tornado saw an ash boulder, about the size of the stone circle. He dropped to his knees, knowing that nothing will be done again like that, because Tornado himself was too afraid to do that sort of thing. He always found another way to beat his enemy, but not for long. Super Negative Tornado was dead. Gone. For. All. Eternity. Super Tornado was Tornado again, and he didn’t have to disappear. He already had. Tornado stayed in that town for a decade, then went back home after that. The End

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