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Thunderbolt: A New Beginning

One day, as Tornado and Hurricane walked the streets, a deep rumbling sound filled the sky. Hurricane signaled Tornado, and he flew over to his friend. “Hear that?” “Let me guess: the loud roll of thunder? Yeah, I heard it, alright.” “What do you think it is?” Tornado paused to think. “Most likely thunder. It can't really be a person. No one can do that. Except me, actually, but it wasn't I who did it. That must have been from at least thousands, if not millions of miles away from here.” Hurricane still held his gaze at the sky in the distance. He had a bad feeling about that thunder. Was it a person? As morning came, Tornado drank his last can of root beer. “Well, nothing really exciting happened, but it was pretty interesting.” Stacy and Chester listened intently. “We heard a loud noise, like thunder.” Stacy told him. “Was that the interesting part?” “Basically. Now, let's get to school before it starts. Chester has come in with a tardy note too many times to do it today.” Hold on, pause the story for a second. By this time, Tornado and Stacy have had countless conversations about everything, and you wonder why they aren't dating? They do, just not during stories. Unpause. In school, Tornado finished his homework first – a big stack almost up to the ceiling. He lets the stack get big and finishes it all during class. Tornado really is that fast. At free time, Tornado stood by his locker and wrote some words on it. Anyone walking by stops and always reads the words on Tornado's locker. It's usually a trivia question or something like that. A tongue twister, sometimes jokes that can make even the grumpiest person laugh out loud. The following night, what Tornado and Hurricane thought was thunder last night had come to their town. A mighty roar filled the air, making people that were awake hold their ears in pain and those who were asleep got woken. They too, had to cover their ears. Chester, Hurricane, and Tornado woke up at the same instant, doing everything the same in different houses, even though spread far apart they were. First, they all got their swords, buckled them on, and headed to the bathroom, which opened a secret tunnel to get to the bottom of town and into a secret meeting area below Tornado's favorite place. “Okay, Chester, Hurricane?” Just then, Hurricane walked into the secret room. “Sorry I'm late. Had to brush my teeth first.” Tornado smiled. He enjoyed Hurricane's company because he could be so serious. But every once in a while, he could be humorous as well. “What's the story? I haven't learned why we're here yet.” Chester told them. Tornado pointed to a digital map on the table they were standing around. A green dot moved in their direction, only above ground. “We have ourselves an enemy... I actually hesitate to call him an enemy, because we don't know anything about him, but we'll assume he is for now. We have ourselves an extremely big threat here. His voice is loud, he can roar as loud as thunder and lightning combined, and we have no idea what he is.” Chester raised an eyebrow. “It... he, is traveling fast, too. Must be a good runner or...” Hurricane looked at Tornado. “...faster than ourselves. Look!” The green dot had reached their town. Not only did the screen show it, but they heard it as well. “Let's go!” Chester shouted. Exiting the secret room, Tornado, Hurricane, and Chester ran up to the hilltop. Another roar came from the library. It was a deafening roar, so loud that Tornado and his friends had to cover their ears. But even then, it sounded like a monster truck revving up it's engine right next to them. “Come on! Lets' see what it is!” Hurricane shouted over the noise. Tornado and Chester nodded, understanding what Hurricane meant. “Here's the plan! We throw long range attacks, because that... whoever he is, can explode our hearing senses completely if we are not careful! Get ready for a long range attack!” Chester checked over his attacks, Hurricane fixed up some hurricanes with long range, and Chester decreased his stinger's size by a lot. Tornado didn't really need to do anything at all, besides wait for his friends. “I'll attack first!” “No! We will attack together! Just stick with what we're doing, and it should be fine!” Tornado started it off. “Ready! Set! Fire!” All at once, Tornado, Chester, and Hurricane attacked with long range, hoping it would do something. It didn't do a thing. Whoever this was just dismissed their attacks as if they were nothing. After that, he roared even louder than all the other times, shattering glass and making low rumbling shock waves in the ground. “Earthquake!” Tornado yelled, flying straight up. Chester and Hurricane followed him, but the quake must have effected the air as well. “Oh no! It's an air quake, too?” Chester shouted in disbelief. If you had been there, you would have heard. Or maybe you would be deaf already. Others were aware as well, such as: Jack Stone, X, Metal Shadow, and Blue Midnight. On her way there, she came across a large shape in the night. Blue Midnight could see in the dark clearly, and what she saw was a monster of a thing. It let out a roar that could be heard from thousands of miles away. “Stop! Tell me who you are!” Blue Midnight yelled to the monster. It turned around and smiled, but not pleasantly. “Me? Oh, of course. I'm the only one here besides you. I don't really have a name, but I'll say it's... Thunderbolt. Where's the nearest town around here so I can attack and destroy everything?” Blue Midnight hid herself in the night climate. “If that's your plan, I have to stop you. I will not permit you to destroy just for the fun of it, especially if there's no real reason.” As she finished, Thunderbolt saw a meteor heading straight for him, colliding head on and pushing him back about twelve feet away. “Did you like that? Good, because there's more coming.” This time, a whole fleet of meteors covered Thunderbolt and exploded on impact. Blue Midnight waited for the smoke to clear, and saw a much bigger shape from the smoke emerge, and Thunderbolt laughed. “Is that all? Okay, my turn.” Still chuckling quite a bit, he roared louder than he usually did, and Blue Midnight had to create a temporary place of open space right where she stood and started to walk into it backwards. Thunderbolt was getting drawn in, and he couldn't survive in space without a suit like Blue Midnight could, or like any of the Undefeated. Slowly and steadily, Blue Midnight walked backwards until she finally drew Thunderbolt into the open space. He had to stop his attack for the current moment while he planned a new escape in his mind. Suddenly, a streak of lightning crashed directly on Blue Midnight, causing her to collapse and go unconscious. Her attack closed itself until nothing was left, and Thunderbolt continued walking on his way to find the closest town.

Tornado found himself buried in a pile of earth when he woke up. The air quake must have thrown him there, but Tornado never felt a thing. He blacked out before he reached the ground. Chester and Hurricane were not far away, and they soon woke up, too. “What happened? I don't remember anything before that earthquake.” “There was more than an earthquake. An air quake, too. Whoever caused it is really strong and experienced in his abilities, or whatever he has.” They each headed back to their homes to sleep away the night until the next day came. Tornado knew they would all need it. When morning arrived, Tornado heard a knock on his door. Moving as quickly as he could, Tornado got dressed and rushed to open the door. Blue Midnight was waiting for him, like an unexpected visitor. She was bruised from something, and Tornado didn't know what. “What happened? Oh, sorry, come in please.” Tornado moved himself so Blue Midnight could enter, closing the door after her. “Thunderbolt is coming.” “What?” “You've heard him by now, a roar like thunder in the sky.” Now Tornado remembered. It wasn't very long ago that he had been blacked out by an air quake, and Blue Midnight must have had a run in with this Thunderbolt she was telling Tornado about. “He can shatter windows with his roar, and occasionally lightning, which is what I figured out... the hard way.” “Interesting. Any idea how to beat him?” Blue Midnight shook her head. “Not yet. But if we get a scan of Thunderbolt's body, the Undefeated can figure out how many of us it will take to bring him down. And all of your friends may be required, too. Just wait 'till he gets here, because he's coming fast. Even maybe already here.” Tornado stood and walked to his door. Blue Midnight followed him out of his tumbleweed. “If you need a scan of Thunderbolt's body, then I suggest you get your scan quickly and safely. I'll gather who I can to my aid, and then we'll have a showdown.” Tornado and Blue Midnight went different ways to prepare for a great war coming straight towards them at this very moment.

To Be Continued...

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