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Separate Worlds

Ken carried logs for his, Betty's and Sam's raft. They were going to explore the world. Sam was fourteen, Betty was thirteen, and Ken was eighteen. “That's the last of the logs, guys.” Ken announced. Sam was sleeping on the sand, dreaming. Every time he fell asleep, Sam always had the same dream. You are the chosen one, Sam. Help us defeat the darkness. And what followed after that voice was never ending pain, people crying out to the chosen one, and stuff like that. Sam didn't believe any of this was related to him. How could it be? And another dream, not just the one I described, with a king and his friends. No, not servants. Friends. The king didn't have servants, just friends. And a princess. Beautiful, sparkly blue eyes that none could turn down. The princess asked you to dance with her and you couldn't refuse. She was so nice, just like the king. Both of them despised evil, and darkness. Betty reminded Sam of the princess. Ken reminded him of the king. Chester, one of the king's friends, walked out of his chambers. “Where is that slacker, Hurricane? He's always...” Hurricane slipped behind Chester and surprised him. “I'm right here, my friend. What is it that you wish me to do? And I am not a slacker. I had a bad dream and stayed up all night last night.” “Well, remember this: think of good things, wonderful things, anything to prevent you from getting a nightmare. If that doesn't work, think about being stabbed through the stomach with a sword. That ought to help.” Chester walked away to attend to business. Hurricane held his stomach, not wanting to visualize what Chester suggested. Meanwhile, back at Sam's island, he walked through the trees, and stopped at a stone hideout where he and Ken liked to go when they were lonely or sad. Or if they justed wanted to have fun. Betty didn't know it was there, but a picture drawn on rock almost faded away. It was of Sam, Ken, and Betty. He fingered the picture, remembering a moment where Betty had found Ken's and his hideout. “I'll let you in because you're special, Betty!” The exact words that he said resonated in his mind. Sam ran back to the beach where Ken and Betty sat, waiting for him. Ken – there was something different with him. He was standing on the dock, looking at the sea. Or something. “Ken! Ken, are we ready?” Ken turned around. His eyes were dark. “Sam. How nice of you to come to me. Betty screamed and ran away, but come to me, Sam. Do not fear the darkness.” Ken held his hand out to Sam. Sam retreated, yelling this: “How could you do this to me? And Betty? You know that darkness is bad! Don't you?” Ken shook his head. “I'm sorry, Sam. It had to be this way.” “No! It did NOT have to turn out this way! You're now evil!” Sam cried. Suddenly, a light surrounded Sam's hand. In it appeared an ancient sword only known as, “GBS”. “I'll kill you if I have to!” Sam cried. Ken just merely flicked his fingers. The sword flew out of his hand and cut down a tree. “Go ahead and try, but you won't be able to kill me.” Sam ran over to his sword and picked it up. Ken disappeared into a cloud of black. “Oh man, now it's going to be so dull.” Sam muttered. Once his finger touched the blade, it opened a small cut on is finger. The blade was still sharp! And agonizingly painful, too. Sam, you are the chosen one. A voice said to him. This is GBS, the most powerful sword in the world. Sam looked at his new sword with respect now, rather than distaste. Indeed, it had cut his finger, but that was Sam's own fault. He should have tested it on something else. Betty walked up to him and put her hand on his shoulder. “Sam, I know that Ken was your best friend, and he was my best friend too, but now, if the dreams you are having are really real, you must go out and find them.” Sam looked at Betty. “I know, Betty. But...” “And I'm going with you.” Sam was amazed to hear that Betty wanted to go with him to rid the world... or worlds, of evil, but what could she do?

Chester and Hurricane walked through Surrey. “Okay, so where is the one we're supposed to meet? He should be here by now.” They asked around but got no positive sightings of the chosen one.

Sam was in Surrey, but on the outskirts of the place. Betty searched inside the town, and found an inn that they could stay at. “Welcome to my inn! May I set you two up with a room?” “Yes please.” Sam answered. “Alrighty! Right this way... wait a minute, I need to take care of something.” The owner went into his back room and got a sort of gun that had the word Pyromaniac on it. “Go away, creeps! You're bad for business!” The innkeeper pulled the trigger and took out a bunch of small black creatures hanging around by the entrance of his inn. “Come on, I'll show you your room. I'm Jonah, by the way. Who are you guys? I've never seen two so young travel so far.” Sam introduced Betty and himself. “We only need to stay until we find some other people. I had a dream that we were supposed to meet Hurricane and Chester here.” Just then, two familiar but strange faces came upstairs. “There they are! Hey, guys! This is who you're searching for, I'm sure of it!” One of them asked, “Sam and Betty?” “Yes, and I suppose you two are Chester and Hurricane.” The one on the right shifted slightly. “Remember this about us: you can tell us apart by the color of our eyes. Hurricane has green eyes and I have blue eyes. Easy enough, right? Good. Now, off we go.” Sam and Betty followed their two new acquaintances downstairs. Sam turned to Jonah. “I guess we don't need a room, Jonah. Maybe I'll see you a bit later.” Jonah nodded. “Sure, no problem, friends! I'll always be here, ready to give you free rooms any time!” He boomed. Sam walked away with Hurricane and Chester. Betty gave Jonah a small smile and a wave before heading out the door with the others. “I knew we would find you here, Sam! We're sorry about what happened to your brother, to mention it.” This made Sam angry. “What do you care about my brother? I always knew he wanted power, but not this way! Just stay out of my past!” Hurricane faced Sam. “The king told us, we didn't choose to know.” Chester continued leading them in the right direction. No one talked for a long time after that until they reached a castle. “Alright! Castle number one, here we come!” Sam and the others raced up the hill only to see there was only one way up. A stairway that looked like it was about to crumble any second. “Come on! Hurry before it falls to the ground far below!” Hurricane yelled. Without hesitation, they started walking out onto the bridge single file. It swayed a little, making Betty nervous that it might fall any moment. It would, actually, if they weren't careful. “Almost there, guys!” “Run! Let's go! Hurry! There's almost no time!” Hurricane yelled. All of them ran as fast as they could up to the doorway. As soon as Sam reached the door, he asked Hurricane, “Why did we run?” Hurricane looked up. “Good exercise, that's why!You can burn your calories off really easily here in this land, I say.” Sam just glared at him. “Very funny, Hurricane. Now let's go in!” They opened the door, only to find a winding staircase heading upward. Suddenly, someone appeared before them. “Ken!” Indeed, Ken was standing in front of them, not smiling. “Ken? Ken, it's Betty, do you remember me?” His gaze turned on Betty. “You shouldn't have come.” Turning back to Sam, Ken reached his hand out. “The GBS sword should be with the right person. And that's me.” Sam felt a searing pain in his hand as the sword was taken out of his grasp, and it flew into Ken's hand. “Let me do this, Sam. You can go home and forget anything that's happened here. You aren't strong enough, anyway.” With that, Ken walked into the darkness and disappeared. Sam sank to the floor, with his head down. Betty walked over to him and put a hand on his shoulder. “It's alright, Sam. I'm here for you.” She helped him up, and hugged him after that. He returned the hug, glad to have her with him. “Oaky! Let's go and take back the GBS sword from Ken!” They set out with Chester and Hurricane at their side, and started to run up the staircase.

To Be Continued...

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