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Tornado's DefeatEdit

“Hurry! Everyone out! Quickly, now.” A hotel guard was directing everyone out of the three story high hotel. “My kid is in there!” A man yelled. Firemen were rushing here and there, trying to get the fire out with their hoses.

	  In space, a huge fireball raced toward Earth, going at 

five thousand miles an hour. The fireball entered Earth’s atmosphere and crashed down into Antarctica, right into one of the icebergs. A helicopter flying above hovered in the air, watching the iceberg. When nothing happened, the helicopter flew away. Suddenly, as soon as the copter was five hundred million miles away, the iceberg exploded, sending fifty sextillion pieces of tiny ice particles everywhere. All the particles dropped, and a figure of a male teenager was hovering in the air. He was looking in the direction of Washington State. He walked in the sky and set his foot on the ice. Then, he started walking toward Sultan Washington. Meanwhile, Tornado and Hurricane are walking to Hurricane’s house. “Man, that was funny.” Hurricane said, laughing out loud. “Yeah, it was pretty ridiculous. But no one with that much power could even do that, right? So I made it up.” “All we ever talk about is the most hilarious tournament mistakes.” Tornado said. “Here’s my house.” Hurricane told Tornado. They walked to the door and went inside. “Tornado!” Hurricane suddenly yelled. “Get over here! Now!”

	“What is it, Hurricane?” 

“See for yourself.” Tornado looked out the window. He saw something that made him go backwards and crash through the wall. “Tornado! What are you so scared about?” Hurricane asked. Tornado was shaking in the corner of an alley. “Him! He has finally come!” Tornado said in a shaky voice. He got up, and fixed the wall, then went back inside with Hurricane. “Tornado, what is it? Why did you freak out like that?” Tornado groaned and looked down. “I never knew he would come again! I thought his business was done here. Well, to answer your question, he is an alien far more powerful than all of us combined. The world cannot defeat him. I heard him say in my mind once that he would come back some day. And today is it.” Tornado walked around in circles. “He is the one who grew from the thunder stone. No one except me can beat him, and that was a fight for fun when I almost killed myself.” Hurricane looked around. “Why don’t you go beat him again?” “Because, he’s on our side. We are good friends, and decided to defeat Super Negative Tornado together. So we waited until the enemy struck, and attacked. My friend got knocked to the ground in a sword fight. He became so angry, that he threw his sword into himself. I never saw him after that. Thinking he was dead, I made a funeral for him. His name is on a monument in the graveyard. It was a sad day, until I saw him out the window a few minutes ago.” Tornado finished his story and looked up at Hurricane. “Well, that would make a good report. But if I know you, you will not tell anyone. Come on; let’s start making some things for the fair coming up.” Hurricane and Tornado went upstairs. “Hey, I never knew you had a trophy for racing. Which car did you drive?” Tornado asked “Um… number twenty-six, if I remember correctly.” Hurricane replied. “Oh, my gosh. I was your competition. Remember when the number three car spun you out of the race onto the grass?” “Yes. Why?” “Just curious. Cause I watched your car spin out of the race when I was driving past.” “What was your number?” “Number fifteen, I think. I was behind you when I saw it. Are we done?” Asked Tornado. “Yes, we are done. We have finished making our Popsicle city. Looks good, right?” Tornado didn’t answer. He was gone. Meanwhile, the kid was walking into a store, Tornado was wearing a disguise and had a hood on over his head. “Here,” he handed over a five dollar bill. “Keep the change.” The kid grabbed a box of donuts and left the little shop. Tornado followed. When they stopped, Tornado saw that they were at a portal. “So, this is where he comes in.” Tornado thought to himself. He followed his friend inside. Suddenly, an alarm went off. The kid spun around, and saw nothing. He turned off the alarm and continued on. Tornado flew above him. He led Tornado to a battlefield. “Why did he come here?” Tornado wondered. “Stop hiding. I know you are following.” Tornado lowered himself and touched the ground. “Why did you kill yourself? Tornado asked. “I have a reason for that. I was thrown to the ground like a powerless person.” “You didn’t have to do that. You could have knocked Super Negative Tornado off of his feet!” “I know that. But I was not thinking straight. All these years, you were and still are my friend. But what I did could not be helped.” “You’re only saying that because it isn’t true!” Tornado shouted. “But I have thought you were dead the whole time, for ten years! I even have a monument of what you did to help me defeat our enemy!” The kid slowly turned around. “You must take it down. I didn’t do anything like that to make you beat him. As far as I know, I do not remember Super Negative Tornado taking his attention off of you to see what happened.” He turned back around and looked up at the sky. “That’s because you had your eyes closed. And I hope you know what you are missing. So I say, do not waste your whole darn life here. They say people who are isolated from their friends start drinking, because they miss him or her so much.” Tornado walked, then started running, and jumped up into the air through the portal. His friend stayed behind and never walked away until it was very late. Tornado was at school the next day, and was playing around with his x-ray vision, when he saw Chester outside the door. “Teacher?” Tornado asked. “Yes?” “Can I go outside for a little jog?” Tornado lowered his hand. “Be back before the next lesson.” Tornado went outside and dragged Chester with him. “What are you waiting for? I thought you had a class.” “I do, but my robot is doing it for me.” Chester said. “Oh. I know you want to see me for something.” “Okay, this one kid with green eyes asked to see you. He said it’s important.” Chester looked down. “Oh, just great. That sure helps a lot.” Tornado walked around in circles for a while. “What are you going to do?” Asked Chester. “Oh, nothing right now. I’m just… thinking about what I should do. I have to go back to the classroom. I’ll meet you at the library after you finish your homework.” After school, Chester and Tornado were at the library, working on their science project. “Man, this is boring.” Chester said. “Maybe this will help.” Tornado touched the project and it was done. “Awesome! Now let’s go to your house.” Chester said. Meanwhile, at the playground, two teenagers were talking. “So, what’s your name?” one asked. “Uh… Metal Shadow.” “Nice. I wish I could have that name.” “What’s yours?” Metal Shadow asked. “I forgot. Just call me Hood.” He answered. Suddenly, they heard a scream. Metal Shadow and Hood raced to where they heard it. Just then, Tornado flew above and kept going, not even looking back. “I have to get to the museum right away. It’s being held up by ten machine gunners.” When Tornado got there, the gunmen were running out of it, carrying bags of valuables to the van. Tornado threw a tornado at the van. It picked up speed and carried the van away. Then, one of the gunmen aimed at Tornado and missed, dropped the gun and ran away. Tornado threw ten thousand tornados all at once at them and flew down to the museum. “Everything alright, sir?” Tornado asked. “Yes, it’s fine, now that you’re here.” The manager replied. Chester came flying down from the sky and landed on his feet. “Tornado, you have to get to the library. Someone is stealing a book. And he’s armed!” Said Chester. Tornado ran like a cheetah, wind blowing as he ran past to the library. “Stop! You have no right to steal from the library!” He turned into Super Tornado and got his sword out. “You want a piece of my sword?” He asked, holding it up so that his captured person could see. “I didn’t think so.” Tornado threw the book in front of the door and took the thief to the police station. “I caught this one trying to steal a book.” Tornado pulled him inside and left. “Still two more to go.” Tornado said to himself. He ran to Stacy’s house and ran upstairs. Tornado opened the door. “Help!” Stacy screamed. Tornado grabbed the gun from the person and crushed it in his hand. “Wait a minute…” He got out his shield and held it in front of him and the others as a bomb blew up. “Turn him into the police, please.” Tornado ordered. He jumped through the window and flew to the bank. “You will not rob the bank!” Tornado said as he marched forward and made the gun turn to dust, and dragged the person away to jail. “I am done now forever. That’s it. No more Tornado for everyone that needs it.” Tornado walked slowly back to his house, thinking. Next morning, Tornado listened in class and did not play around. He actually paid attention to the teacher. “Okay, homework for this week is two pages in math. Tornado, we need to talk after everyone is gone.” Tornado nodded his head slightly, and waited. When the room was empty, the teacher closed the door and smiled. “This could get ugly, so I came prepared.” The teacher turned into Super Negative Tornado. “You!” Tornado gasped. “Yes, me.” He said. “So that’s why Stacy was missing! Because you kidnapped her!” Tornado turned into Super Tornado. “Actually, no. I sent her someplace that you wouldn’t find her. After you left, I left my form as the couch in her living room and went upstairs to take care of business.” Super Negative Tornado smiled again, and started circling Tornado. “Well, now that we’re done talking, it’s about time for something to happen, right? Asked Super Tornado. He let out his war cry and tackled Super Negative Tornado across the room. Meanwhile, Stacy was looking around, wondering where she was. “This is not where I wanted to go for a vacation.” She said to herself. When Stacy reached a river, she bent over and drank the water from it. That’s when she noticed something weird. She saw a frozen ball, west of her. It looked like a person was inside and had an “X” on the back of the hand. Stacy reached out and touched it. In the classroom, Super Tornado threw his enemy through the ceiling. He walked outside and suddenly, couldn’t move. He untied his shoes, but still could not move. “This move was something I needed to work on.” Super Negative Tornado told him. “THAT’S IT, SUPER NEGATIVE TORNADO! YOU ARE NOT GOING TO LIVE AGAIN THIS TIME!” Tornado got out his sword. When Stacy touched the ball of ice, it melted, and out came a figure about Tornado’s size. “Come, little one. I will take you back home.” “Who are you?” Stacy asked. “Me? I call myself X, but my real name is Mark. I started out like you when I was in school, only I didn’t know this would happen. What’s your name, if I can ask?” “I’m Stacy, Tornado’s girlfriend.” Stacy answered, looking at X. “Well, then. Jump on.” X turned into a jet and let Stacy get on before he took off. Back at the school, Super Tornado was giving absolutely zero mercy on his foe, which was having a hard time blocking all of his blows. “Need any help?” Someone asked. He turned around and saw X, Stacy, Hurricane, Chester, and the kid. “Well, Metal Shadow, I appreciate the party. Just get me out of this foot cage. X held out his hand, and Super Tornado could move again. “Now, Metal Shadow and X, please stay back and let Chester and Hurricane fight.” They both stepped back and watched as three superheroes battled one big bad guy. Super Tornado kept on fighting for hours, until he was tired, and was still going when suddenly, Super Negative Tornado got through his defense and stabbed him in his stomach. “Tornado!” Stacy screamed as Super Tornado changed into Tornado, and fell to the ground. Stacy ran up to him and dragged him over to the bench. “That didn’t feel good.” Tornado joked, and said something else. “Stacy, I… need to say something before I’m unconscious. Go to my house and look in the top drawer of my desk.” Tornado blacked out, and Hurricane helped take Tornado to the hospital. When Stacy and Hurricane were gone, Chester looked at Super Negative Tornado. “You are going to pay for that!” Chester screamed, and stabbed Super Negative Tornado through his heart. He scowled fiercely at Chester, screamed, and exploded into a lot of wind. Chester was trying to catch his breath as he walked to the hospital to visit Tornado with Hurricane and Stacy. “Where is his room?” Chester asked. “On the second floor, the first door on your left.” Chester went up to Tornado’s room and saw Stacy crying and Hurricane sitting in a chair. “Let me guess…” Hurricane nodded, and Stacy looked up and wiped tears away from her eyes. “I need to go now.” Stacy said, recovering a little bit. “Good bye Tornado. You were the best friend anyone could ever have.” Hurricane got up and left the hospital with Stacy. “It was good to know you, Tornado. In the end, I avenged you and killed Super Negative Tornado. I’m going to miss you a lot. Good-bye, Tornado. Fare yourself well.” Chester stood up and left, leaving Tornado by himself. At Tornado’s tumbleweed, Hurricane and Stacy looked through everything he had. Chester walked in and chose what he wanted, and left. “So, Stacy. Where do you want to look now?” Hurricane asked. “Upstairs, in his desk.” Stacy answered him. “Why so specific?” “Because he told me to, right before he passed out.” They went upstairs and Stacy looked in the top drawer of Tornado’s desk. She found a disk with all of his songs on it, and an old picture of him and Chester. Last, she found a box with a note. It read: Stacy, this is my mom’s wedding ring she got from my dad. I want you to have it, to remind yourself about me, and all the wonderful adventures we had when I was alive. Please consider this as my present to you on your twentieth birthday, still a long time to come. Stacy started whimpering, so Hurricane gave her a tissue. She wiped her eyes and opened the box. It had three diamonds on it and was gold. Stacy closed the little box and put it in her pocket. “Okay, I’m done for now, Hurricane.” She said. “I will take you home in my car.” Hurricane went out of the room after Stacy and closed the door. “Let’s go see the Grand Canyon!” Tornado suggested. “That’s a very good idea, since it’s summer, and I’ve never been there before.” Tornado laughed and said, “Now is your chance, Hurricane. I bought tickets to a plane that’s going there. For you, Stacy, Chester, and me. Four good friends, on a tour, are all we need.” The memory faded as Hurricane stopped to let Stacy get out of the car and into her house. “See you tomorrow, Stacy.” Hurricane yelled. She nodded and waved, and went into her house. Hurricane drove his car back to where he lived, Tornado’s old tumbleweed. Hurricane did one last search, and retreated one hour later. “Bed time.” Hurricane thought as he got in bed. At Stacy’s house, Stacy was looking at the ring that Tornado had left her. “I shall miss you more than the power you have, Tornado.” She put the ring down on her desk, and started writing a story. “Tornado’s life” by Stacy.

To Be Continued in Two Years Later(2)

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