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Tornado No MoreEdit

Tornado was playing in the snow. He had a snowball fight with Chester, Hurricane, and Stacy. A snowball hit Tornado, and he fell down, laughing. His friends tackled him as soon as he got up. Stacy was on Tornado, and Chester was on Hurricane. Tornado saw the snow melting. All of a sudden, the sky was red, and the trees were dead, dust was now on the ground, and a soft wind blew some leaves across the ground. His home was a ghost town. Everyone had disappeared. The only ones left were he and Negative Tornado. Negative Tornado waved his hand. Tornado fell to the ground and turned into dust. He could not reform himself, and he watched as Negative Tornado smiled. Then he saw Stacy and Chester, and they were transparent. As Tornado lay there, Stacy walked slowly to where he was. Stacy cried in sorrow, and Chester put his hand on her shoulder. They walked away, leaving Tornado. Hurricane walked up after they had left. He put a tombstone on Tornado. It said, “Here laid Tornado, great warrior and life saver. We will remember you, Tornado. Rest in peace.” Tornado heard his alarm go off. He opened his eyes and threw the clock across his room, smashing it against the wall. He got up and ready for school. “Tornado!” Stacy yelled. She ran up and hugged him. “Good to see you again, Stacy.” He replied. Chester walked to his locker. Pichu was next to him. “Hey, you! Pipsqueak! Choose a different locker!” Pichu shook his head, and a picture showed above his head. Chester was in a garbage can. Chester suddenly found himself in the smelliest garbage can in town. “Why, that little troublemaker, I’ll teach him yet!” Hurricane and Stacy walked with Tornado to class. “I should have you guys over for a sleepover,” Hurricane told them. “Really?” Stacy asked, batting her eyes. “That would be nice, Hurricane.” Later, Tornado was searching for a book on science. “Let’s see, no, no, and no. I thought this was supposed to be easy.” Tornado finally found what he was searching for, and did some research. “Ah, here is what I need to know.” Tornado said to himself. He started an experiment with chemicals and gases to see if he could find some way to get rid of his powers. “This will have to take a lot of this stuff to completely get rid of my powers,” Tornado thought. “Tornado, come on, times up.” Stacy yelled from downstairs. “Oh, alright. Just a minute, Stacy.” Tornado put the potion away and ran to catch up with Stacy. “So I twisted my sword around and bent his sword. Then I yanked up, so he went flying upwards. Would you believe that…?” Tornado started to say, but Stacy shushed him. “Do you hear that?” She whispered. Tornado listened for a moment. “Why, yes I do. Faintly, but I hear it, alright.” It was a Christmas song. “So wonderful,” Stacy breathed. Tornado waved his hand in front of Stacy. “Hello? Little miss Muppet, are you there?” Stacy tried to hold in a giggle fit, but could not help but to do so. “Good, you’re still here.” Tornado continued walking with Stacy down through the middle of town. “Tornado, I just don’t know what to say right now. Like writer’s block. Ever had that before?” Tornado laughed. “Everyone… every writer has at least had one day of writer’s block. I happen to know someone that makes up stories of his feelings.” Stacy turned wide-eyed. “Really? Who is it?” Just then, a firework show started. Some of them were red, white, and blue. “Want to ask me who it was, now?” Tornado said. He jumped up, caught a light pole and swung himself in wide circles. Tornado timed it so he would let go and land in the tree in front of them. It started snowing, and Tornado’s grip dropped and he went flying awkwardly up into the air, and came down on his back with a thud. “Oh, gosh darn it, that hurt.” Tornado got up when he saw Stacy leaning over him. “Are you okay?” She asked, looking worried. “Yes, I’m fine. I should be more careful next time.” Tornado sat down with Stacy on a bench and they told stories, had fun in the snow, and had a snowball fight. “This has been quite a night, Stacy.” He said. The next day, Tornado went to school. “Make a story like you never have before.” Tornado raised his hand. “Tornado?” “Most of us haven’t even written a page of a story, and I only know one person who can actually write like a real author.” Some of the kids laughed. “This assignment I am giving you is supposed to be about something real, not fiction, fantasy, or anything else.” Tornado walked to his locker and put his already finished homework in it. Chester came up to his. “Do you ever wonder what it’s like in Hawaii?” Tornado grabbed his potion and shut the door. “I already know what it’s like.” Hurricane ran past them, catching up with Sonic. “If I’m going to do it, I need to do it very soon.” Tornado thought to himself. He drank the potion when he got home and a blazing yellow light filled the room. Tornado was standing, there was nothing else to it. “Done.” Tornado said in relief. He looked in the mirror. He still had his blue stripe down the middle of his forehead. Meanwhile, in space, there was a great disturbance among the whole Universe. Stars and planets were talking to each other and wondering why Tornado had given up on his destiny. “It is not right.” Jupiter exclaimed. “You could tell that from way up here that Tornado is sick of himself.” Jupiter groaned. “Do it, Pluto. I might as well rest for the night.” The planet Pluto started making Tornado’s blue stripe on his forehead disappear. Back on earth, Tornado suddenly noticed that he actually felt normal for once. He looked into the mirror inside his locker when he got to school. No blue stripe ran down his forehead anymore. Tornado walked sadly to class, knowing that he could no longer have power again. He was just the same as he was when he was born. Confused, hurt, and regretful. Now he couldn’t skip dentist appointments, but he could fly, as all bumblebees do, but Tornado, the great and confidential powerful bumblebee was no more. I almost wish I could say that Tornado was still in fact the strongest and the best, but I did not make the story that way. “Hey, Tornado!” Tornado turned around and saw Stacy running towards him. “Stacy, I’m not myself right now. I need to get to class.” “I only wanted to invite you to a party. That’s all.” Stacy looked down. “She still thinks I have my powers. She’s wrong.” Tornado thought to himself. “Okay, I’ll come. What do you want me to do there? It has to be something.” Stacy put her head up a little bit. “Just great! Stacy, I forgot. I have an appointment with my doctor.” “Okay…” Tornado thought for a minute.

	“Here’s what I can do… actually, there is nothing I can do. Sorry, I know it’s short notice, but I have no choice.” Tornado walked out of school to his car. As he was driving, he put his homework into the car’s computer, finishing before getting to the tumbleweed. Tornado sat on his bed. 

“Help!” Someone screamed. Tornado immediately got up and ran at seven hundred miles an hour until he got to the little town. Super Negative Tornado had thrown fireballs on all of the homes. “Watch out! Coming through!” Chester blasted past Tornado, putting the fires out. “Who is this little bee?” Tornado turned around. He was thrown backwards suddenly, and crashed into a wall. Super negative Tornado walked up to him. “Not so powerful now, are you?” He asked. Tornado was blasted with ice. “I am in an ice cube and can do nothing about it.” Tornado thought. Chester threw a fire stinger to melt the ice. It did no good. “Chester!” Tornado called on Chester’s mind. “Take this. It will help you a lot.” His sword appeared behind Chester. Chester grabbed it to defend himself. Tornado got out of the ice thirty minutes later. “Tornado! Watch out!” Chester shouted to him. It was too late. Super Negative Tornado was too fast. A bomb about the size of a tree blew up in front of him. Tornado laid still on the ground. “You are defeated,” Super Negative Tornado said. “I… can’t be… not… yet.” Tornado managed to say. “There is no hope, Tornado.” He looked to the side. Chester was on the ground, too. “Not if I have anything to say about it.” Hurricane yelled out loud. “You can stop me?” “I can try! There is no stopping me from getting at least one hit out of you!” Tornado then realized that his powers were not gone, but badly weakened. He called upon outer space to recharge himself. Tornado felt his tremendous power come back, very quickly. The blue stripe returned and Tornado got up to fight. “I will end this quickly, Super Negative Tornado!” Super Tornado yelled. His foe was caught off guard from this sudden recharge of the world’s greatest superhero. “You have come back for one more fight, and it will be your last!” Super Negative Tornado growled, blasting Tornado back about one hundred feet. Tornado recovered and sent a fire tornado at him. “You are nothing compared to me, and you never will be,” Super Negative Tornado snarled at Tornado. “No,” Tornado whispered to himself. He was melting fast, like snow on a bright summer day. “I live for more than fighting you! I live for more than fighting evil! I live for more than you will ever realize! And I live for more than power, fame, success, and popularity! I live for the life of others, including my friends and what family I have left!” Super Tornado shouted at the top of his lungs. He attacked with Chester, Hurricane, and all of a sudden, there was a light coming around Tornado, a very brilliant light, that came from what Tornado believed in. He grew as bright as the sun, even much brighter than a white hot fireball, and shook the earth with what Tornado and his friends’ powers combined were really made of. “I am… all that I ever wanted to be! And much more than a bumblebee with a blue stripe down the middle of my forehead!” the light disappeared, along with Super Negative Tornado and all of the traces of a fight. All gone. It was normal again, for one more time.

The End

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