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The Beginning of it AllEdit

The Beginning of it All

At a shopping center, it was peaceful and quiet until a fire broke out in the toilet paper section. “If the fire continues, it will go on for days!” The manager cried. Then, as soon as it started, it stopped. The fire was gone, along with most of the toilet paper. Word got around of how a fire started, and then disappeared, with the items being burned. Tornado read the news paper every day to catch up on what was going on in the world. “Interesting. I must go check this out.” He walked to the nearest store, set up his chair, and waited. One hour. Two. Three. Four. Still nothing on the fifth hour, until a blaze started at the hardware section of the store. Tornado watched until the fire was gone. When it was, all the nails, screws, and bolts were gone also. Tornado walked into the store. What do you think that fire was? Give me a complete answer.” Everyone was scared out of their wits, but someone told him, “The fire is just the beginning of the end. Once it gathers all it needs, a massive storm will be created to wipe out earth entirely. No one will live. Everyone will perish. There is no escaping it.” Tornado walked back out of the store. “Yo! Chester, this is Tornado. Give me a call back when you get this message. Bye.” Tornado headed for the library to do some extensive research. He found out that over five thousand years ago, a very evil man created a storm to steal everything it burned and bring it back to his base of operations. But he was foiled by the very best super hero at that time: Super Tornado. Somehow, Tornado realized that he was accidentally named after the most powerful hero in history ever recorded. After foiling this plot, Super Tornado was never seen again. Tornado finished reading. His attention was distracted by another book. Tornado picked it up and examined it. It was about history of dangerous events that took place over five hundred thousand years ago. Tornado flipped through the pages, looking for Super Tornado’s name. Tornado gasped. What was put on that specific page was the date when the storm would happen again. The following morning at ten. Tornado realized there was almost no time to get prepared. They would just have to stop it with what they had at the moment. Tornado walked to Hurricane’s house to talk with him about this matter. “Why does the storm hit now instead of another five thousand years from now?” Hurricane asked. “That’s a good question. I haven’t, unfortunately, figured it out yet. Just in case, I have plenty of umbrellas in my house that can be used in case it rains.” Hurricane paced around the room. “Who needs them if we’re all going to die, anyway? I am more concerned about everyone panicking all of a sudden and leaving.” Now it was Tornado’s turn to stand up. “You’re right about that. If people start leaving because we are going to be hit by an unnatural storm, with a town as small as this, no one would find this place because it’s not on the map.” “I will just make a decision and get on with it: we fight. As long and hard as possible, I will not allow anyone to leave if I can stop it.” Tornado and Hurricane headed toward the stadium. They found Chester doing a practice run. He was hitting targets with a water gun. “Wee, this is so fun, I’m bored.” Tornado walked up to him. “Then you don’t have to do it anymore.” Tornado told him. “We have more important things to do.” Chester’s blue eyes widened with excitement. What is it this time? Another big bad guy that takes all of us to defeat?” Chester asked. Tornado and Hurricane burst out laughing. “Not exactly, Chester, but it is worse. It is a storm that someone long ago could barely defeat without one more person helping.” As Tornado told the story, Hurricane and Chester helped with the sound effects. “Wow. It’s an amazing story, to be true.” Hurricane concluded as he glanced out the window. There was something that caught his eye outside… a little bit of movement on the steps. “Tornado? I think you should come check this out.” Tornado got up and walked to the door. Stacy was on the ground, unmoving, with a message in her hand. Tornado felt tears rolling down his face. He took the message. It said: I tried to stop it, but I couldn’t. It’s too strong, even for all of you. We’re all going to die like this. Tornado looked back at Stacy, facedown on the ground in front of the door. Still tears coming, he picked her up and took her to a graveyard. Tornado set Stacy down on a fresh patch of grass, where she disappeared into the ground in a coffin, a gravestone appearing behind a mound of dirt. Tornado etched gold plated lettering on the stone. It had Stacy’s name on the front of it. Tornado sat in silence for a few minutes, mourning Stacy’s death. Hurricane came and reported seeing the storm. Tornado nodded, wiped his tears away, and went with Hurricane to destroy the approaching storm.

The sky darkened. Tornado knew it was going to happen any time now. A vortex of flame opened in the sky. Every single bit of evil started pouring out of the vortex. Chester slid up next to him. “What is that?” He asked. Tornado didn’t reply. “Get down! Now!” Tornado shoved Chester into a hole in the ground. Earth exploded exactly where they were a moment before. By this time, Hurricane did everything he could think of. Nothing had worked. He was sick of this battle, and always having Tornado be the hero. “For friends… and everyone!” Hurricane yelled as he started to run. On fire with anger, he yanked his sword out of its sheath. Yelling, Hurricane jumped. Higher and higher he went, almost to his goal. The diamond edged blade shone a bright light, illuminating through the darkness. Tornado, who was still on the ground, saw Hurricane’s sword. He called Chester over. “Let’s go before it’s too late!” Tornado shouted. But they were too late. As soon as Hurricane reached the center, he was shot through by a laser straight into him. Hurricane was gone too. As he fell to Earth, Tornado and Chester reached him. The laser saw them both come up, and aimed two beams straight at them. A direct hit. All three fell down, crashing into the earth, unmoving. Someone was walking down the street, a shadow cast in front of the person. Sonic must have heard about it somehow, so he came racing up in the opposite direction of the person. Sonic gasped once he saw who it was. “Why did you come?” He asked. “Because I heard about the storm and wanted to investigate.” Someone said.

                                       To Be Continued…

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