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Tornado Ultimatum

On a fine day, Tornado was trying to catch a butterfly. “No wonder they think this is so hard.” He said to himself. “Tornado!” He looked up and saw Stacy running towards him. “Yes, what is it?” Stacy was out of breath as she leaned against him for support. “Come quickly! Someone needs to tell you something.” Tornado picked up Stacy and flew to the place where Stacy came from. “Who called me?” Tornado asked, ready for a fight. “I’m sorry, Tornado, but it was urgent.” Tornado suddenly realized who was talking. “Dad?” The person laughed heartily. “Dad!” Tornado ran forward and hugged him. “I thought you were dead! What happened?” Tornado’s dad looked around. “No time to explain, son. Let’s go to Stacy’s house.” In Stacy’s house, Tornado’s dad explained everything. “I was pulled into the tornado and when it was over, I hit my head on a metal pole. I couldn’t come back because I knew you were old enough to take care of yourself.” “Really? At two years old?” his father laughed. “No, not quite, Tornado. You were five years old then. The thing is, I’ve been wanting to tell you this since that tornado…” “That tornado is gone forever, dad. I killed it.” His dad looked at him curiously. “The tornado was an actual creation that hit the same place over and over again. The creator of it was King Bu. A crooked ghost that wanted to destroy Chester.” Tornado’s dad, by the way, was named Cyclone. Cyclone looked at Tornado with a sad smile. “I am not your dad, son. I adopted you from the hospital in another state.” “Wha… what are you talking about, dad?” Tornado could barely get the words out of his mouth. “This is what I wanted to see you for. It’s been over a hundred years from since I have seen you. Now that I’m talking to you, you were a member of a race of super powerful beings that transformed themselves into animals. You, Tornado, is the only one left. Everything you have faced, all a test for the upcoming journey. Tornado held back tears. “Why? Leave all I have, friends, Hurricane Chester and Stacy? I…” Tornado stopped. “I’m counting on you, Tornado. The whole world is.” Tornado looked up. “You’re right. I’ll try, no matter what happens, I will succeed!” And so, Tornado left and began the journey. For three weeks, Tornado walked on and never looked, never thought about his friends. “This will be my camping grounds for a little while. Then, after an hour of sleep, I will continue on.” Thirty minutes later, Tornado was awake. He had heard the coyotes howling, and he was listening to them. “I was sent on this quest, and I will finish it. No matter what the cost.” Tornado got up and swung his sword around, practicing if he ever needed it. He packed his things and continued down through the forest. Suddenly, a branch about six inches thick hit Tornado to the ground. He grabbed it and yanked, and a big party of squirrels slammed face first into a wide oak tree. Tornado got up and continued on again, ready to fly up in case that happened again. “This is taking me too long.” Said Tornado. He started to run, but stopped. “Tornado!” A voice screamed in his head. Tornado gasped for air and fell face first on the wet forest floor. “I will not let this stop me.” Tornado growled. He flew up and over the trees, and the need for air was gone. Tornado zoomed across the top of the forest, having a little bit easier time getting there instead of walking. Suddenly, it seemed like the end of his quest. “Why am I feeling like I can go home?” He wondered. “Because you overlooked something.” Tornado turned around and saw himself. “What are you doing here?” Tornado yelled at his other version. “The same as you. I came here to visit my friends.” Tornado was confused. Until he turned back to the end of the forest and saw a graveyard. However, the first six stones he saw made Tornado stumble forward and fall on his knees. They were all in this order: Stacy, Chester, Hurricane, X, and Metal Shadow. On the very last row of all gravestones in the place, he saw Negative Tornado’s stone. But no one was a friend with him. Why did he have a tombstone? Then Tornado saw the other six, and he gasped. Those were: Negative Stacy, Negative Chester, Negative Hurricane, Negative X, and Negative Metal Shadow. “What’s happened?” Tornado cried out in a loud voice. “This is what has happened. These gravestones are real, and so are the bodies inside of the tombs.” Tornado picked up a handful of dry grass and threw it down again. After that, he walked over to Stacy’s tombstone and blue flowers magically fell to the ground in front of it. “I have never felt so alone before,” Tornado whispered to himself. He started running and jumped up into the air and flew back the way he came from. “I can prevent all of this from happening!” Tornado yelled as he flew back home. Home. It echoed in his mind ever since he had left. “Hey! No need to worry, I’m back again!” Tornado yelled, and the words bounced against every house as he zoomed past them. All of his neighbors went outside just to see him. “And by golly I can’t wait to get into school again, because my mission,” Tornado was still yelling, “Is here! And it always will be!” Tornado crashed through the school doors and out the other ones as he zigzagged around town, leaving behind a windstorm. Cyclone was walking down the sidewalk to the store when Tornado blasted past him and picked him up. “What is it? You must be excited, because you’ve never done this before.” Cyclone told him. “We need to talk some more.” Tornado replied. He stopped flying and screeched on the stone right up to Chester’s door step. “Hey Chester, open up!” Tornado yelled and banged on the door. Chester opened the door and Tornado walked through him like a ghost. “I wanted to ask you something, dad.” Tornado said. “I wanted to tell you something too. As you can see, I never said you had to leave home, I just said that your quest here is just beginning. I thought that you thought you understood me.” Tornado looked out the window. “Hey, ahhhh, just a minute, I need to do something.” Tornado zoomed outside and destroyed his robot. “What have you done?” Hurricane asked as he came down from the sky. “Listen, if I have a mission, I don’t need that piece of junk anymore.” He smiled his famous smile and then zoomed upwards. Tornado created a firework show as he flew into space. “This is where I shall watch over you, Stacy.” Tornado whispered to himself. “No one will take your life, because I WILL BE THERE!” And that was the last words Tornado spoke before turning a bright yellow, brighter than the sun, to watch over his home forever, in the great Outer Space.

The End

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