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The Great Restoration

Super Tornado covered the distance between Negative Tornado and himself in less than an eighteenth of a millisecond. “Let’s get this fight on!” Negative Tornado was confused. “What the heck? You’re supposed to be dead!” Super Tornado whipped his head in Negative Tornado’s direction. For once, those ice cold green eyes sparked a fear deep inside of him. Tornado, the dead one, had almost done it. This Super Tornado could destroy him without effort. “You think I am dead? Well here I am! And I’m not dead. What do think of that?” Super Tornado turned his gaze back to the storm. “What’s the plan? We should go in with a plan, right?” Metal Shadow asked. Super Tornado glanced at all the dead bodies lying around. “First, we rise to life one of these people. We need four of us to do this. Next… I’ll wait until you choose who to remake.” Negative Tornado looked around. He spotted a pile of ash to his right, and another heap of bodies on the left. “This one right here.” Super Tornado walked over to the mound of ash. “Very well. I will do what I can do.” He chanted weird words, supposedly ones to help bring back to life whoever this was. A soft glow settled above the ashes. They rose up into a solid form, and when it was done, Jack Stone stood right there. “What happened?” He asked. Super Tornado walked up to him. “You died and I brought you back. I am Super Tornado, the one who killed the storm five thousand years ago. And I will do it again.” Super Tornado gestured to the others. “These two helped pick out who we should need. They decided you were the one.” He walked back to a bare patch of grass. “Do we have a plan?” Jack asked. “For one, yes, we do. And for another, you ask too many questions. Let's go over it.” All day was spent by Super Tornado telling his plan and questions being asked and answered. “When will this plan be used?” Metal Shadow wanted to know. “Since it is late in the day already, we'll start tomorrow.” Next morning, Super Tornado reviewed the plan. “Everyone know what they're doing?” A glum yes was the answer he got. “Time to do it!” Jack Stone went up first. “Yo, alien laser! I'm right here! What's your problem?” The laser knew already that this was an enemy. Jack ducked just in time. “I've got a few friends here! Want to meet them?” He ducked again as a laser shot overhead. “Okay, fine, be that way. This is Metal Shadow on my right and Negative Tornado on my left. Understand?” a triple laser came, but against Jack Stone, Metal Shadow, and Super Negative Tornado, there was no way a hit was going to be made. Meanwhile, Super Tornado blasted behind the storm. He flew up and searched for the control panel. If I could do this with one person last time, I'll do it with three. He found it, finally, and got out a shield. Back to the other three, they were dodging and distracting at the same time. Jack told Super Negative Tornado to try and attack. He threw a tornado to test it. Once the laser saw it, it was freaked out. Several lasers shot at it but went harmlessly through the wind. Tornado met laser, exploding on impact. Part of it fell to earth. Back to Super Tornado. An explosion rocked the laser. What were the people thinking? Super Tornado saw a piece of the laser's metal fall off, with some circuitry, too. This got him to thinking: what if this wasn't the original storm? How else could an attack gotten through the massive shields it was supposed to have? Super Tornado joined Jack and the other two. “Guys! Go back! I can do this alone!” Super Negative Tornado stopped and stared at him. Jack and Metal Shadow followed suit. “You have to trust me! I have a new plan that can destroy him in one hit! But I can only do it with you guys on the ground!” Jack looked uncertain. “We don't know what will happen! Besides, you can't guarantee anything anyway!” Super Tornado looked down. “No. I can't.” He whispered. Metal Shadow came forward. “Whatever it is you need to do, I will step back and let you do. So will these guys. Right?” He asked, raising his voice a bit. Super Negative Tornado looked at Jack and agreed. So did Jack. “Okay, then! Let me do this.” Jack led the path back to earth. “Time to settle this once... and... for... all.” Super Tornado charged up an attack. His hands started to emit a steady glow. If you looked closely, you could see the ball forming around his hands. The light shot out. Super Negative Tornado turned back to Negative Tornado once more and looked up. The storm was glowing. Not the actual storm, but Super Tornado's attack. An extremely thick and wide beam shot out like a missile towards the laser. Following that, several killer shock waves of pure power. The end for Negative Tornado, Metal Shadow, and Jack Stone came quickly. Neither of them felt a thing, a dying instantly from a wave bigger than all of the rest. Earth was silent. No one moving, because everyone was already dead. Super Tornado's body floated in space, unmoving. Until this moment.

To Be Continued in Celebration(4)

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