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Tornado ReturnsEdit

“Class, this is Rondato Yoncelc. He is new at our school, so please make him feel welcome.” The new student sat down at his desk on the left side of the classroom. The newbie looked around at his new classmates. Some looked like they were in a gang, but that was not to be worried about right now. He had some experience with gangs in the past. After the boring class, next was Gym. A guy named Caleb noticed that Rondato was doing pull ups, so he decided to go and talk to him. “Hey, Rondato! How many have you done so far?” “Fifty and counting.” “Seriously? You don't look like the type. How many have you actually done?” “You're right. I've done over five hundred so far, no joke. But it's about time to stop and do something else, like basketball.” Rondato released his hold on the pull up bar and accidentally crushed it with one hand. “Oops. Nobody saw that.” This kid was more than Caleb thought he was. He followed him to the basketball rack and picked out a ball to use. Not only was Rondato strong, but he was athletic, pretending to play real basketball, making in every shot. “Rondato! Time to go.” The Gym teacher told him. On his way out, the teacher for Gym stopped Rondato. “Where did you learn all of those basketball moves? And how come you're so good?” The newbie just shrugged. “Maybe my father was a basketball player. I don't know.” “You should join the basketball team.” The Gym teacher suggested. “We could use a player like you on our team.” Rondato smiled for the first time that day. “I'll think about it, coach. But see ya tomorrow.” That night, while Caleb studied at the library, someone was watching him. Suddenly, he heard a person tackle someone else and a gun shot go off. Caleb rushed outside only to see a person unconscious and tied up, hands and feet. No one else could be seen in the darkness. In the morning, Rondato was reading a book in the school's library. That was the class they had on Thursday mornings. The book he was reading was the biggest one in the school. Caleb tried to talk to Rondato again. This time, it went better. “You like to read?” He looked up from the book. “Yeah, I'm a big fan. This isn't the biggest I've ever read. I can tackle anything, over seven hundred page books, and I read them ten at one time.” Something must have told Rondato that Caleb was impressed. “You think that's a lot? I've read higher paged books in the past, over five thousand pages in one day.” Rondato stood up and faced Caleb. “If you want to be my friend, all you had to do was ask. But we're friends now, so lets' go do stuff.” For the rest of the school day, Caleb and Rondato were best pals. One day, Rondato asked a question. “Have you seen a girl around that has blue, sparkling eyes?” It was a long shot question, but this was an urgent matter. Rondato knew something no one else did, and he wasn't about to tell anyone. “Yeah, I have. Why?” Caleb wondered why Rondato would ask this question. Unless... “Just curious. I knew someone once that moved to a different town. She didn't tell me what town she was moving to, and I've been searching for a long time.” Suddenly, something clicked in Caleb's mind. He didn't feel well at all, so what... Rondato wasn't a real name. It was... Caleb spun around and searched for Rondato. He was nowhere in sight. “TORNADO!”

As soon as he could, Tornado disappeared once Caleb realized his identity. He heard him calling his name, but didn't turn back. He had to leave, plain and simple.

Caleb couldn't believe that all the time, he was hanging out with Tornado, so cleverly disguised as someone else. He wondered if any of his other friends from a long time ago were still around. So, he started looking for them anywhere he could think of. No luck. The girl Tornado was talking about must have been Stacy, so Caleb decided to go to the house she was living in. Who knew? Maybe it was, maybe it wasn't. Caleb wanted to try anyway. As he knocked on the door, a face peeked out of a crack in the door. “Hi, my name is Caleb, and I wonder if you've ever met someone named Stacy.” The door opened wider to reveal a girl with blue eyes, just as Tornado had described. “Why would I know anyone named Stacy?” She asked. Caleb smiled, knowing that what he said next would break this girl down completely, if she was Stacy. “Tornado is looking for you. He was here not long ago, but then, I found out his identity and he ran away. I won't be surprised if he doesn't come back.” Sure enough, tears sprang to the girl's eyes and she started to cry openly. Caleb wondered what was wrong, and started to walk away. “Wait!” The girl yelled. He started to turn around, but something big and strong grabbed him off the ground. “AAAHHH!” Caleb screamed. “Stop screaming, Caleb.” A voice told him. And he obeyed, but he couldn't resist not doing what he was told. “Let's go back and see what would have happened to you if I had left you there.” They turned back, and appeared to the same place where Caleb had been standing. Everything was disintegrated. Once he felt the hands let him go, he turned to see who it was, but saw no one. “Why do you hide from me?” Caleb screamed at empty air. Since he really wasn't expecting an answer, Caleb started to walk home.

Meanwhile, Tornado watched every step that Caleb made, and wondered if he should be tortured this way by not appearing to him. Then, Tornado came upon a decision.

At school the next day, Caleb was in the classroom he got assigned to. An unexpected return of Rondato made him scratch his eyes and look again. Tornado held his finger to his lips, signaling Caleb to be silent about the whole thing, so Caleb didn't speak. As Rondato, Tornado walked to his desk and sat down. It was then that he noticed something had been put on his seat. Most likely the students, because he heard them stifle giggles from across the room. Tornado just opened his desk and took out a pencil to write with. He twirled it in his fingers, and pointed it up. A lead tip slowly appeared and made itself sharp enough to pierce skin easily. But Tornado had no absolute intention for revenge. Just for the test coming up.

This was the day for Gym class, and Tornado decided to get together a basketball game. He called everyone around who wanted to play. “Okay, since you are here, I suppose you know how to play, so I don't have to explain. But seriously, if you don't know how to play, ask the gym teacher. He'll tell you.” At that, everyone walked over to the teacher and asked him, “Can you teach us basketball?” “You don't... never mind, come here.” He got a ball from Rondato and held it up for all to see. “This is the basketball. Okay?” The teacher bounced it a few times. “You try to make it into the hoop, like this.” He held the ball and shot it from the side, making the hoop swish. “You will all get divided onto teams, one of the teams will be given the basketball and try to make it into the hoop on the opposite side of the gym. Rondato, let's give them an example.” Tornado started on the far side of the gym. They checked the ball, and Tornado made it in from the halfway line of the court. “See, like that. But you don't have to shoot from there. You can shoot from anywhere on the court except the out of bounds area.” So, two teams were divided up between Rondato and the teacher. Finally, play began, and at first Tornado let the kids play the game. After awhile, he started to make shots himself, even a full court shot sometimes. As hard as the teacher tried, he couldn't make a full court shot like Rondato could. School was out, so Rondato decided to go home. There was nothing else to do anyway. He walked by a house that looked familiar in a freaky sort of way. Rondato walked up the pathway and knocked on the door when he got there. It opened slightly, and green eyes peeked out from the darkness. “Who is it?” “My name is Rondato, and I was wondering if you knew someone by the name of Hurricane.” Tornado waited as the door opened wider. “Yes, I knew him. In fact, you look like someone I knew long ago.” Tornado showed his blue stripe. “Does this look familiar?” The door opened all the way, and Hurricane stood in the doorway. “Why, yes it does. Tornado, I presume?” With those words said, Tornado removed his disguise. “Wow! Such an accurate guess! It's been a long time, Hurricane. Do you know where Chester lives?” Hurricane shook his head. “I'm afraid I don't, Tornado. He went missing not long after you and I got here. I read the paper, too, you know.” Tornado laughed. “Yeah, just like I read the paper everyday. And I watch the news as well.” Hurricane motioned for Tornado to step inside. “We were being watched. I saw that guy behind you.” “I'll get him.” Tornado burst out the door, but whoever watched them had disappeared. “Did you get him?” Tornado shook his head. “Someone knows how to teleport, or else he was Negative Tornado. It's more than possible.” Suddenly, something occurred to Hurricane. “You know what? Maybe it was either Jack Stone, X, Metal Shadow, or even Chester in disguise.” “Whoever it was didn't want to be caught. Anyway, we've got to come out of hiding. It's killing me, hiding like this. How about tomorrow at school?” Hurricane gave Tornado the thumbs up sign. “Got it. At your room?” “Yes. I'll notify the teacher. I know where he lives.” “See you later then.” “Sure. See you later.” Tornado left Hurricane's house disguised as Rondato. He hated his name and wanted to be Tornado again, so it was easier finding the teacher's house. Knocking on the door, his teacher opened it. “Rondato, you need help?” “No. It's more like this. Can I come in?” The teacher stepped aside for Tornado to walk in. Then he removed his disguise. “I'm not Rondato, I'm Tornado. I mixed up the letters of my first and last name to make a fake alias.” “Prove it all. Turn something to dust.” Tornado picked up a pencil. “Is this alright?” His teacher nodded. First, Tornado stretched his hand out to the size of the pencil, and then turned it to dust in his hand. “Believe me now?” Tornado whispered in the teacher's ear. He placed a whole pencil on the desk right beside him. “I will be coming to class tomorrow if you'll announce me... and a friend of mine. You know Hurricane?” “Hurricane? Why, he's my favorite superhero! He lives in these parts?” Tornado nodded. “I just visited him. He's coming too.” “What about Chester?” “Chester is missing. That's why I decided to remove my disguise in the first place. And someone dear to me lives here also.” Tornado smiled and said goodbye. He was going to enjoy tomorrow.

Tornado came at lunch. “Class, I want to introduce you to someone. This is... Tornado Cyclone!” Tornado just popped up right where he wanted to. In his old seat. “Wow!” “Could it be...?” Tornado stood up. “You all think I am an illusion? I could do that, but I won't. I have an urgent matter on my hands right now. A friend of mine, his name is Chester, has gone missing. And I need your help to find him!” Hurricane waited right outside the door. “And so, another great friend of mine is helping us out, too. This is... Hurricane!” Hurricane walked through the door as he always did. The girls swooned as he passed them, and joined Tornado. “Yup! I'm Hurricane, everyone. No joke, seriously. You see my green eyes? Good. And here's a little proof that it's really me.” He pulled out his emerald green sword, with yellow diamonds on the side. “And Tornado has to show you something as well.” Tornado shot Hurricane a warning look. “Oh! Right I do. Here it is!” He pulled out his own sword from it's sheath. The blue hilt, and blade covered in blue stripes convinced them all that this was really Tornado. “So, who will help us? A show of hands?” Everyone raised their hand. A girl in the classroom stood up. “Tornado, it's me! Stacy!” Tornado looked at the girl. She took off her disguise: glasses, a mask, and a wig. “Well, look here! My great friend Stacy is with us today! And even I didn't know. Wow, Stacy, you look good today.” The girls giggled, trying to stop. It was just impossible from the way Tornado told her. “Aw, who am I kidding? Come on up and give me a hug!” Stacy ran up and gave Tornado a bear hug, to make up for all the years they had been apart. “It's been such a long time. Now, will you help me find Chester?” Someone walked into the room. “You don't need to find him anymore. He's here.” The kid pulled his hood down and Chester's face appeared. It was almost the same as it had been before. “Hey, good news everyone! We don't need to search for Chester! This is him!” The classroom cheered, clapping their hands. Chester bowed. “Thank you, my friends! You are so kind!” Everyone laughed – Tornado, his friends, and the whole class. “So, what do we do now?” Tornado looked at Stacy and smiled. “I think we should hold a special ceremony.” Tornado held his hand up, and four adults stood in the friends' original position. Everyone clapped, and Tornado bowed low. “Thank you! Thanks so much! I always loved clapping, don't you?” The class cheered loudly, and it could be heard throughout the school. “Well, what are we standing here for?” The teacher spoke up. “I'll tell the principle to hold an assembly. You adults can do whatever you want at the gathering. So let's go to the gym!” The class followed Tornado to the gym, where a class was in session. The gym teacher walked up to them and asked what was going on. “We are holding an assembly right now, so if you don't mind, I would like to set up a stage.” As soon as he saw Tornado's blue stripe, along with Chester, Hurricane, and himself display their long swords, he allowed them to use the gym. Thirty minutes later, everything was set up. The whole school was gathered in the gym, sitting in the chairs or on the ground. “Everyone, I'd like you to welcome our special guests! Tornado, Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy!” The four who were announced came out from the audience, dressed in tuxedos. Tornado grabbed the microphone. “Hey, everyone! It's me! I've returned!” Cheers were all around as Tornado smiled at the audience, and talked a little more. “You know, I used to think like all of you boys and girls. But now, someone very special to me is getting a big surprise!” Tornado turned to Stacy and smiled his best smile. What on earth is he planning to do? Stacy thought. But whatever it was, she had a pretty good guess of what it was. Tornado kneeled on his right knee, and a box magically appeared in his hand. “Stacy, you have been my very best friend for as long as I can remember, and I have always enjoyed your presence. This is easy now, because of all we've been through, I have no fear of asking you one question.” Stacy's heart was now beating wildly, and she couldn't help but cry. Tornado's voice cracked in this moment. “Stacy, will you marry me?” Tornado's eyes were watery, seeing Stacy like this. She was crying, but smiling as well. “YES! I will!” Tornado could not contain his happiness. “WOOOOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOO!” He yelled, flying straight up, and nearly missing the ceiling, he flew back down in front of Stacy to stop her from falling to the ground. “You have made me the happiest man in the world, Stacy.” Tornado couldn't believe he was crying now, for what seemed like the first time in centuries. Stacy hugged Tornado, and then they kissed each other on the lips. It was a magical moment for everyone, even Chester and Hurricane. Suddenly, everyone was at a wedding. Tornado and Stacy stood in the front, happy for this moment of their lives. The ceremony took place and then, Tornado and Stacy finally got to make their bondage complete. They kissed each other again, on the lips as it always goes. Everyone cheered. “I now present you... Mr. And Mrs. Cyclone!” Hurricane and Chester stood in the front row, clapping loud. They gave him the thumbs up sign once again. Tornado grinned and returned it. He and Stacy walked to the back to be greeted by everyone. Chester was first. “Hey, man! Good job!” He hugged Tornado, and then shook Stacy's hand. Hurricane was next. Tornado smiled at him, and gave him a bear hug. “Congratulations, Tornado. Chester and I always knew this day was coming.” Tornado laughed, and Hurricane walked away with Chester. The next person who walked up to him was – yes, you got it. Caleb walked up to Tornado. “Congrats, Rondato.” “Thanks, friend. This is Stacy, my wife.” He said hello and shook her hand. Caleb looked at the new Tornado as an adult, and wished he were one right now. “Oh, hey! I think you want something to happen, right? Well, now's your chance.” Caleb suddenly grew into an adult. “Thank you, Tornado.” Tears automatically sprang to Caleb's eyes, and Tornado hugged him. “Your welcome, Caleb. Now go get yourself a fine younf woman to marry! Cause I'm coming to your wedding! And Stacy is, too!” Stacy hit him on the shoulder. Tornado just grinned. “You had to say that, didn't you?” She asked him, smiling. Tornado looked at his wife and smiled. He still saw the girl, but she was more to him now. There was no way that they would ever separate. The kids in the class asked to be turned to adults, and so Tornado made them adults. The former boys and girls greeted Tornado and Stacy Cyclone, a new relationship that would last forever. Some of the boyfriends and girlfriends kissed, and they proposed to their girlfriends. All of them said yes. Now, since Tornado knew everyone's name, he would hold the ceremony right now and provide the rings. As soon as that was over, he and Stacy went home to Tornado's tumbleweed. “This is a memory I'll cherish forever.” Stacy whispered to Tornado. “Me too, Stacy. Me too.” Stacy never forgot that day for the rest of her life. She and Tornado lived forever because he allowed that to happen, and so did everyone else. The sun never blew up, but the problems on earth still continued, like war. And the threat of... you know. But that wasn't a problem at all. Just an after thought.

The End

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