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The Quest’s Beginning

Tornado sat down at his desk at the tumbleweed he lived in. Then, Tornado got out an eraser, a pencil sharpener, and a lot of pencils. “Let’s see here.” He thought up of a first sentence, wrote it down, and didn’t like it. The paper flew into the garbage. After about four hours of unsuccessful first sentences, Tornado stood up. “This is not going very good.” Tornado told himself. He went over to Chester’s house to play some games. Tornado never knew that his life would change from that moment on. “Chester! I came!” Tornado yelled upstairs. He heard some thumping, and Chester fell down the stairs. “I have someone you need to meet, Tornado.” Chester declared. He ran upstairs. Tornado just flew through the ceiling to Chester’s room. A girl that looked about twelve or thirteen years old. “Hi! Chester told me that you would come in like that.” “What? Through the floor?” Chester got upstairs in a few minutes. “Tornado, this is Kari. Kari, it seems like you have already made friends with him.” Kari smiled. “Best friends!” She corrected him. Tornado noticed Kari’s lantern. “I can’t help but noticing you have an unusual lantern.” Kari held it up. “That’s what everyone says when I meet them. But it’s no big deal. I get a lot of help from my little lantern.” Tornado looked at Chester’s clock. “I am actually late for a meeting with someone. But I’ll see you at school and we can talk more at lunch.” Kari just stared blankly. “Oh, Chester will show you the school here. I have a meeting, as I already said. Bye!” Tornado fell through the floor as a ghost, then ran out the door to his house. Kari watched him go, seeing the rouse up of sand in the desert as he ran. “How fast can Tornado go?” She asked Chester. “In air or on land?” “It doesn’t matter.” Chester thought for a moment. “No one actually knows that just yet. But I will find it out.” Kari smiled again. “No need to.” She pulled a potion out of her lantern and drank it. “Wow! That is so amazing!” “Huh? What?” Chester asked stupidly. “I got it that Tornado can run…and fly… over speeds of one hundred billion miles an hour. That’s fast for someone like him.” Meanwhile, Tornado got to his house just in time for homework. He flew through his window from outside into his room. Tornado threw stuff across the room, looking for his backpack. “Here it is. Done.” His paper suddenly got a bunch of notes on it, covered completely on ten sheets of paper. The math Tornado was assigned started on the fifteenth page. “Wait a second! I know why Kari was here! To tell me something!” Since his homework was done, and it was already six, Tornado zoomed back to Chester’s house. He knocked on the door. Kari opened it. “I suddenly got the feeling that you have an item of great importance, and it needs to be destroyed.” Tornado said quietly. Kari remained silent. “Yes, actually I did.” She pulled something out of her lantern. “This amulet I brought with me is very, very, dangerous. It’s evil beyond all evils, and its master…” Kari stopped in mid sentence. “Tornado, the amulet’s master is…” Tornado nodded slowly. “Yes, yes, I know. Negative Tornado.” Kari looked desperate. “No Tornado! The amulet’s master is Chester!” Her voice cracked a little. Tornado took this into consideration. “I refuse to believe it.” Tornado whispered. “Not him… not Chester. No, IT CAN’T BE!” He paced around the living room, thinking hard. “And you came… so I could go to some region and throw it in somewhere or destroy it so that I’m the only one effected?” Kari shook her head. “No… no, Tornado! It’s true you need to go far, beyond the reaches of everyone here. But you will meet friends on the way, I have seen this with a far sight potion…” Tornado whirled around. “Oh, so that’s it. Your lantern also provides potions, eh?” He sat down, unable to grasp that Chester was the maker of the amulet. “Wait a bit. You said… you said you brought the amulet here from a very long distance?” Kari nodded. “And if I remember, you also said that Chester is the one who made it. Right?” “Correct.” She answered. “So how can Chester have made the amulet… oh, no. BIG problem, if I know what I am thinking.” Tornado looked at Kari’s eyes. “Tell me there isn’t a Negative Chester too?” She nodded again. He got off his seat. “Give me the amulet. I shall take it and destroy it beyond the farthest reaches of my friends.” Kari stood up, too. “I’m going with you.” She said. Tornado sighed. “Okay. But don’t get into trouble.” At midnight, Tornado and Kari crept out of town to go on Tornado’s quest. “Are you sure that I’m supposed to leave? Last time that happened, I discovered what happened in the future.” “I need to tell you that you will be going to the elevator of Hades.” Tornado nearly choked. “I have to die?” He asked silently. “No no no! I don’t mean that! I mean you have to get ready by going on this quest and doing a few things.” Tornado chuckled. “Heck, I could just go underground and deliver it to the devil that way!” They continued on until daybreak, while they were in California. Tornado met someone in the lava caves. “Hey there! I’m Andy, here’s a high five!” He smacked Tornado’s hand, and he went flying backwards into a ravine. Tornado stopped himself just on time to fly back up and land on the railway. “Either that was a mistake or you are the most handsome villain I’ve ever met!” Tornado got out his sword. Andy retracted one from his cane. “This is only the beginning, Tornado!” Andy hissed. Tornado jumped backwards twenty feet. “And I’m Tiger Woods!” He taunted Andy. “You will know when I have beaten you! There is a war going on right now because of your amulet!” This made Tornado pause a little. How did Andy know about the amulet? “Ah ha! I took advantage of your hesitation!” Tornado found himself hanging from the railing. “Not yet, you haven’t!” Tornado yelled. He extended his hand and pulled Andy over the ravine. “Happy fall!” And let go. Andy screamed all the way down, but Tornado knew he had grabbed hold of the slippery rock before falling all the way down. “Well, I took care of him. Where were you all the time, Kari?” Tornado looked around. Kari was nowhere to be found. “Kari!” Tornado yelled. He looked over the edge to see Andy drag her down with him. There was a faint green glow moving away fast. Tornado free fell for exactly one minute until he reached the bottom. A green glow was in the distance, faint, but Tornado could see it. He ran for awhile, just wondering how Andy got down here AND grabbed Kari’s ankle while falling. Tornado sped up a little, saw the lantern a little brighter, and flew silently past Andy, holding an unconscious Kari going with a steady jog. “Hey you! Mess with Tornado or any of his friends and I shall give you something worse!” Andy stopped, looking all around. “Who is it?” Andy yelled. “Blue Dragon.” Andy turned around, only getting blasted by a tornado. “Courtesy of Blue Dragon. He provides a distraction, I sneak up with my little feet and throw one little tornado!” Andy looked at himself. He was being morphed into a mule. “No! Not a mule!” Andy cried. But it wasn’t a mule. It was an ant. A carpenter ant, to be exact. “You’ll pay for this!” A shrill voice screamed. Blue Dragon released his hold on the ceiling, coming down to the ground. “Nice to see you again. I thought you were dead.” Tornado shook his head. “Nah, that’s what everyone says now when they find me.” He walked over to Kari. “Do you know how I can get to Casaliland? I need to get some apples.” Blue Dragon looked surprised. “Why not get them here?” “Because there aren’t any bonsai apple trees around, that’s why.” Kari was still knocked out, so Tornado picked her up and flew up to the walkway again. “I know where you need to go.” Blue Dragon piped up. “True?” Tornado asked. “Your school’s trees.” Tornado looked surprised to hear this. “Those old trees that apples grow on are bonsai apple trees?” Tornado never knew this until now. “But there are some other trees nearby that I can take you to.” They traveled up to Casaliland, the village of trees and flowers. “So you are saying that all these trees are bonsai apple trees?” Blue Dragon nodded. Tornado picked one from a tree and took a bite. All of a sudden, his battle scars were gone, old wounds also completely healed. “Interesting.” As soon as Kari woke up, Tornado handed her an apple. “Eat one of these. It will help you a lot, as it did for me.” Kari looked confused. “What happened? Why are we in Casaliland?” Tornado looked at Blue Dragon, then turned back to Kari. “Long story. You see the trees here? They’re the ancient bonsai apple trees. They provide regeneration apples for the weak and weary. In a case, you.” Tornado zipped the backpack closed. “I asked the villagers, explained what I did for a living, and they gladly allowed me to take about thirty apples. But we need to get going. Negative Chester is coming soon, so…” Kari stood up straight. “So we will stay and help them. If they are generous enough to let you take their special apples, we should stay and help them fight whatever is coming.” All of a sudden, a huge tsunami wave came into the village. “Aw great. Negative Chester has already started.” Tornado ran forward, got his sword out, and froze the tsunami. The villagers stared in amazement. Kari took out an invisibility potion from her lantern, turning invisible. She took another one of speed and zoomed behind the wave of frozen water. There stood Negative Chester. Kari ran into him at full speed. It wasn’t long until Tornado heard this, running to the assistance of Kari. He saw Negative Chester for the first time. Of course, Negative Chester was exactly like Chester, but he had red eyes, not blue ones. “Why did this have to happen?” Negative Chester turned around. “It didn’t happen Tornado. You made it happen!” Tornado realized something just then that he was why Negative Chester came into being. Or was he? “You’re wrong! I never even knew how you were created, but I have a feeling who did!” Tornado threw one after the other, not stopping until he reached Negative Chester. Tornado spun around, tripping him easily as Negative Chester fell to the ground, Tornado blasted his speed at full power. Going straight at his enemy. “Courtesy of my good friend who helped me defeat Super Negative Tornado one time and only one time!” Tornado shouted. The space in front of Tornado was turning yellow all around, until Tornado became Golden Tornado, flying up, around, and in circles. “I… have just begun!” Tornado roared. Negative Chester found a hesitation in Tornado, took the chance, escaping from Golden Tornado’s super attack. But not for long. Tornado teleported to him as easily as Sonic the hedgehog could run. He ducked while Tornado flew overhead. Wrong move. Rocks started falling on him now, burying him in them. Golden Tornado turned back into Tornado. He floated himself to the ground. Negative Chester was unconscious. “I will try not do something like that again.” Kari helped him up off of his position. “You were great!” Tornado pulled the amulet out of its hiding place and looked at it. “Right now… a war is going on because of this thing.” He remembered the words Kari had told him when she gave it to him. The amulet was indeed very beautiful, Tornado’s opinion was so. But, it needed to be destroyed, so he would destroy it in any way he could. “Come on, Tornado. Time to leave.” Just then, a tall man wearing tights jogged up to Tornado. “Greetings, my friends! How may I help you?” The man stood there, waiting for an answer. “Hello, may I ask why you are asking me a question?” Tornado asked. “Oh, of course. I am Ashley Moise. It is my privilege to meet you, Tornado. You probably also wonder how I know your name. A friend of yours, Hurricane, I believe, told me about you.” Tornado turned away to think. “Hurricane told him? Funny that he never mentioned Ashley Moise in a single conversation we had.” Tornado turned back to him. “It is a pleasure for me to meet you too, Mr. Moise.” He nodded. “A man’s greeting is a head nod, but a gentleman’s is a handshake.” Ashley shook Tornado’s hand. Tornado almost crushed his hand, was he not careful. “Sorry about that.” Tornado began clearly. “But I have problems hand shaking because my hand is on a sword handle almost all the time, so I must hold it tightly, not to have it knocked out of my hands.” Ashley Moise nodded in an understanding way. “You see, I have a big thingy I’m on right now so I must continue.” Tornado walked away, heading for his next place, where the sidewalk ends. The seasons changed until Canadark came. Tornado was at where the sidewalk ends. He closed his eyes, feeling a breeze as the wind blew. Or was it the natural wind? Tornado turned around and consulted with Kari for a moment. “So, what will happen if I fly off of here?” Kari peered over the edge. “You will lose control and fall forever, never returning, because that’s what happens when someone steps accidentally off of this sidewalk.” As Tornado backed away cautiously, he saw a person falling from the sky. “That is an example of what will happen to you, Tornado, if you step off the sidewalk.” He turned away from the edge, because the thought of falling forever made him sick. “I could use a little bit of water. It’s really hot out, especially in Canadark.” Tornado went to a river to cool off, but stopped. He heard someone in the distance screaming, “Get away! It’s a nightmare! You don’t want to go over the edge! I barely survived falling myself!” Tornado knew exactly what they were talking about. He ran to see what was going to happen. Before he could, Tornado was blasted to the ground by Negative Tornado. “I have waited until the right moment, and here it is at last! I can just throw you over the edge of forever!” Negative Tornado upgraded himself into Super Negative Tornado. And threw Tornado over the edge of where the sidewalk ends. But not before Tornado grabbed hold of Super Negative Tornado’s arm with using elastic power in his arms to pull his enemy away with him. A strange thing happened then. The sidewalk, where there was supposed to be empty air, there was a path beneath Tornado’s feet, but not Negative Tornado’s. He fell, yelling one final thing: “I will get you for this!” If you can reach me in time. Thought Tornado. He walked forward… every step, solid, invisible ground in front of him… until he reached the ground he could see. Kari stared with fascination. Tornado continued on, heading in the other direction while Kari hurried to keep up with him. “You must be kidding me! I mean, how can you just walk off of where the sidewalk ends and not fall?” Kari had a billion other questions to ask Tornado, falling behind and then rushing to his side again. They reached the Grand Canyon, just passing by to go to South Africa. The ice was still not even halfway melted from Tornado’s last visit and victory there. “Here is where I froze the Grand Canyon while I was Storm Tornado.” Tornado informed Kari. She stared in awe, touching the ice. Tornado turned the other way, only to bump into… Ashley Moise. “Hey! I never knew you would come here too!” Ashley told Tornado. “Yeah. Just showing Kari a few sites where I once had a major fight.” Tornado turned to Kari. “Come on, let’s go to Africa now.” Then he turned to Ashley Moise. “Since you keep on turning up, we might as well take us with you.” When they got to Africa, it was humid. “I never thought that a rainforest looked like this before.” Kari observed. Tornado searched all around. He found nothing. “Nothing here. Might as well go to Batman’s cave.” Walk a long time, Tornado, Kari, and Ashley Moise did. Since Gotham city was Batman’s/ Bruce Wayne’s home, Tornado found a comic book to go into, leading the two behind him in also. “I never knew it was so big!” Tornado examined every inch, even inside of the computer. But was thrown out by a virus protector. “No luck again. I need to make an accurate guess for once.” He got up, walked to Ashley Moise, and whispered something in his ear. Ashley nodded, motioning for Kari to follow him. “Continue on to the bottom of the ocean. I will meet you there as soon as I finish here.” Tornado grabbed Kari’s arm. “And stay out of trouble. Attract no attention to yourself, but if the time comes, do what you can.” Ashley had to drag Kari out of the comic book and into the real world, never to return to the bat cave. Tornado continued looking throughout Gotham city before leaving. But at the last second, Tornado saw something that caught the corner of his eye. A shiny, metal, ring. Tornado picked it up, examining the ring. He tried it on, suddenly getting a green outline. There was a peculiar thing about this ring. It contained a picture of a lantern on it. Shrugging, Tornado took it off and put it back on a garbage can lid. Then withdrew himself out and into his own world again. “Done here, now for the ocean.” He started to run. Jumping into the air, he took off, speeding to the ocean. Once Tornado reached his destination, he turned into Chester, going all the way down to the ocean floor. Kari and Ashley Moise weren’t there yet. Or were they in a different part of ocean. So Tornado sat and waited patiently. In the sky, Kari had to teach Ashley how to control the flying potion she had given him. “Okay, try flapping your arms.” Ashley did, only to result in spinning out of control in a somersault. Kari laughed, grabbing Ashley’s hand and guided him above the water. She got two blue eyes potion from the lantern and gave one to Ashley. He immediately dropped into the blue. Kari did the same once she took hers. Tornado sat down at the bottom, waiting. He stood up, greeting them with a smile. “I have a feeling I am almost done with my little quest here.” Tornado informed them. “Good. The sooner, the better.” Ashley Moise looked directly into Tornado’s eyes. “I know exactly what you need to do.” Tornado was curious. “Okay, Mr. Moise. Curiosity killed the cat. Go ahead, tell me what you want to tell me.” For the next two hours, they all spent time talking and discussing their plan. “It’s outrageous.” Kari complained. “There is no reason to go and fetch someone who wants to kill you. Absolutely no reason at all.” Ashley stood up. “It is, after all, our only plan.” He walked around, stretching his legs. Tornado got up himself. “I agree. We have no choice. Where the sidewalk ends, now.” And they were there. Tornado walked out onto his invisible path. Negative Tornado came down, and as he did, Tornado grabbed his hand, pulling him out of empty space. “What do you want with me?” Negative Tornado snarled. Tornado turned to face him. “A favor. You will help me, in turn for my life.” Negative Tornado raised his eyebrows. “Me, do a favor for you, with payment of your life? Now that’s a deal right there.” He paced around in circles, thinking of possible ways to get rid of Tornado in his own, fitting way. “Deal.” Negative Tornado shook Tornado’s hand. “But it’s too late. You can’t call it off.” Tornado was calm. “I don’t want to take it back. I am yours to do whatever with.” “What, exactly, is this small favor you ask of?” Negative Tornado asked. “We need to go to a mountain in Japan. Know where it is? Good, I do too. Catch me if you can!” Negative Tornado growled, “I do not play games. What I play is far too dangerous for anyone to know.” But he followed Tornado anyway. “Search for anything that will help with…” Tornado suddenly fell, feeling as though the weight of the world lay on his shoulders. And it did. “Such… a heavy weight… can’t lift it for much… longer.” Negative Tornado looked at him weirdly. “Fine. I’ll do something for you if it helps.” The weight was gone. Tornado stood upright. “Thanks. I needed that.” Negative Tornado just stayed there, leaning against his sword. It was freezing cold. Mountains always are. Meanwhile, at Negative Chester’s manor, Negative Chester looked into his crystal ball. An image of Tornado and his friends on Mt. Kilomonjaro gave him an idea. “Captain!” Negative Chester bellowed. The captain, a man in his thirties, came at his request. “Yes sir? What will I do?” “Get all of the foot soldiers and send them to fetch me Tornado. Leave no one else alive.” The captain saluted, walking away to carry out the orders. Back to Tornado, they were still getting nowhere until, “Tornado, get over here!” Negative Tornado roared. Tornado did his best to plow through the snow that had fallen from the sky like a storm. Actually, it was a storm. But you could not hear everyone else talk except if that person yelled, screamed, or roared. As did Negative Tornado. “What did you find?” Tornado shouted back. Before he could reply, a small army of soldiers appeared, charging toward them. “Get ready for a fight!” He yelled. They all pulled out their swords. Tornado met the first few, cutting them down easily. Chester and Hurricane rushed into the fight, also taking down soldiers as they came. Negative Tornado didn't take out his sword until a soldier reached him. He cut that one in half, following suit with any soldier in his way. There finally was no way Negative Tornado could avoid fighting furiously. “Negative Tornado!” Tornado called out. He stopped and looked up, his sword gleaming red. Hurricane saw the troops pulling back. The leader was atop a hill. It wasn't long until the leader shot an arrow that hit Hurricane. He just kept on fighting, even though he had an arrow in him. Then Hurricane got another arrow from the leader. Again, he still fought continually until the last arrow stunned him. While the leader walked closer, all Hurricane could do was watch. The soldiers ran past him, paying him no mind. All soldiers disappeared, with Chester knocked unconscious and as their hostage. The leader reached Hurricane. He pulled one more outrageous big looking arrow from his quiver. Hurricane was still stunned, watching because he could only do so. With the string pulled all the way back, Hurricane knew he wouldn't live throughout the whole quest. That is, before Tornado interrupted by tackling the leader, releasing the string, making an arrow thwip into the trees. Tornado got up after he fell down. The leader got up, too. Tornado blasted him apart with an attack that he hadn't used in a while. The leader fell to the ground as a pile of dust. Tornado rushed to Hurricane. “You need to... go get... Chester.” Hurricane did not rush the words. “Come on, we've gotta go.” Tornado urged him. Hurricane shook his head. “My time is over, Tornado. It was fun while it lasted.” Hurricane closed his eyes for the last time. Tornado wept for a long time. Negative Tornado walked up and reported, “We need to go, Tornado. There is nothing you can do for the dead.” He walked away again, sheathing his sword. Tornado stayed for a moment longer. He then picked up Hurricane, took him to an old medieval fortress and put him in a wooden box he made from the trees. “Okay, Negative Tornado. While everyone else stayed behind in Casaliland to recover, only we remain. Let's go hunt some foot soldiers.” They continued on their way to the next destination they needed to go to.

To Be Continued...

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This story is continued in: The End?

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