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The Fall

Negative Tornado stood before Sonic, his eyes cold with fury. He walked over to where Tornado and his friends had landed after being slain by the laser. “Who did this?” He asked. “I will tell you truthfully. I do not know.” Sonic replied. Negative Tornado mumbled, “And I was going to be the one to kill Tornado, not this stupid, weak, alien creature.” Jack Stone was suddenly there. “Who are you to keep me out of this fight?” Jack asked them. Negative Tornado turned to him. “I did not keep you out. You didn’t come in time.” Shadow was there, too. “Whoever did this, I want to kill him. Chester and Hurricane didn’t have to die this bad, especially Tornado. But I can’t blame them for fighting.” Sonic took control of the conversation. “Enough already!” He shouted. “We should unite and beat this someone or something that annihilated those three. Who votes on it?” Everyone raised their hand. “Okay, now we need a…” Negative Tornado interrupted. “We don’t need anything except what we have! I’m going with the plan of charge and kill! How does that sound?” A lot of arguing was made until they came to a decision. “We’ve got something. Let’s try it out.” The group broke and headed on toward the enemy. Sonic rolled up into a ball and hit a few times before he was hit, evaporating completely. Jack Stone tried to distract while Shadow got to the core, but both were singed to nothing with a double laser effect. Now only Negative Tornado remained, huffing from all of his attempts. But he had forgotten about two certain people that might be able to help. X and Metal Shadow were coming up over the hill, side by side. They met with Negative Tornado. “What do you care about the world?” X asked. “LISTEN, YOU FOOL! NO ONE IS HERE EXCEPT YOU! NO ONE CAN HEAR ME BECAUSE THEY ARE ALL… DEAD!” Negative Tornado finished making his point. Metal Shadow was silent. X looked at Metal Shadow, then back at Negative Tornado. “You have a point there. But what are you planning?” Negative Tornado took out a mirror. “You know how mirrors can deflect lasers?” X nodded. “So I’ve came up with a design…” He pulled out three swords. They displayed a big, flat, edge to them with a mirror on it. “A prophecy goes that only three will be able to stop this big and destructive enemy. We have mirrors; the enemy shoots a laser… when we each go up there, one at a time, and the laser shoots out. We block it and send it back with the mirrors. It hits and gets low on battery. It should only take two hits, but three just in case. We all get killed in the shock wave… because we have to. It’s the prophecy. No one can change it. But in the end, everyone will come back to life again.” Metal Shadow was impressed by one percent of Negative Tornado’s idea. “It is a good idea.” The more I think, the more it sounds seems like a good plan.” They decided to do it. X volunteered first. He flew into the clouds. Just as Negative Tornado had said, a laser came for him. But X raised his mirror. The laser wasn’t what it seemed, because it broke the mirror and X was slain just as all the others were. Only Negative Tornado and Metal Shadow remained now. “That didn’t work.” Metal Shadow whispered. Something in that plan backfired. This was a special type of laser. It could break mirrors, Negative Tornado discovered, and there wasn’t any other way to stop it. Metal Shadow knew nothing was going to work. He sat on the ground and didn’t move. Negative Tornado noticed this. “What exactly are you doing?” He asked. Metal Shadow did not reply. “Fine. Go ahead. Stay silent while I die fighting and you are all alone here to fend for yourself.” Negative Tornado walked away. “All is not lost. The beginning for the end of this storm is coming.” Negative Tornado turned around. Metal Shadow, now meditating, continued. “Another will come, long awaiting his time to wake and come forth to defeat the shadows.” Negative Tornado stood directly behind him now. “Who are you talking about, dare I ask?” Metal Shadow opened his eyes. “I am done for now.” He stood up, walked forward, and stopped. Metal Shadow faced Negative Tornado. “You know who I am talking about.” Metal Shadow looked behind Negative Tornado. A shadow, not Negative Tornado’s, was cast in front of him. He turned around to see a silhouette on the hill. Green eyes flashed across the landscape to where the storm was. As the person came forward, Negative Tornado knew who this was: Super Tornado from five thousand years ago.

To Be Continued…

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