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The Haunted HouseEdit

Down the hill, people say there’s a haunted house. “I’m not going there.” Some people tell themselves. But now, it has been turned into a very successful hotel by a rich family. They started out poor, but worked for ten years to get enough money to buy the place.

“One room for one hundred dollars, sir.” The clerk handed a hooded figure the keys. 

“Thanks.” His voice was gruff, like a dwarf’s, but this customer was NOT a dwarf. Later that night, a scream broke through the silence. Objects were being moved around by themselves , cupboards opening, and plates crashing to the floor. Everyone was in panic mode. There was more crashing in al of the rooms, including the mysterious hooded man’s room. Outside, another figure hit the ground, grunting, and ran away from the hotel. As he looked back, a blue stripe down the middle of his forehead shone with brilliant blue light. Then after he kept on running.

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