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The End?Edit

Once Tornado and Negative Tornado got off of the mountain, a lush green landscape was before them, stretching as far as the eye could see. Tornado noticed a pile of foot soldiers, all laying in a heap some fifty miles away from the mountain. “What happened here?” Tornado asked himself. “I'll tell you. A massacre over nothing. They all fought each other to get whatever they wanted. I think it's gone now, by the looks of it.” Tornado looked at the ground to see if he could find any tracks or traces of Chester. “Look! Someone was here!” Right at the spot where Tornado stood, grass was pressed against the ground. A thin opening in the ground confirmed a sword was plunged into whoever was there, and the soldier either got or missed the unidentified person. Scorch marks set not far away also made Tornado think. “Scorch marks... possibly Chester's stingers? I remember he did have a fire stinger, but I'm not so sure if he had a super attack or anything.” Negative Tornado looked around the pile of dead soldiers. He found an iron stinger. “This answers your question.” Negative Tornado tossed the stinger to Tornado. “Strange. I know Chester doesn't have any iron stingers, unless...” there was only one possibility now. “Negative Chester. The soldiers didn't have a massacre, Negative Chester did this. No wonder. And he took Chester...” Tornado walked over a few feet away. He found a gold stinger. “Used a gold stinger to finish them off...” Tornado pointed to the scorch mark. “And probably killed Chester.” He walked away from the pile to continue the quest. “So you're just gonna leave him here?” Tornado turned around. “There's nothing else to do. We need to get going.” Tornado threw a fire tornado at the pile to burn them. It incinerated them all instead. “Tornado, we can still track Chester. It's not too late.” Tornado turned around and faced Negative Tornado. “Now look who's talking about hope. You know what? I can send you back to where the sidewalk ends, and you can continue falling forever.” He started walking East. Negative Tornado grabbed Tornado's shoulder. Tornado spun around and knocked him back. “You never wanted to help! So why are you helping now?” Tornado kicked Negative Tornado down. “Come on! Get up! Let's get moving!” Negative Tornado groaned. Suddenly, he grabbed Tornado, pulled him to the ground, and punched Tornado extremely fast into the ground several feet down. Tornado recovered, bursting into daylight. “Too late to help again!” he shouted, pushing Negative Tornado straight into a portal to where the sidewalk ends. Negative Tornado yelled, “I will get you! I will never again help as I did!” Before the portal closed. Now it was closed, and Tornado staggered back East. Once he reached a cottage, Tornado knocked on the door. It opened, and a man appeared, smiling. “Welcome! What can I do for you?” Tornado was relieved. “You can help by giving me shelter for the night. I could use rest.” the man gestured for Tornado to come in. “What's your name?” The man asked. “Tornado. That's what you can call me. What about yours, if I may ask?” “Jenny, Ashley, Rika, Suzanne, come down here! There's someone I want you to meet! Sorry. All of them are my daughters. They get themselves in such trouble! Oh, sorry! I forgot to tell you my name! It's James. We never chose a last name. Or maybe my ancestors never wanted last names! You tell me, it's all a mystery.” Four heads peeked around the corner. “Hey, girls, meet Tornado, our guest! He will be staying for awhile!” James turned to Tornado. “It's funny, because I think I've heard your name somewhere before... where was it? Oh well. This is Suzanne, our oldest daughter.” Suzanne cautiously walked around the corner. Tornado noticed something about Suzanne that was very fascinating. She had extremely identical eyes to Chester's, and as crazy as it may seem, probably gifted. “I have figured out each of my daughters possess super natural powers of some sort. Suzanne summons rain to herself and can create a tidal wave as high as the sky above.” She demonstrated by making a raincloud over Tornado. Tornado broke apart the clouds and a small sun appeared over his head this time. “Pretty cool, but still not what I expected.” James continued, “Rika is more like a weapons and camouflage master. She really does blend in with her surroundings.” Rika stepped out from the corner. “Hello!” Tornado called out cheerfully. Rika blushed, turning completely invisible. “Excuse me, but not to be rude, that gift is called “invisibility” to put it that way.” Tornado pointed to Ashley. “What about her?” He asked. “Ashley? Oh, she can do anything she wants to. Like she will show you.” Ashley stepped out from her cover. Aka, the corner. She attempted to show Tornado how to incinerate someone, but it headed to Tornado instead. He just shrugged it off. The beam of yellow shattered before reaching him. “Pretty awesome, if a person doesn't know how to do what I did.” Finally, one last girl stepped out from her hiding place. “Oh! Sorry, Jenny, I forgot you! This is Jenny, my last daughter. She has extraordinary painting skills! See? Watch this!” Jenny got out a canvas as tall as Tornado. She started painting. When Jenny was done, she had painted a lifelike painting of Tornado. You couldn't tell them apart, really. Tornado viewed himself in the painting. “Wow, this can really come in handy when you're being chased by bad guys!” He thought for a moment. “Well, thank you kindly for letting me stay here. I have to leave at morning, though.” James chuckled. “No problem.” They had dinner, and played a game called, “Apples To Apples”. It was hilarious! Tornado enjoyed it so much. Morning came, and Tornado sneaked quietly out of the house, trying not to wake anyone up. All of the daughters were already outside. “Now what do you think you're doing, girls?” Tornado asked them. “We talked it over with our Pa, and he said that since you have similar powers to ours, we could go with you!” Tornado was confused. “Wait a second! You don't even know where I'm going. Why do you want to come, anyway?” Familiar faces walked out from behind the house. “We want to help, that's why!” Kari answered. “Kari! What are you doing here?” Ashley Moise came, too. “We're your friends, Tornado! See through yourself and tell the real Tornado he has friends! You can't do this alone!” Tornado looked down. Straight at the amulet. He was captivated by it's markings, and he looked up again. “Sorry. You are correct, Kari. I do need help. I can't believe I never realized it before.” Ashley Moise explained. “We told the girls about your quest. It was necessary.” Tornado looked West. A black mass headed straight for them! “Ah, guys? We have a problem. We're being attacked!” Tornado alerted his friends. Ashley Moise shook his head. “We are not in danger, Tornado. I called those birds to follow us because it is my ability to do so! Now, we need to get moving before they catch up. You don't want to be surrounded by thousands of birds.” Tornado nodded. “Let's make haste, then. Kari?” She nodded approval of Tornado's plan. “Hurry, drink this, and then run.” Kari told the four sisters. After that, running as fast as the potion allowed them to, Tornado was in the front, guiding everyone where he needed to go. Meanwhile, Negative Chester paced around his small room. “This isn't possible! Tornado has acquired new friends with amazing abilities. Will they not stop?” He walked to and fro, thinking of what to do next. “Army already created... reinforcements? Maybe I will make some reinforcements if they wear my original army down. Guard!” A guard entered. “Yes, my lord?” “Make a reinforcement army of five thousand soldiers. Tornado and his friends must be stopped. But we're lucky that Negative Tornado isn't helping anymore. He was dispatched by Tornado a while ago.” The guard bowed, and went to do Negative Chester's bidding. Back to Tornado. Half way there, the sunset looked beautiful. Pink sky and red moon. So clear was this, that Tornado noticed someone sitting outside of their camp. “Hello?” He called out. “Need help?” Tornado walked closer. A familiar face looked up. “Tornado?” Chester's eyes were tired, and he stood up but fell to the ground in exhaustion. “Come on, Chester. You need some sleep.” Tornado carried Chester in his arms, into a tent. The next morning, Chester washed himself in a river nearby. “How are you doing?” Tornado asked Chester. He looked up. “Pretty good, despite abandonment of a fellow friend and muddy ground. There was a thunder storm. Did you run into anything?” Tornado didn't answer. “I figured out I didn't need Negative Tornado, so I sent him back to where the sidewalk ends.” Chester dried himself off. Tornado headed back to camp. Dousing the fire, Tornado yelled, “Time to get up! We have a lot of preparation to do. Training, too. A war is heading in our direction, so no rest until we're done!” Tornado trained Rika, Jenny, Suzanne, and Ashley to use their abilities better. Negative Chester watched Tornado's progress with his friends. They all marched on one month after Tornado started training. “We have become strong! In friendship and family! Now, it is time for action! Enough holding back. We make our last stand today!” Everyone cheered. Tornado pulled out the medallion. “This is what started it all! I will destroy it as soon as I get to the Elevator of Hades! Cast into the fire it shall be, never again remade!” Tornado led everyone in running toward battle. Kari drank a transforming potion to turn into Hurricane. The massive army waits for them, ready to finish what was started. Tornado signaled to Chester and... Hurricane? To draw their swords and cut down everyone on the opposing side. The two armies, one big and one extremely small, met with swords blazing and cutting down people. Ashley Moise's army of birds came thirty minutes later, attacking and diving. Suzanne used what she had. Tornado taught all of the sisters how to sword fight better. Suzanne fought until she was tired. But that didn't matter. She just summoned a tsunami to herself, casting it forward. A good five hundred men died from that attack. Tornado never stopped. Virtues of war taught him to show no mercy on his opponents. Hurricane was amazing with his sword as he always was, but he was actually Kari in disguise. Chester fought as hard as he could. But it wasn't enough, even for many super powerful people. Only three remained out of who came to war. Which was, of course, Hurricane, Chester, and Tornado. All others had been attacked by a large group and overtaken. You know the process of what happened next. They all fought until Tornado, Chester, and Hurricane were back to back. “We have to touch swords!” Tornado yelled. “Is there a special reason to?” Chester asked. “Yes! Just do it!” Hurricane took the chance. Once his sword touched Tornado's sword, it flared up with a living flame. Chester saw what happened. Eager to help, he touched his sword on the other two, creating much more fire than a bonfire. Disaster came when Hurricane was blasted far away from the battle, supposedly by Negative Chester. Now only Chester and Tornado remained, still going strong. On Chester's side, guys started closing in, closer and closer. Chester had no choice but to break off and fight. “I can't hold it on my own! Chester!” Tornado cried. The flame died out. There were still enemies advancing, closing in on them. A hurricane came crusading through the fight. Tornado suddenly remembered why he had been named Tornado. Of course! Tornado didn't have to fight at close range. Hurricane was coming up from behind. “Chester! Hurricane! On the count of three, we launch all of our powers among them, tornadoes, hurricanes, and stingers!” “Ready!” Chester continued on. “Aim!” Hurricane, only a mile away, heard Tornado's plan. “Fire!” Tornado yelled, unleashing a gigantic swarm of tornadoes. Hurricane released all of his hurricanes. No one who was in the path of tornadoes and hurricanes and stingers survived. The army, now only ten men, looked around themselves... and fled. Hurricane rode on a hurricane, swept them up and out of view forever. “Who's tired?” Tornado asked. Neither Hurricane nor Chester gave the slightest movement. “Good! Because we have a lot more to do, so you better not be tired!” Continuing on, they finally reached The Elevator to Hades. Tornado ushered Hurricane and Chester to be first. “Our final destination. Here we are, my friends.” the stairway looked old, musty, and just plain creepy. Tornado ended up going down first, followed by Chester, and then Hurricane. Tornado was sure that a lot of his worst enemies were here, so he got himself ready for a fight. “Wow! Amazing, I never knew it was so scary!” Chester commented. “Very few come here and come out again.” Hurricane told Chester. “You'll be lucky if we make it out alive.” Chester was shaking with fear now, but fought it back all the way. Andy, back to his normal appearance, blocked Tornado's path. “Do you want to continue?” He asked Tornado. “Andy, I thought you've learned your lesson already. Do I need to teach again that you can't beat me?” Andy grinned wickedly. “It is not me you will face, Tornado! It is him!” Andy got out of the way. Super Negative Tornado stood there, waiting. “You think I can't take control of the portal to spit me out back here? Well I did. I only have a feud with you. So let's finish this.” Tornado unbuckled his sword holder while his foe took his out. “What foolishness are you up to now, Tornado?” Super Negative Tornado hissed. “I don't need my sword. I know you prefer it, but I don't need this anymore.” Tornado tossed his sword into the fires below. And blasted Super Negative Tornado backwards. He was going to fast to be stopped. Tornado turned into Super Tornado. “Told you so... Negative Chester.” Super Negative Tornado dematerialized into Negative Chester. “I clearly disappointed you, Super Tornado!” Negative Chester grabbed Hurricane while he was off-guard. Holding a knife to Hurricane's neck, Negative Chester back up slowly. “Not even the great Tornado can beat death!” Negative Chester growled. He fell backwards with Hurricane. Super Tornado reached out to grab Hurricane's hand. Instead, Kari's hand slipped out of his like a fish, into the boiling lava. Super Tornado turned back to Tornado. Grieving for Kari, Tornado fell on his knees. And into the lava. It wasn't actually real, just fake. Tornado hit the hard floor hidden by the lava. Chester must have thought Tornado died. But he hadn't. Negative Chester was alive and well, with Kari in a cage. Tornado motioned for her to stay silent. She did. Tornado went to a computer and turned invisible. He sent a virus to all of the computers. Negative Chester screamed, “No! Not now, it can't happen NOW!” The control panel in front of him exploded. Negative Chester looked up and around. Until he saw Tornado. I'm invisible. Tornado thought. He can't see me. Can he? Tornado walked over to Kari's cage. Negative Chester saw this, however, and made the cage explode. Tornado got knocked back, turning visible again. “Aha! It is you!” Tornado was really angry now. He noticed his sword laying on the ground fifty feet away. Teleporting to it, Tornado took it out, and thrust it into Negative Chester out of anger. He didn't want to fight anymore. Just to get the job done and avenge Kari. Tornado's sword exploded this time. Tornado was blown up to where he fell. Tornado felt the heat from real lave taking the place of fake lava. Tornado gripped the amulet. “Chester, get out of here!” Tornado yelled. Chester looked up. “What about about you?” The words Chester said brought back memories to Tornado. “I will not return home ever, Chester.” Tornado whispered. He walked over to where Chester stood. “I will cast this into the fire...” Before Tornado finished, Andy tackled him from behind. He grabbed hold of the amulet, and ripped it out of Tornado's hand. Tornado was cut and screamed. Poison had been on the edges of the amulet the whole time, and it was already running through Tornado to his heart. Tornado collapsed. But not before he pushed Andy into the burning lava. Tornado passed out. Cyclone watched the news a lot. But this time, he was outside, watching Tornado. Something was wrong. Poison! Tornado had been poisoned... by what? Cyclone didn't know, but it was something extremely severe. Cyclone got his friends and they went together to Tornado. Meanwhile, Tornado stumbled outside of the mountain and fell on a rock. Chester followed him out, covering his head. “If I had made it back... I would have committed my time to my relationship with Ashley.” Chester sobbed uncontrollably. “Oh, Chester. It's over. I can't believe it, but it is.” Tornado hugged Chester, and they used each other for warmth. Cyclone appeared over the hill with Blue Sardonyx. By this time, Tornado and Chester were both unconscious. Blue Sardonyx carried Chester while Cyclone carried his son, Tornado.

Tornado woke up in bed. Cyclone was in front of him. “Dad?” Cyclone laughed. “Dad!” Tornado cheered. The four sisters, Jenny, Suzanne, Rika, and Ashley saw Tornado was awake, and they all dog piled on him. Tornado couldn't stop laughing. Blue Sardonyx walked in. He smiled at Tornado fondly and laughed. Tornado laughed again. “It's so good to see all of you!” He cried, looking at them. Finally, Chester walked in and watched Tornado. Tornado met Chester's eyes. Tornado smiled at him, and Chester returned his smile. Tornado walked outside and went to the boat dock. A magnificent ship awaited him. His friends did, too. “Tornado, don't go!” They all cried out at the same time. “I have to. My quest won't end without leaving.” Then, one by one, Tornado hugged all of his friends he made on his way to victory. When he stopped at Chester, it was a special moment. “I'm going to miss you, Tornado.”Chester wiped his eyes clear of the tears that were forming in his crystal blue eyes. Tornado handed him a book. “The rest is for you, Chester. Finish this book and don't let me down.” Tornado smiled as Chester took his book. As he walked onto the boat, Tornado saw Kari's lantern float up to him, and remembered what she did for him. “Thank you, Kari.” Tornado whispered. He lifted the lantern as high as he could. For a bit, it just stayed there. But then, a shape took form. First her feet, then legs, her upper body next, arms, and finally, her head. Kari lay slumped over the boat's railing. She opened her eyes and looked around. The first person she saw was Tornado. “What happened?” Kari asked. Tornado smiled. “A magnificent rebirth, that's what!”Tornado informed her, laughing. Kari was amazed, but speechless. “Thank you.” Kari whispered. Her lantern shone brightly when she touched it. “Don't thank me, it was your lantern that made it happen.” Kari was surprised. “Where are we going?” She looked around and noticed they were on a boat with Cyclone, Blue Sardonyx, Blue Sapphire, and Jenny, who was painting a picture at the moment. Ashley Moise was still waving in the distance. “I think this story has gone on long enough!” Tornado explained. “The end!” The End

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