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School Script of Tornado And FriendsEdit

Chester: What’s going on? I thought we were having a party!

There was a glass plate on the ground, shattered and broken.

Tornado: Sorry, had to go to the store and get a few things. I zoomed out so fast that I broke this plate. But not to worry. It’s fixed already.

As if by some magic genie, the plate fixed itself and walked into its place.

Hurricane: Hurry up. We’re late already!

Tornado: Race ya!

Chester: Let’s do it! Hey look, a BK fast food place!

Chester runs over to BK and stays there almost a whole day. Tornado crashes himself in a mountain.

Tornado: Chester, you wimp. There is no time for food!

Tornado desperately tries to get Chester out of BK, but finds out he has to use unnecessary force to do it.

Tornado: This is what I call driving!

He was inside of a tornado, heading for BK, completely destroying it and making Chester jump into the pop machine.

Stacy: Tornado! There is no time for that!

Tornado: Just a minute, Stacy. I need to get Chester out of the pop machine with unnecessary force again.

Chester: You’ll never take me alive!

Tornado: Then I will have to explode the machine! Or throw it in the nearby active volcano.

Chester: I give up!

Super Tornado: Come on out peacefully, Chester, and no harm will be done.

Chester comes out of the machine, carrying all the pop he can carry.

Hurricane: Drop the cans! I have some deadly hurricanes at my disposal right now!

Chester drops the cans, making them break open. Stacy: I am NOT cleaning that up. Someone else can do it.

Shadow comes in, waves his hand, and walks away.

X: Get the move on, people. WE HAVE A TOURNAMENT IN FIVE MINUTES!

Everyone speeds down to the arena, ready for almost anything.

Announcer: We have Super Tornado, X, Hurricane, and Chester. They will be going up against Super Negative Tornado!

Super Tornado walks in right on time, waving to the audience.

Super Tornado: Bring it on! All for one and whatever else there is to that confusing quote!

X: Let’s have fun while we’re at it, too. I want to destroy that mangy cat!

Hurricane doesn’t say anything, he gets his sword out, a long, shiny emerald colored blade with a diamond edge.

Chester: I am ready!

Super Negative Tornado: Ready, are you? I shall make sure you won’t be.

Hurricane: You’re going down, man. There is no hope for you.

Super Negative Tornado: I do not rely on hope. I rely on nothing! Luck, chance, hope, coincidence… nothing compared to what I do for a living!

Super Tornado began with an upward sweep of his sword, but Super Negative Tornado blocked it.

Chester: Now!

They all pitched in their biggest move, sending Super Negative Tornado into the announcer’s room. He planted a bomb in the middle of the arena, and set it off.

Super Tornado: Hit the ground!

Instead, they ran as fast as they could,(pretending) but not before the super mega bomb exploded. Super Tornado turned back into Tornado, getting blasted farther, Chester landed in the ocean, Hurricane took all the worst damage by standing his ground, almost incinerated, and X was right on the bomb when it detonated, leaving a black pile of dust on the ground.(The actor playing X just walks back to his seat, or her seat.)

Tornado: No one expected that to happen. And no one cared, either. Everyone in the audience died from the shockwave.

Chester: Such a shame.

Stacy: Wow! I saw the whole thing from my airplane! No wonder it isn’t fun, fighting someone more powerful than you.

Chester: Hey! I want to do that again! It WAS fun, because I never get to do anything like that.

Tornado: There was only one bomb in the world like that… and it has been used.

Hurricane: Glad that it’s over with. I’m going home now. See ya tomorrow.

Hurricane jumps into the air and flies away. (Or in the actors’ case, he walks back to his chair.)

Stacy: I need to go study. Bye, Tornado!

She giggles.(And walks back to her seat.)

Chester: Time for us to go too, Tornado. It is, after all, a school day.

Tornado: Yeah, I guess I’ll turn myself in, like everyone else. See you tomorrow.

Chester: Hope it will be like today, tomorrow.

(All actors left go back to their seats. Crowd applauded, possibly a standing ovation.)

The end

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