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Quest For the Ultimate TreasureEdit

Tornado was invited to excavate an ancient, historic building in a forest. “Here is where we start.” Dr. Hogan said. Tornado looked around the forest. About twenty feet up in a tree, two monkeys were messing with a net and dropped it. The net fell on Tornado. “Um, Dr. Hogan? Do monkeys drop nets on people?” He asked. Dr. Hogan turned around and gasped. “What? Is this an electric net or something? I don’t feel anything.” Tornado took the net off and Dr. Hogan rushed over and grabbed it. “This is rare, for it to turn up.” He announced. Holding the net up, Dr. Hogan showed it to the party of excavators, which included Chester and Hurricane. “So, when do we start digging?” Hurricane asked. “Oh, right here, right now.” Chester walked over to the old doctor and said, “If there’s a story to tell, might as well tell it.” Chester went back to his place. “Alright, I’ll tell you what I know so far. You see, if a monkey found that net and dropped it on the place where we’re supposed to start… Tornado? Where did the monkey drop it on you?” Tornado pointed to the place he was when the animal dropped the net. “I’m sure it was right there, to be exact.” Everyone started digging with their tools, until Hurricane hit something hard. “I found something!” Hurricane yelled. As Chester and Tornado came over, Dr. Hogan ran up to the spot. “Very good, hurricane. If I remember from the map, it was here that we enter.” He looked down. “What map? You have a ton of explaining to do when we finish, doctor.” Tornado said to him. “Please find a way to enter, and I’ll explain at the end.” Tornado nodded and put his hand on the brick surface. It shattered into a million pieces. “After you, Tornado.” Tornado jumped into the hole and flew down the rest of the way. Chester carried the doctor down, and Hurricane came down last. “Okay, let’s do it.” Chester said. They walked for an hour until they got to a two-way path. “Now where?” Tornado sat down on a boulder. Dr. Hogan said, “I forgot. Wait! We go right.” “Are you sure?” The doctor looked at Tornado. “Of course I’m sure. Now this isn’t the time for questions. Moving on.” They walked on for hours, until Tornado stopped. Koopas were climbing out of cracks in walls and from the ceiling. The group was surrounded. Just then, the Koopas heard something and fled back into their hiding places. Everyone looked around to see what was coming. Suddenly, a huge creature was in front of them, roaring. “Run!” Chester yelled. They all ran under the legs of the rock monster and ran down the stairs. “Hurry, doctor! It’s almost here!” Chester shouted. Dr. Hogan got to the steps and gasped for air. “Come on, there’s no time to lose!” Hurricane and Tornado picked up the old doctor and rushed down the stairs to the bridge. “Everyone over, quickly, now. As they ran across the bridge, the rock monster jumped from the top of the stairs to below them. Tornado ushered everyone across the bridge. “Hurry! I’ll hold him off!” Tornado shielded himself as the monster slammed on the ground with his fists. “Tornado, do something, um, throw a tornado!” The doctor shouted. Tornado searched through his pockets and didn’t find anything. “Oh well, I will just do the best I can while I’m still here. Stop! You will shatter into a million pieces when you say, die!” Tornado just stood there as the rock monster took one step and had a whip in its rocky hand. It took a step and the bridge crumbled, making the creature fall. Before the monster reached the bottom, it wrapped the end of the whip around Tornado’s ankle and dragged him to the edge. Tornado tried to hang on, but was too much over the edge and let go. “Tornado! Chester screamed. But Tornado was gone, going down into the pit. When they got out of the cage, Hurricane collapsed to the ground and stayed there. “You didn’t have to do that, Tornado.” Chester pushed a boulder over the cliff’s edge that they were at. It fell and was a little black dot when it hit the ground. “Okay, now let’s move on. There is nothing left for us here.” Dr. Hogan picked up his pack and continued on. “I don’t think we need to go any further.” Hurricane said. The doctor came back up and said, “Why?” Chester looked at Hurricane, confused. “Get out the metal detector. Dr. Hogan put his pack on the ground and took out the device. “Turn it on and search everywhere. Right now.” The metal detector beeped rapidly when it reached the edge of the little resting area. “Dig! Hurry up! Oh, never mind.” Hurricane blew up the edge of the cliff and a large chest fell downward. Chester and Hurricane flew down and caught it, then brought it up again. “Bring it over here and open it!” Hurricane helped Chester and they carried it over to Dr. Hogan. “Now what? Are we going to stand here and leave now?” Chester said. “No, we will not leave it here.” Dr. Hogan said. Hurricane looked around and said, “There is danger near. Best that we break the lock and get out of here, before it’s too late.” The lock was broken, and Chester opened the lid. “Never saw this coming,” The doctor said. Nothing was in the chest that anyone would want. It was rocks that made it so heavy. “What a waste of time!” Chester nearly shouted. “No, Chester. There is more to this than you think. Let’s go back into the cave.” “Why?” He asked. “Because,” Hurricane began, “I know something everyone else doesn’t.” Chester looked at the other side of the mountain and went back inside. “When we drop these stones into this empty gap here, we will have a treasure more valuable than the oldest parchment.” Hurricane finished his sentence. When they had dropped the rocks at the same time, nothing happened. “Maybe I was slightly wrong.” Hurricane said quietly. “I’ll say gosh darn it you were way off! Now there is no turning back.” Dr. Hogan stormed off to the outside again. “I am not sure about what it was I did wrong, either.” Chester whispered. He went to the end of the bridge. “Chester, don’t even think about it.” “Why?” Chester cried, and jumped. Hurricane ran up and watched. Suddenly, out of nowhere, a huge wind blasted Hurricane back fifty feet. “Chester!” Hurricane yelled. In anger, Hurricane threw a super destructive category five hurricane into the cave. That’s when he saw Tornado flying out of the cave with Chester. Rocks tumbled and fell within a few millimeters of Tornado and Chester, but Tornado didn’t notice. He sped up and carried Hurricane away from the position he was in and flew even faster. A huge explosion rocked the Earth until it lost balance and flew into the sun. Earth erupted into fire, and there was screaming everywhere. Hurricane woke up and had a headache. “What happened?” He asked sleepily. Tornado was sitting in a chair, waiting. “You almost destroyed a five hundred billion year old planet by throwing your little hurricane.” Tornado replied. Hurricane sat up and asked, “How did I do it?” “You were angry, so you threw a destructive hurricane into the cave, and it vibrated against the rock and sent a shockwave all over earth. I was flying up the place from where I fell and sensed something bad was going to happen. So I teleported to the top of the cave, flew out, grabbed you and Chester, and got you to safety.” Hurricane laid down again. “I do not remember any of this.” “That’s because your head was damaged by a mind shockwave.” Tornado got up and walked away. Hurricane got a book and read it. The title was ‘2226 Navy’, a book that two kids had made. Chester walked into the room, carrying his homework. “Aw, just great.” Hurricane said. “This is your stuff you need to work on,” Chester told him. “Stacy told me to say hi and get well soon.” “Why didn’t she just come herself?” Hurricane asked. “Long story, but she had to go somewhere.” Hurricane got out of his bed. “Thank you kindly for keeping me.” He said to the doctor, and hurriedly walked out of that smelly hospital. Hurricane started running once he was outside and jumped up to take flight. He flew home, because he knew that Tornado didn’t care anymore. “Hi Chester, give me a call when you can. I am taking up a new sport you know? I want to try cliff diving and bungee jumping.” Hurricane turned off the cell phone and walked away. At Tornado’s house, he was helping Chester create something. “Just a minute Tornado. I need to check my messages.” Chester flipped open his cell and saw he had one. It was from Hurricane. “Hi Chester, give me a call when you can. I am taking up a new sport you know? I want to try cliff diving and bungee jumping.” Tornado ran to Chester. “That is not a good message.” “Yes it is, Hurricane wants to try cliff diving. Isn’t that exciting?” Tornado rushed out the door. Meanwhile, Hurricane stood at the edge of a bridge. He saw Tornado. Tornado paused at the beginning of the bridge. Hurricane looked at him. Then jumped. Tornado had stopped. That was all Hurricane needed. He jumped and saw Tornado zoom to where he was standing, but it was too late. Hurricane jumped and turned invisible. Tornado looked over the side. Wherever Hurricane had gone, he was finished now. Forever. Dead.

To be continued… (possibly)

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