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Tornado stood by the shoreline of the Pacific Ocean. He thought about what his next step would be. Far away, way to far for Tornado to even hear, he heard a shrill scream from where he stood. “Time to go.” Tornado jumped up and started flying in the direction of the screams that now filled his ears. As he predicted, an attack was going on right now... Hurricane and Chester were already fighting, but Tornado's vision suddenly clouded. “What's the matter? Vision clouded?” He turned around and saw someone he didn't expect. “What??? Who...” Tornado couldn't say anything before he was blasted across the battlefield. His attacker walked forward and grabbed Tornado off the ground. “This will teach YOU not to mess with me again.” Suddenly, Tornado woke up. He was in his bedroom, lying on the floor. “Gosh darn it, I must have rolled off the bed!” As soon as Tornado picked himself up, he was downstairs eating breakfast. A box of Frosted Flakes sat on the kitchen counter as Tornado's favorite type of cereal. A knock on his front door woke Tornado up a little bit. “Just a minute! I'll be right there!” Tornado half yelled, half muttered. He opened the door to find a member of the Undefeated, Blue Skeleton, standing on his doorstep. “May I come in?” He asked, looking around. Tornado stepped aside. “Yeah, sure. Come on in. Why are you visiting?” Blue Skeleton sat himself down on one of the kitchen chairs and started to explain. “I make visits only when the reason is important and dangerous. This is the worst time I've had to brief anyone at all about a future event, so I'll make it quick.” He took a breath and started informing Tornado on what was going to happen. “You will be in the middle of a siege, fighting hard with everything you've got. Until your greatest adversary will attack you. It will come without warning, your vision is suddenly cloudy...” Tornado thought about this. If it were to really happen, at the time when he was attacked, Tornado wouldn't know what to do. “What you've told me sounds a lot like a dream I just woke up from. Is this similar or not?” “You and only you will know what to do when the time comes.” Blue Skeleton walked out of the kitchen and to Tornado's door and turned back to say one more thing. “All else I have to keep to myself, but the battle will be here before you know it.” With that, Blue Skeleton closed the door behind him. Tornado decided to think about it later. Whatever was about to happen probably wouldn't come for at least a while, about a month. Tomorrow came, and Tornado drove his car to school. Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy were already in the classroom, chatting until they saw Tornado. Stacy waved him over and Tornado took his place right next to Stacy and Hurricane. Chester sat at the end of the back row next to Hurricane. “How's everyone doing? I need to tell you something, but at lunch is the best time.” Stacy looked concerned, as she always did when Tornado told them something like that. “I need to tell you something, too,” Stacy whispered in Tornado's ear, “But at my house. In my closet. It's secret.” Tornado nodded slowly, and didn't ask any questions. At lunch, the four friends chose an empty table to discuss what it was that Tornado had to tell them. Chester spoke first. “What's the deal?” “I was visited by a member of the Undefeated.” Tornado told them in a hushed tone. “Blue Skeleton stopped by and told me what was going to happen in the near future.” Stacy's eyes widened in surprise. “Why are you keeping your voice low?” She asked her best friend. “This subject is extremely confidential, Stacy. If my words were heard by anyone else outside this table, there's no telling what could happen.” “So, anything else that you were told that might be of any use?” Tornado thought he should tell them about the war that was coming. “Yes. A very possible outcome is war.” This time, Stacy gasped. “What is it? Stacy, what's wrong?” Tornado's voice raised in volume a little bit, but not too loud. “I... feel it. My head... so much pain... and suffering... help me, please!” Stacy whispered her last words in the sentence, collapsing to the floor. Tornado and his friends surrounded Stacy. “What's up? Why did she pass out?” Hurricane held his hand to her forehead to find it burning hot. “She might have a fever. Let's get a doctor, and quick!” “No problem. I've got it. Come to the nearest hospital, and that's where I'll be waiting.” Tornado picked up Stacy and disappeared to the nearest hospital. When he got there, he walked straight up to a check in desk. “Please help my friend. She has a fever.” The doctor looked up, and Tornado gasped. “Well, let's see if someone can look at her.” Blue Moonstone led Tornado to a doctor that treated fever patients. “Dr. Sardonyx, we have a patient.” Blue Sardonyx turned around. “Oh! Hello, Tornado! Let's see here... oh my, this is your best friend, is it not?” Tornado nodded, wiping a tear from his eye. “Stacy is... a very special friend of mine, Blue Sardonyx. Please do what you can. And there's something else.” Tornado whispered exactly what Stacy had said earlier about her head. “Then I must keep Stacy here, I'm afraid. She has a very serious fever, and from what you've told me, Stacy just might be a miraculous sign of a feelings power. In fact, if she was awake during the time she said that...” “She was. We all heard her, Chester, Hurricane, and myself.” Blue Moonstone was right there the whole time. Blue Sardonyx turned to Blue Moonstone. “Dr. Moonstone, go mind the desk please. Thank you.” Tornado followed his friend into a room and set Stacy down on the patient's bed. “Is this the first time Stacy has done this?” “Yes, it is. I was surprised at first, because I never knew she had any sort of power to sense feelings. If someone was near us at school, perhaps the table in front or behind us, there is a possibility that the person had a tremendous headache.” Blue Sardonyx held his hand to Stacy's forehead. “It's still hot, Tornado. Wait in the lobby until I call for you.” Tornado obeyed and transported himself to the lobby. His legs felt wobbly as he sat down. “Hey! Over there!” Chester and Hurricane practically ran over to their friend. “Tornado, what's wrong? Is Stacy going to be alright?” “We'll know soon enough. The doctor will come out and inform me on Stacy's condition soon. Until then, we wait.” While they waited for Blue Sardonyx, Tornado fell asleep against Chester's shoulder, and Chester against Hurricane's, and Hurricane... well, let's just say he wasn't as lucky. The first time he fell asleep, his head hit the wood hand rest. “Ouch!” Hurricane rubbed his head, sure that a bump was going to appear soon. An hour later, Blue Sardonyx called for Tornado. Chester and Hurricane came with him to see how Stacy was doing. “Good news. She will live, and her fever is mostly gone. Oh, Stacy also wants to see you. She's awake now, so you can go in to visit.” Tornado thanked Blue Sardonyx, walking into Stacy's room. She was sitting up in bed, reading a book. “How's it going?” Tornado asked his friend. Stacy looked up at him with a dazzling smile. “I'm good, thank you.” She replied, stopping at a page in her book. “What happened?” “From the beginning? Well, you told us about pain and suffering. After that, you passed out. I took you here where Blue Sardonyx apparently works. I waited for you the whole time in the lobby. You had a fever, but it's gone now.” For the first time, Stacy noticed Hurricane and Chester in the room. “Hey, guys. When did you get here?” “Not too long ago. We waited with Tornado. Don't you dare think that we wouldn't care if you got well or not. But Tornado did leave the flowers.” Tornado shot a warning glance at Chester, and suddenly remembered. “Oh, yeah!” Flowers magically appeared in Stacy's hand. “The best I could find, too! I was hoping you would like them.” Stacy sniffed her flowers, taking in the dreamy smells of the real world. “Why wouldn't I like them? They're beautiful, thank you!” Tornado turned to Chester and Hurricane. They both gave him a thumbs up sign. “Your welcome. We've got to go now, as much as we want to stay, but duty calls. You'll get out soon, I believe?” “Yes, Blue Sardonyx told me I could get out today. See you later.” “See you later.” Tornado gestured for his friends to follow him out of Stacy's room. As they walked out, Hurricane sensed something. “Guys, we have to hurry!” Tornado and Chester felt it too, so they speed walked out of the hospital, and started to run where Hurricane was leading them. “Oh no! We're too late!” Chester surveyed the land carefully, searching for traps. “Come on! There still may be survivors!” Tornado ran forward, in a hurry to rescue anyone who might have survived the attack. Instead, a thunderous explosion blasted him backwards, right into a stone boulder.

Blue Sardonyx went into Stacy's room and told her she could leave. “You've recovered enough so that you can go home, but you have to rest a lot.” Stacy nodded. “Thank you, Dr. Sardonyx. I'll keep that in mind.” She got off of the bed and ran out of the hospital to find Tornado and his friends. She found them at a field that must have been green once. Now, Chester and Hurricane were fighting for their lives, and Tornado was nowhere to be seen. Stacy wandered around the site until she saw Tornado, laying unconscious on the ground. “Tornado!” Stacy cried. He remained unconscious. “Tornado!” It was Hurricane. “Get up and fight with your friends! You can do it, man! I KNOW you can!” Tornado stirred. Hurricane, along with Chester, charged forward. Tornado moaned. Chester came closer. With a sudden revival, Tornado snapped open his eyes, frontward rolling to his feet. Which was just in time to throw Chester full into the coming wave of attackers. Hurricane saw Tornado moving for the first time since they started fighting. “Time to kick it up a notch.” With those words said, Hurricane sheathed his sword and ran forward, blasting a hurricane into one of the enemy's faces. He heard someone shout: “Get him! He's turning dangerous!” Hurricane smiled to himself and continued, throwing hurricanes accurately in all directions, taking out several opponents at once. Chester saw what changed in Hurricane, and then he too, sheathed his sword to start using his given abilities. “Tornado!” Chester called. “Our powers are the most effective against these guys! Use anything you've got!” Tornado looked at his friend and smiled. “You haven't seen nothin' yet until you see me fighting at my full advantage with everything I have.” Tornado sheathed his sword also, and started to run into different areas, blasting his best abilities everywhere, but still maintaining control. With one, Tornado turned into dust, another he blasted a straight laser into the opponent's stomach, which caused him to collapse in a heap on the ground. Stacy watched the whole thing from where she was, and went unnoticed until an opposing enemy saw her. “She must be controlling all of these men! Take her down!” Hurricane turned to see a handful of troops closing in on Stacy, heavily armed. “Stacy!” Hurricane yelled. “Get down! Now!” Stacy looked his way but didn't respond. Tornado and Chester were elsewhere on the battlefield, fighting away the advancing troops. Hurricane clenched his teeth and charged, letting out a battle cry. As fast as he got there, hurricanes flew everywhere. As soon as Tornado noticed the commotion, he signaled Chester to come and help Hurricane. One of the guys was sneaking up behind Stacy with a long dagger. With almost no time to spare, Chester zoomed forward and tackled the one behind Stacy. His last words to Stacy were: “Get out of here, Stacy! It's not safe!” The three friends were getting overwhelmed by sheer numbers. At first they had it under control, but now there was no telling how many enemies they were fighting. “Guys! Retreat! There's too many of them!” Hurricane and Tornado fell back to gain more space. All of a sudden, one of their enemies delivered a fatal stab to Stacy. Hurricane turned around to see it happen. “STACY!” Chester screamed. Tornado turned around to see a sword protruding from Stacy's back. “NO!” Stacy slumped to the ground in a heap. Without wasting a moment, Tornado caught her before she hit the ground. “Tornado! Watch out!” Hurricane screamed. But it was too late. Someone else stabbed him the same way, only through his heart. This made Chester the angriest he had ever been. It now seemed futile to continue on fighting. Chester could only stare where his best friend had fallen to a lesser enemy than himself. “WHY DID THIS HAPPEN?” Chester had to scream it out to release his anger and frustration. “Chester, there's nothing you can do! Fall back!” Chester was intent on only one thing: revenge. His eyes started to turn red. “I will not fall back for anything in the world.” Chester whispered to himself. Although he kept on fighting, Hurricane and Chester ended up dying. It was now impossible to stop the incoming troops. More than ten thousand were cheering in victory. They had defeated their enemies. Or so they thought. Right before Tornado had died, he was halfway turning into Super Tornado. Since it rarely happens, Tornado wasn't dead. Only exhausted. But he would rise up to fight again and call for backup. As soon as that happened, he first called for Jack Stone, X, and Metal Shadow. They arrived without delay. “Onward! We have to finish off these soldiers before they reach town!” Super Tornado ran forward with Jack Stone while Metal Shadow and X stayed there to block the escape. The “rebirth” of Tornado really scared half the life out of most of the troops. They started retreating the moment Super Tornado and Jack Stone attacked with their most powerful attacks. Jack Stone just walked forward calmly and flicked his finger up to send enemies flying backwards. Meanwhile, Metal Shadow and X were attacking from the back, taking out several in one attack. Metal Shadow exploded the earth beneath half of the retreating troops, burying them under fifty tons of rock. Slowly but surely, the troops' numbers dwindled down to five hundred soon. “Let's have a little fun and jump right in the middle of the troops. I've always wanted to do that.” At his signal, Super Tornado followed Jack Stone into the very center of the retreat. It wasn't too soon before Tornado recalled his dream. His vision suddenly clouded. “What's the matter? Vision clouded?” Tornado was blasted backwards, landing hard on his back. The mysterious attacker walked up to him, picking him up by his armor. “This will teach you not to mess with me again.” Again, Tornado was thrown up in the air and landed hard on his stomach. Super Tornado was supposed to be more than this! What on earth was going on? The image of Stacy being stabbed through brought Tornado back to life, and his vision cleared. Super Negative Tornado ran at full speed into Tornado, taking hold and smashing him into the stone pavement. “I waited until you were tired, and created more troops. These are just copies of what's really going to take place.” A trident pinned Tornado to the ground, and cut his neck a little bit. “You're no match for me this time, Tornado. I have the advantage.” Tornado's hands gripped the trident's spears. “I... will not be defeated. Not this way!” His body started glowing. “What's happening?” The light was blinking on Tornado whole body now, until the light blinked so fast that Tornado broke the trident in half with what was happening to him. A brighter light burst into Super Negative Tornado, who had to shield his eyes to avoid losing his sight. When the lights disappeared, Tornado wasn't there. IN fact, he was standing in front of his enemy, only not as Tornado. As Blue Super Star Tornado. “Impossible!” Super Negative Tornado screamed. He charged forward in attack, only to engage in a sword fight. All too quickly, he was disarmed and stabbed through by Blue Super Star Tornado's sword. Tornado remained expressionless. “You... have not... heard the last of ME!” In a desperate attempt to kill this new opponent, Super Negative Tornado blasted a laser as big as his head into his enemies' face. The attack rocked the whole earth, collapsing buildings everywhere. The smoke cleared, and Jack Stone gasped. Tornado stood with his sword in Super Negative Tornado's head. “It's gonna take more than that to defeat me, old friend.” He pulled it out and sheathed the sword. Noticing Jack Stone was staring, Tornado ran forward and turned another opponent into dust. “Stop gawking and help me finish these guys off!” He yelled. Metal Shadow was surrounded now, but that didn't matter. He took care of them easily with just turning in one three sixty degree turn. All of them fell off of their waist to the ground. Next, X fought off even more attackers. “You think you can take me down by sheer weight of numbers?” He asked. Several more came in and tackled him to the ground. X just radiated extreme heat on his body to burn everyone that came close. “Exactly. It's impossible.” Tornado ran to his dead friends and turned into Super Spirit Tornado. Holding out two fingers, both Chester and Hurricane came back to life. “Nice to have you back. I'm Super Spirit Tornado, by the way, so I'm on your side. We have more troops to kill, and I need to attend to someone.” He ran to Stacy, who was now being mobbed by birds. “Shoo!” Tornado turned all of the birds into dust and kneeled by Stacy's side. Her stab wound was terrible, with the sword still in her. Tornado hated to do this to his best friend, but he yanked the sword out and set it down beside him. First, Tornado rolled up Stacy's shirt until the wound appeared. He placed his right hand over it and closed his eyes. Slowly, the wound disappeared, along with the paleness in Stacy's face. She started to get warmer by the minute, until she was fully awake and saw Tornado kneeling over her. She smiled at him with that same dazzling smile she had given him at the hospital. “Thank you, Tornado.” Stacy whispered. Tears coming to his eyes, Tornado hugged her, holding her close. They remained there for the longest time. “I was so angry at first, but then I had business to do.” Tornado smiled his best smile at Stacy. “Oh, Tornado. Tell me what I want to hear. Please, I can't hold back my emotions for you anymore.” The tears on Tornado's eyes dried, and now he was choking up. But at last, he found the courage. “Stacy, I love you. And I never want to leave you alone for one more second.” Hurricane and Chester looked at each other, grinning. Hurricane couldn't help laughing, and Chester playfully pushed him a few feet. Stacy found no trouble saying what she said next. “I love you, Tornado, and I don't want to live without you by my side, not even for a second.” Then, the magic happened. Tornado kissed Stacy on her lips, and it signified all they had been through that day and in their whole lives, ever since Tornado met Stacy. Tornado smiled as they pulled away, and Stacy looked at him with dreamy eyes. “Here. You might need this.” Tornado held out the very same ring that had shattered when Stacy went back in time to stop Super Negative Tornado from killing Super Tornado. She was speechless. Tornado slipped the ring onto her finger, and another one magically appeared on his finger. “Through these rings, Stacy, we will never separate. You can always call me, and I can always call you, if I must. You can talk to this ring and I will hear everything you say, and I will reply if I am able.” “But... but this ring shattered! When I traveled back in time to save you!” “And you did. But I made another, so there!” Stacy giggled. “So, let's go and finsih off the rest of these guys, okay?” Stacy nodded, and smiled once more at Tornado. “Alright, guys! Charge with everything you've got! Go now, everyone!” The final attack took place in the very same field it had all started in. After they killed every single bad guy, life resumed as normal. Except, one thing. Tornado and Stacy never left each other's side, not for one second. They were destined to get married some day, Chester and Hurricane knew it.

The End

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