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The First KeyEdit

From the start, the Undefeated have always had enemies. Now, most of these enemies are as hostile and ruthless as Super Negative Tornado. That is because these are the ancestors of Negative Tornado in a way. Way back, back to the beginning of the world, the first and greatest member of the Undefeated created two keys, two vortexes, and one miniature silver tornado made out of wire. These five items held the greatest power of all time: complete control over everything in the entire Universe. Everything, including other galaxies, other worlds, and especially one in particular star: the Sun. Only known as the brightest star in our Solar System, the Sun holds life and death. It's what makes Earth our home and allows us to live on it. Besides, why am I explaining all of this to you? You should know this already. Anyway, in one of the Undefeated battles, the biggest and most costly, someone you would never expect came to their aid: a mountain had formed from the Atlantic Ocean. Someone named Chester found it in 1 AD. He found out it held a laser as big as the Sun itself hidden within its center. It was the laser that helped them. It vanished the bad guys from existence. No one knows what happened after that... some say the laser turned on the Undefeated, and destroyed them as well. Others think it was a case of the flu. But one hundred thousand times more worse than the flu. It spread quickly, instantly making the Undefeated die in large numbers. Back to the storyline. Tornado, the here and now Tornado, walked along the beach, surfboard in hand, taking the next big wave coming. Tornado charged across the sand and into the water, reaching the wave as it crashed down on him. Tornado practiced this many times before he had it down perfectly. He glided through the tunnel of water crashing down behind him. Chester and Hurricane worked on balancing on their surfboards in shallow water. “I've got an idea!” Chester exclaimed. “Here, Hurricane. Take this floating noodle and we'll duel while standing on our boards!” Hurricane grinned, pulling out his practice sword. “Why not with our wooden swords instead?” As the two battled it out, Tornado finished surfing. Coming onto the shore soaking wet, Tornado set his board upright in the sand. “Guys, watch out for that wave!” Tornado called over to Chester and Hurricane. They didn't hear him. Tornado decided to let them get wet all they wanted to while he went scuba diving. During the process of getting his gear on, Stacy walked up to him, fully dressed and enjoying this day. “Going scuba diving?” She asked. Tornado put on a flipper. “How did you know, Stacy? Yes, I am. I find mysterious things on the ocean floor.” Tornado got on his other flipper and fell backwards. “Let me tell you one thing, it's easier to have blue eyes than wear a scuba suit like this. It is just too small.” Tornado turned blue-eyed, and took off the partially put on scuba suit. Diving into the deep ocean, Tornado found it a pleasure he could drag Chester down with him without Chester drowning. Chester had blue eyes, but they were natural, not like Tornado's now donned blue eyes. “Hey!” Chester shouted as Tornado pulled him into the water. “Let's search for some things. Besides, I could use your help.” For several hours, they searched for anything interesting, like a shiny object Tornado just spotted at the very bottom of the ocean. “Chester, come here! I found something!” Chester followed Tornado to the bottom and reached his hand out toward the shiny object slightly buried in the sand. Tornado stopped Chester just in time. A hole opened, a hole that very much looked like a vortex, and possibly was. One unfortunate fish swam too close and got pulled into it, never to be seen again. “Be careful, Chester. I figured out it was protected by magic as you reached for it.” Chester looked confused. “Right, thank you. Now let's find something to take it up to the surface with.” After a little more searching, Chester brought back a bucket he found underwater. Giving it to Tornado, he scooped up the object and the sand around it. Swimming up to the surface, the two friends reported to Hurricane and Stacy, who were talking on the dry, sandy beach. “Look what we found. It has the shape of a key, and it probably is one.” Stacy looked up. “I hope it isn't fake, otherwise, I'll go and scream as loud as I can, and never stop.” Hurricane laughed nervously. “You aren't really going to do that, are you?” He asked warily. Stacy smiled at them. “I would, believe me! I've had enough of fake treasures! I can't stand them anymore!” Tornado shook his head. “This is no joke, no fraud, no fake. Chester almost learned that, but a fish demonstrated how much it would hurt to get near that key. So that's why I'll put gloves on first.” Tornado teleported home and got his dishwashing gloves, and teleported back to his friends. Once again, the vortex appeared, but not as big. Suddenly, Chester picked up the bucket and dumped it onto the sand. Everyone stared at the metal key, uncertain of what to do. Finally, Tornado touched the key. Nothing happened.Chester did, too. Still nothing. After that, Stacy and Hurricane touched it at the same time.a bolt ran up Hurricane's arm, throwing him back into a tree. Stacy let go as soon as a light started up through her hand, but it was too late. Stacy was launched miles away, But Tornado zoomed after her, trying to catch her in midfall, but Hurricane reached her first, pushing Tornado out of the way. Setting Stacy down, she looked at Hurricane with soft eyes. Tornado smacked his forehead. The blue stripe upon it shone with a brilliant light, flashing in between Stacy and Hurricane. They stumbled backwards, apparently in a daze from Tornado's bright blue light. “What happened?” Hurriacne asked, rubbing his right arm. “I'll give you an explanation later.” Tornado walked over to Stacy and asked her some questions. “Do you remember what happened?” “No “What does this feel like?” Tornado held Stacy's left hand, the one she touched the key with. “I... I feel... interesting. That's never happened before.” Tornado let go of her hand. “I guess I will have to do this the hard way.” Tornado searched Stacy's mind for memories and feelings. He found peace, control, love, and many others. But barely any them had anything to do with her previous self. “This is bad... very very bad.” Tornado told Chester and Hurricane. “What happened?” Tornado looked up at them. “Stacy, she... lost her memory of everything that's ever happened. And it was replaced with...” Tornado thought for several minutes. Finally, Hurricane broke the silence. “Tornado?” Tornado prayed silently that this hunch he got wouldn't come true. “Why am I in Hurricane's body?” Chester gasped. “Stacy? You're in Hurricane's...” “Yes, it's true. I'm so sorry, Tornado! I didn't mean...” Tornado silenced Stacy. “What I hoped wouldn't come true has. You and Hurricane somehow triggered something in that key which made you swap bodies and personalities.” Stacy, with Hurricane replaced, woke up. “What's all this about?” Stacy asked. She looked at herself and, “Gasp!” “What happened, Tornado? Why am I trapped in this form?” “You and Stacy switched bodies. Both of you remember everything except what happened before you touched the key at the same time. Otherwise, Stacy in Hurricane's form now has the ability to do anything that Hurricane did before he was transported into Stacy's form, and now, I'm afraid Hurricane is helpless. He can't hold a sword because he doesn't have the right skills while he's in Stacy, and Stacy, you can throw hurricanes and fly, not to mention fight with your sword.” Stacy pulled out the sword in Hurricane's sheath. “Put that away! You can't use that!” But Hurricane could only watch helplessly as Stacy practiced some moves with it. Next, she threw a category zero hurricane to get use to using her new power. Poor Hurricane didn't have anything to try out. He was deprived of everything he loved to do. As for Tornado and Chester, they sat on the sidelines, watching and laughing as Hurricane made all sorts of silly faces at Stacy while she ignored him, jumping up and causing tremors each time she landed. “Okay guys, enough. Let's go get some milkshakes.” Tornado, Chester, and Stacy raced there. Hurricane pouted, but started walking in the direction of the milkshake shop. After that, they decided on taking action and starting a quest to see how to get Hurricane and Stacy back to normal. “We'll go to the library, split up, and check for anything that has to do with a silver key. Got it? Meanwhile, I'll go and see my dad.” Stacy wanted to go with Tornado, but it was better if she stay with Hurricane and Chester at the library. “Dad!” Tornado called. “I need some information that you might have.” He walked outside to see if Cyclone was there. He wasn't. “Dad! This is strictly about a silver key I found while exploring underwater...” Tornado finally saw Cyclone was not in the back, but on the deck upstairs. “What is it, son? You said something about a silver key. Come on up and we'll talk about it.” Tornado flew directly upwards and over the railing to his deck. “Yes, its the most peculiar thing. Hurrivane and Stacy...” “...Got replaced with each other's bodies, I know. Now, this is supposed to be classified information, but it doesn't matter now that I'm not a part of the Undefeated anymore.” Tornado waited for the story. “Well, for one, that silver key is a part of a set of silver things spread... or in another case... scattered all over earth. It's other pieces are still intact, I can sense it, but not for long. Since you've found one key, all you have to do is...” Cyclone was cut off by Tornado. “Dad, I need to know what they do when they're together, and some history.”* “Alright, then. The five parts are these: two keys, two vortexes, and a small silver tornado. Naturally, I thought they were myths until you told me you found a silver key. Yes, there is a story behind it, and a great quest, but you have to do that in time.” Cyclone retold the story, exactly as it was told to him by his leader. “Wow, that's amazing!” “So, when these five pieces unite, the one who holds them will be granted control over everything. And, good or bad alike, he or she will have to destroy good or evil, no matter who finds and unites them all. Tornado, I want you or any of your friends to get all the pieces and destroy evil for good. I cannot do it, even though I'd like to. You must, my son. Go and gather your friends. We will have a meeting together, and decide on what time you'll leave for this quest and what you'll have to take with you.” Tornado did as he was told, and teleported to the library to collect Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy. “Wow! I never knew there would be so much risk in this!” Stacy exclaimed. “It's superhero life, Stacy. Get used to it.” Hurricane informed her, even though he couldn't do anything. “You better watch what you say Hurricane! I can blow you away as far as the ocean if I wanted to!” Stacy continued walking down the sidewalk. She heard Hurricane cry out for help, but it was muffled. Stacy turned around. Hurricane wasn't there. She ran back to look in the alley they had just passed. There was Hurricane, being harassed by a bunch of big guys. “Isn't she pretty! I wonder what would happen...” But that guy never finished his sentence. A hurricane threw him into a wall, sending bricks raining down upon him. Stacy stood at the end of the alley, holding an arm out. “Yikes! It's Hurricane!” “He's here to save the girl!” Stacy laughed. “You better unhand her right now, gentlemen. No one will get hurt. If you do not let go, I have ways of making sure you're never seen again by anyone of your friends.” She pulled out the emerald sword. “I don't want to decapitate anyone, but it WILL happen.” They looked at each other, deciding it wasn't worth it. “Here! Keep her, we never wanted her anyway.” The guys sneered. Stacy put the sword back and headed out with Hurricane. “That was weird! I saved you, Hurricane!” Hurricane mumbled something Stacy couldn't hear. Tornado and Chester talked with Cyclone about getting the right things for their search. “All you have to do is search everywhere that small items might be if they're dropped.” Cyclone went inside to search for something. “What do you think is going to happen?” Chester asked, waiting for an answer. Tornado shrugged. “I don't know. One of us will hold the pieces once we find them all, and then...” He paused, thinking of words to say. “One of us will decide wether to destroy good or evil, and after that, one of us will have control over everything in the universe!” Tornado shook his head. “If it doesn't decide to sacrifice that person.” He whispered. Chester became alert as Cyclone reappeared. Holding a piece of cloth, he gave it to Tornado. “This is where I believe they've fallen.” Tornado turned around the cloth so Chester could see. “A long time ago, I made this brief map when they fell. I saw silver glint in the sunlight in each place. They should be somewhere around those points I've marked down.” Chester looked at Cyclone. “Hey, mister! I have an idea! Why don't you come with us?” Cylone smiled at him. “Actually, I think I can go with you! I don't have anything to do next week, and we can go then. How about that?” Tornado got excited. This was going to be his first quest with his own father! And all of his best friends were coming, too! “Dad! That's great!” Tornado couldn't help bear hugging Cyclone. “Yes, it is. First, if we run into any problems, I'll need a sword, just in case my abilities are not of use.” Cyclone walked down to their basement below the house. “Now, since we already have the first key, I see that we'll have to go to South Africa! That's where the second key fell.” Tornado grabbed his sword off of the counter in his house, strapping it on around his waist. “Alrighty! Let's get on with it and find this second key!” Chester put the first key in his pocket. Everyone decided it was safer with Chester than anyone else, so Chester would hold the other three, and then give it to Tornado to do what he wanted to do. But, no one expected to run into trouble so soon... To Be Continued...

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