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Tornado's SagaEdit

Tornado was fixing his computer when a message came up on the screen. It said, this is your enemy and Chester’s enemy. We know where you live and what you value the most. Surrender if you don’t want your friends dead. “They’re already sending threat notes?” Tornado thought. He went to his garage and started working on a special project. “After I’m done with this, they won’t have a chance. They will probably run away at the sight of it.” Tornado said to himself. At recess, Tornado asked his friends, “I need to go see what these guys are up to. If anyone wants to come, I will be at the library.” When Tornado was in his class, there was a substitute teacher there. “Where is the other teacher?” one of the students asked. “That teacher asked me to do it for him. He’s really tired and couldn’t come today. So sit down and get to your seats. Good. See you later.” The teacher left the room and the lights dimmed. “This is really odd.” Tornado remarked. A screen went on the white board. “Hello, kids. This is World Three. We are going to play a game called World Domination. All of you will be deleted or taken prisoner. You have no chance to survive. Surrender or be deleted. What is your choice? You will have the rest of the hour to reply.” The message ended, and the screen on the white board disappeared. When the doors couldn’t open, Tornado and Chester broke the window and flew to the police station. “Yes, we heard about it, Tornado. It was on a blimp screen and went through the whole city.” The chief answered. “Can you tell us where the message came from?” asked Tornado. “It came from a building over there. That one, in fact.” The chief replied. “We’re sending over our best forces because they heard drilling in there. Something like a robot, or who knows what.” Tornado and Chester raced over to the building and searched all of the floors. “There’s nothing here, Tornado. Maybe they are on the top floor.” Chester noted. “Maybe they are.” Agreed Tornado. They went to the elevator and Chester pushed the button for the top floor. When they got to the top floor, they sneaked into the room where all the special police forces were there. As Tornado went in after Chester, the door they had come through locked itself on the outside of the door. A laugh rang out from the speakers in the high corners of the room and everywhere. “Who is that?” yelled Chester. “It is the man who made up this whole thing. I can finally get revenge on the heroes who saved this city and the world. After all this time, I thought I could never make this nice little robot of mine.” A monstrously humongous gigantic shiny robot came up through the floor on a platform. “No way!” Chester gasped. The robot was about as tall and long as eighteen football fields. “Whatever it takes to blow this thing up, we are going to fight until we prevail!” Shouted Tornado. He jumped, threw his most deadly tornado, landed, and watched as it exploded on the robot. When the smoke cleared, it was still there. A voice boomed, “Damage, zero!” “No! Impossible! No robot can do that.” Tornado gasped. The robot got ready and did its attack. This time all of the special police force was annihilated. “You have no chance against it, little kids.” the voice laughed. As the robot got ready, Tornado was busy choosing what cannon to use. “Here’s one that might work.” Replied Tornado, ready to fire. He ducked as the robot did another attack. Chester threw stingers at the robot, but it didn’t do anything. “Chester, I figured out something. It looks like it has a defensive shield around it. The robot’s shield goes down every time we hit it, so do your best attack and I’ll get through the shield and destroy it.” “What will you do if it blows up and you’re in it?” Chester asked. “I’ll think of something.” Insisted Tornado. “Now just do your best attack.” As Chester did his attack, Tornado went through the shield and got his most powerful cannon out. “Chester, get out! Now!” Tornado screamed. “Do it, or you are going to never be seen again!” “What about you?” Chester replied. “Forget about me! Just go!” Tornado growled. He sent Chester flying through the ceiling. At the same time, the police chief was watching Tornado on his monitor screen. Tornado fired rapidly, and the robot blew up with a huge boom. When the smoke was gone so was Tornado. He was nowhere in sight. When the police did a search of the room, they found nothing but a pile of ashes. “We need to go into the Undernet and find him.” Observed Chester. “I totally agree with that. One of us is going to have to go into the computer and go to a certain place.” Hurricane looked out the window from where he was and started to say something again, but Chester cut him off. “I’ll go.” Chester shrunk himself and went inside the computer. Hurricane was looking at him through the monitor. “Sorry, Hurricane. This is for something me to do alone.” “It’s not that, Chester. There are viruses in this computer.” Hurricane cautioned. “So what? A few viruses are not going to stop me from getting Tornado out of here. You can come along and wait for me at another monitor, but I’m going now.” Chester walked until he saw a virus blocking his way. “Hey, pal, move it. I have a quest that needs to be attended to.” He started walking but the virus did not move. Chester took out his sword and deleted the virus. When he reached the spot where Tornado was, Chester looked at the place he was in. It was all flat except the platform that Tornado was on was five hundred feet long, and the cliff was about ninety trillion feet up. It was only thin, dangerous rock that could collapse at any moment, depending on how careful Chester was. “Tornado!” Chester yelled. He started running toward Tornado when flames were suddenly everywhere. Without thinking, Chester jumped through the flames and onto the platform ninety trillion feet high. “Chester, get out of there! You are not going to make it!” Hurricane yelled from the monitor. There was a small explosion and Chester yelled in surprise. Now he was hanging from the edge of the platform. Chester front-flipped and landed on the walkway. He looked at the platform and saw it was breaking. “Hang in there, Tornado!” Chester yelled. He dived after Tornado into the ninety trillion foot cliff drop. “It’s just you and me Tornado! I have come to take you home!” While he was talking, Chester and Tornado were falling faster and faster. There was an explosion that was so big that it rocked the whole earth like an earthquake. Everyone who was around the area got knocked down violently. Grand buildings collapsed and volcanoes erupted, while Chester was diving down, into the far cliff ending below. It was like a huge snow storm with a lot of hail, sleet, and wind. When the earth-shaking explosion had ended, Tornado and Chester were walking out of the Undernet. Hurricane flew out the window and greeted them with the black computer. “I thought you and Tornado wouldn’t survive. So now that I see you did, here is a present.” Hurricane held up a computer that was completely scorched from the explosion. Just as always, his touch had the same mystical effect. Without warning, the computer magically turned into dust in Tornado’s hand, leaving no trace of its remains. “I cannot use a scorched computer, but if it’s a laptop next time, I’ll probably take it.” Tornado told Hurricane. “That’s all, folks.” Then they all go back to their homes and wait for tomorrow. The end. Goodbye. LEAVE ALREADY!

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