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Tornado meditated on the hill, where he always did. He meditated once every day, to help calm himself down. And it worked. All of those memories coming back to him were pushed away, to think only about the great person who created all in existence. Tornado knew more than most, because he was there in those times that had proved to be harder every single time. Chester and Hurricane stood behind him. “Sorry to bother you, Tornado, but there's a problem we need to take care of.” Tornado opened his eyes. Last time they had a problem was yesterday! In fact, they never stopped having problems. After the huge alien storm, Tornado wanted to sleep away his life. But he couldn't do that. Not while there was still friends and family to protect. Most importantly, the world. “Alright,” Tornado replied. “Let's go and fix this “problem” of ours.” He joined his friends, and they headed out together. “Another battle is coming, I sense it.” Huricane told the two beside him. “The greatest ever. But, why should I tell you guys, because you never listen to me anyway.” Tornado walked in silence, thinking. Chester played with his sword, twirling it in circles. “You would think we were in trouble, and all that happens is the town getting attacked.” Tornado surveyed the scene. It was indeed a greater attack than usual, but nothing Tornado couldn't handle. This town, he could swear, always the one that got attacked the most. Chester rushed forward, not with sword, but with stingers! And Hurricane, he walked into the fight with hurricanes! Last but not least, Tornado ran in with metal fists pummeling everything he could find in sight. When it was over, Tornado stood in the middle of a pile of oversized bats. “Too easy. I want a challenge!” Chester yelled. Tornado grinned at Chester. “Don't be surprised. Maybe you'll get your wish soon enough!” Tornado cleaned up the mess, and headed back to his tumbleweed. To Tornado's own surprise, the town was flattened! All of the houses were burning, crushed into the ground, houses uprooted and landing in the desert with a crash of wood exploding everywhere. Stacy's house was left standing, though. Until it exploded. Everything was gone now. Even Tornado's hill he meditated on. Destroyed and pushed into the ground. He desired very much to know what happened. Hurricane was so angry, he threw a plank of wood as far as he could. “Who did this? Answer me! Who did this?” Chester yelled. X and Metal Shadow showed up. “This is terrible. Any other time I would fix this at a low damage rate, but it is beyond repair now.” Tornado knew he could only do one thing: sit down and stay down. Until a montrously gigantic tsunami appeared, crashing into Tornado and his friends. Tornado glued himself down, but did not move as he slowly lost his breath. Now, nothing at all was left. Water was everywhere. Chester was knocked out for the moment of all that water being dumped on him. Several months later, Tornado awoke and found himself surrounded by water. He was underwater, but he could breath. Hurricane could breath underwater, too. Tornado saw everyone in sight was looking at him. “What are you waiting for?” He asked. Tornado saw now that they weren't waiting for anything. They saw something he didn't. Tornado looked down. A helmet, glowing yellow, was at his feet. Reaching down, he picked it up, examining it. “Drop that helmet!” A voice ordered. Tornado dropped it, and faced his attacker. Someone he didn't recognize was pointing something at him. Tornado laughed. “You think you can hurt me with that? Think again.” Tornado moved forward, and was shot with a water ball that sent him flying backwards. He realized now that his attacker was evil, because he was told so. The helmet could not go away with that man! Tornado zoomed forward, knocking the stranger back by a lot of space. Hurricane joined them, taking out what he had on: a water gun, like the one that stranger used, to blow away anyone from getting the helmet. Tornado reached down and grabbed for it, but was knocked away by Chester. Chester! He guessed it was an “Every person for himself” thing, so Tornado kicked Chester away and aimed his water gun at Hurricane. Direct hit as Hurricane flew backwards, firing another shot at Negative Tornado. Oh no. Not him. Anyone but him. Tornado thought as he was hit with another water ball from X. Tornado had to turn into Super Tornado, so he did. And saw Super Negative Tornado fly at him with great speed. Super Tornado threw his enemy off of himself, as Metal Shadow dove for the helmet. He was shot away by Chester, now reaching it himself. Tornado took aim and fired, knocking Chester away with the helmet in his hands. Since they were all underwater, that meant other animals were too. An octopus grabbed Chester, but he got out of the tentacles and raced in the opposite direction. Tornado tripped Chester as he rushed past, grabbed the helmet, and blasted away a volley of other people. Tornado held up his hand. “Wait! Stop! This isn't right, guys. We need to join each other...” A ball of water threw him back, away from the helmet. As Hurricane realized that Tornado made sense, he swam up next to Tornado. “It's not too late! We need to get Chester!” They swam to find Chester as everyone else fought to claim the helmet. Chester lay on the ocean floor, K.O.ed by a water ball. “Chester! Come with us!” Tornado dragged Chester up off ground. Chester woke up, clearing his head of whatever had possessed him. “Tornado! I'm sorry, but I couldn't control mself, but I'm alright now.” Tornado smiled. “Yes, we all are. We need to get to the others too, before its too late!” They raced back to everyone else. X recovered, as did Metal Shadow. “It was interesting, and that would make a good game.” Chester suggested. But before anyone could answer, Super Negative Tornado appeared and grabbed the helmet. “So long, suckers!” And disappeared into the deep blue ocean. To Be Continued...

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