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Tornado CycloneEdit

Tornado stood by his friends' side, Hurricane and Chester. They were joined by Jack Stone, Metal Shadow, and X. A red sun rose above the mountains. “There has been a major war. And we missed it.” X pointed out. Tornado took his sword out of it's sheath, and tipped it in the direction of the sunrise. Perfectly straight, built by the Undefeated's best sword makers. Tornado looked onward to the now blazing red skies. “Alright! Let's go!” Hurricane, Chester, X, Metal Shadow, Jack Stone, and Tornado charged forward, meeting the oncoming army of five trillion. They spread apart, taking out each a section of people but not before reinforcements arrived. Tornado zoomed forward, followed by his friends. An amazingly bright light appeared in front of each hero. The skies started to turn back into the color blue, and Tornado's charging party struck the army with full power of the world's most powerful heroes. Once the light disappeared, a crater about half the size of earth came into view. Dead bodies of an army five trillion foot soldiers lay on the ground. No signs remained of who did it, but there was news that told everyone who did do it. This was actually on Tornado's home world that appeared to be like earth, only in another time in space and dimension. Each planet existed without knowing of the other's existence. Now, Tornado and friends were transported to the other earth, the earth we live on. Everyone, including the Undefeated, got to earth number two. Tornado woke up, apparently dazed by what happened. Two lights appeared in front of Tornado. He had to focus his eyes to see what it was. A loud noise came from it, and Tornado yelled in surprise and jumped out of the way. Into the path of another strange moving piece of metal on four wheels. “Oh, no!” Tornado cried. He ducked under the car this time, and ran in between the cars to a neighborhood. “This looks better, more quiet, and more my style!” Tornado found some soft grass to take a nap on. A few feet behind him was a bench. Tornado realized this just right now since it was better than the wet grass. He stood up, and walked to the bench. It was a bit hard, so Tornado turned it into a couch, falling asleep face up. Hurricane and Chester woke up in the mountains. This was actually easy to see, because there were high mounds of rock with very pointy tops that had to be mountains. “Where are we?” Chester asked. Hurricane didn't answer. I don't know where this is, but I don't like it. I have to find out where we are and how we got here. “Sure, go ahead and don't answer! I don't need your opinion, anyway!” Chester stalked away in the opposite direction. “Silly kid.” Hurricane muttered to himself. As for the others, they were searching for their friends. Jack Stone walked underground with Metal Shadow. The two walked silently, both thinking about why they were here. “I've got it!” Metal Shadow stopped and turned to Jack. “Tornado must have done something when he attacked Negative Tornado's base! It all makes sense now!” Jack knew already this was true, but part of Metal Shadow's story wasn't right. “Negative Tornado had trillions of thunder stones! Thunder stones...” Metal Shadow interrupted Jack. “Yes, yes, I know what they do. But that many?” “We've got to hurry and find the others. Let's survey what's up.” They both jumped straight up and through the ceiling, appearing in the middle of a road. Cars honked and crashed, but Jack Stone and Metal Shadow walked dead on to the other side without stopping, even when a speeder came and knocked over a “vote for this person sign”. Jack took one look and reported, “I don't like her. She isn't the right person for that office.” Metal Shadow saw the sign, too. “Who cares? Just as long as we get home, it doesn't really matter who's the governer.” Meanwhile, Tornado ran up a pole and looked out at the view. “Wow, it's really nice here! I can't wait for morning to come!” He ran back down and wandered around to find out how to live in this world, and on this earth.

Not far away was a house that a girl named Stacy lived in. She watched the sky at night and noticed three colors falling on different places of earth's surface. One was green, and two were blue. One of the blue colors had landed somewhere near Stacy's house. She had never seen anything like the colors happen before, so she decided to go and see what it was.

An island on earth: Negative Tornado's base, with several thunderstones scattered all around earth. One of these stones landed in the current neighborhood that Stacy lived in.

Half an hour later, Chester was following Hurricane again. “I don't know where we are, Chester, but this looks like a way out.” Hurricane pushed up and came out in the middle of a road. He helped Chester out and started walking off to the side of the pavement. “Let's try to find Tornado, and find out what to do from there.” They wandered around and tried to find Tornado. But Tornado found them. He flew straight down and landed in front of them. “Hey guys!” “Get him!” Tornado quickly moved out of the way and informed Hurricane and Chester to follow him. “What trouble have you gotten into this time?” “Just follow me!” They ran away until they reached Stacy's house when she was outside. Tornado caught her gaze at him and was suspended in time. A girl was standing right where Tornado wanted to land, so he landed right beside her. Stacy stood frozen, not knowing what to do. This boy had just... how could she put it? Flown straight down and landed right next to her with two other that did the same. And then, he talked. “Hi! My name is Tornado!” Stacy didn't know how to respond. Until she found her voice again, she could only choke, “Stacy.” Tornado had brown eyes, trusting and kind. Whatever happened next, Stacy forgot how to describe. It was like all of her emotions were suddenly gone, but she still had them, only it was hard to feel them there. And then, she felt completely calm, like she could talk to anyone with a straight face. “Stacy is my name. Nice to meet you.” Tornado smiled and shook her hand. “Nice to meet you too, Stacy. These guys behind me are Chester and Hurricane.” He first pointed to the boy to his left, and then to his right. Stacy guessed that the one with blue eyes was Chester and the one with green eyes was Hurricane. She was awestruck by Tornado's blue stripe on his forehead. It shone a light like none other, and had to be from another world, if not this one. “Where did you get that blue stripe?” Stacy asked him. “On my forehead? Yeah, that symbolizes where I'm from and who I am. Any more questions?” Stacy had tonsof questions but couldn't think of them. “Good! Now, I've got to be leaving.” Tornado walked away. And then, he started to run until he jumped up and flew away. Of course, Tornado had run out of sight before he jumped up and started to fly so no one would see him. “Wait! Tornado, come back!” Stacy called. He didn't come back. “Guys, what should I do?” She asked, expecting to see Hurricane and Chester. They were gone, too. Stacy thought she was going to cry, until she somehow magically fell asleep, like someone told her to sleep and she obeyed. But she knew it was a source of power that made her sleep. When Stacy woke up, she was in her living room, on the couch in front of the TV. Sitting up, Stacy retrieved the remote control for the TV and turned it on to a news channel. Nothing was really that exciting on the news, so she turned it off and walked to her kitchen for breakfast. After two bowls of her favorite cereal, she saw police cars zoom past her house. “What could it be now?” Stacy asked herself, gazing out the window. She caught sight of a blue flash, and it came back this way. “Tornado?” Stacy wondered, walking further out onto the walkway leading to and from her house. The moving person headed in Stacy's direction. It moved so fast, Stacy was frozen with fear that it might damage the neighborhood. As policemen gathered around her house. She was unaware of what was behind her. It grabbed her with a hand the same size as Tornado's, but somehow it wasn't Tornado's hand. “Anyone attacks, the girl dies!” “What if it's a range attack?” A voice sang out, above them. An aerial attack rained down on Stacy and her captor. “It still counts!” And Stacy's neck snapped right there. She slumped to the ground, never knowing who held her captive. Chester had messed up big this time. He thought he could save the day, but he didn't. He'd caused the killing of an innocent citizen to take place. “Ha! Now you'll be convicted of murder, too!” Chester felt terrible even as he talked. What could be done? Everything seemed impossible at that moment. But something unexpected was about to happen, and this new bad guy would be caught and thrown in prison. If it was possible to stop Super Negative Tornado... in single combat.

To Be Continued...

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