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Two Years Later

Stacy stared at her ring. Two years had passed since Tornado had died, but before he had, he told her to look in the top drawer of his desk. There, Stacy had found a sparkling, diamond ring. She had shaken it, thrown it up and down, and almost tested it in fire. Now she was sure it was just a normal ring. But, Stacy would find out soon enough that it wasn’t.

“Race ya!” Chester yelled as he ran past Hurricane. “You will not win Chester,” Hurricane shouted after him. He used a hurricane hazard for Chester to get blown away. Hurricane walked coolly over the finish line. “Hey, you cheated!” Chester complained. “Who, me?” Hurricane asked in a squeaky voice. Everyone around laughed out loud. “I’ve never cheated in my life!” The laughter was even bigger now. “I challenge you to a duel!” Chester joked. This time, there were loud guffaws from the whole school. “I accept, ye insolent little fool!” Hurricane pretended to kick Chester over a cliff. Chester played along. “arrrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhh! You will pay!” Chester yelled in a pirate voice as he fell on the ground. “Enough fooling around, we have to get to class.” Hurricane helped Chester up off the ground. “Tournament number one! Chester versus Praying Mantis!” The Announcer guy boomed from the speakers. “Want to get me? You need to try harder!” Chester ran under Mantis’s legs. “I will crush you!” Mantis hissed. As he turned around, the sun came down and exterminated him. “Chester wins!” The Announcer shouted. Everyone went wild. There was a lot of cheering, with Chester waving to the people and bowing, doing a little circus act. “Next up is Hurricane versus Frank Worm!” Hurricane walked into the arena, waving all around like Chester did. Frank Worm slithered to Hurricane, and he just picked up that worm and threw him out of the stadium! “Hurricane is victorious!” The announcer boomed. “Next up is X versus Metal Shadow!” The announcer yelled. The two circled for a moment, each looking into the other’s eye for a trace of fear, or anxiety. There was none. Metal Shadow attacked first. He jumped up and spun around to knock down X. X was ready. He grabbed Metal Shadow and threw him away. Metal Shadow managed to flip in mid air to throw an exploding ninja star at X. He was knocked to the ground. Next, Metal Shadow used his eye lasers for burning a circle of flame around X. X jumped himself, over the flames to where Metal Shadow was. He got a suddenly powerful headache. X fell to the ground and started to turn brown eyed, then went to its original color, red, white, and blue. “Wait a second,” X muttered to himself. “I know who that would be.” I sense Tornado! Here! Right now! X looked up and saw Stacy. She was examining something he couldn’t see, but it was sparkling in the sunlight. “I will talk to her after I am done.” He thought. X ran forward and attacked. Metal Shadow side stepped and tripped him noiselessly. He then threw another ninja star, but X dodged out of the way. He soon found out it was a heat seeking ninja star, as it followed him around everywhere he moved, it followed. X decided to run at Metal Shadow and jump, then pause himself for a moment long enough for the star to chase Metal Shadow. The tournament match finished two hours later. “Next up is Stacy versus Hurricane!” Hurricane walked around in a circle. “Stacy, let me tell you something. I cannot stop you, no one can, because you are imagining it all. In your mind, use anything necessary to stop me from attacking.” He charged, and Stacy ducked. Hurricane tripped into the wall. Hurricane started again, only going a bit faster than normal. Stacy jumped to the side. Every time, Stacy got away from Hurricane. “Okay, you are making it harder and harder for me to get you. Good.” This time, though, Hurricane threw a hurricane. Stacy shrieked and raised her arms to shield herself. A barrier surrounded her and the hurricane exploded on impact. Stacy’s ring was getting brighter every moment Hurricane attacked. Suddenly, an ice gun appeared in her hand. Stacy didn’t know what to do. she fired and froze Hurricane right there. “Stacy is the winner!” The announcer shouted. There was a shattering sound. Hurricane walked up to her. “Nice. I never knew you had an ice gun.” Stacy just stared at the ring. “You will get more experienced as I teach you.” X also walked over, already healed from the match with Metal Shadow. “I, uh, need to tell you something about that ring.” X told her uncertainly. “What is it?” She asked. “Well, when I was fighting Metal Shadow out there, my eyes started to turn brown, but then stopped after you looked up from your little ring there to watch the rest of it.” “That’s because I willed it, you big overpowered ball of fluff!” That was Tornado’s voice. Stacy was sure of it. “I am sorry, but I do not know what you are talking about.” She stammered, not wanting to argue with X. “Get ready, you are going to transform into Pickachu and hit him with a lightning bolt.” Tornado said. Stacy suddenly changed her shape somehow (this is in the eyes of Hurricane and X.) to Pickachu. She ran around X, thinking of what to do. a lightning bolt came down from the sky and hit X directly. He flew into the score post on the other side of the stadium. Stacy returned to her normal form and ran away. Hurricane caught up with Stacy. “Why did you run? X said it didn’t matter, you were only discovering what your ring can do.” He explained. She turned and glared at Hurricane. “You listen to me! I hate fighting, and that’s why I ran! I didn’t want to have anything for an excuse to hurt a friend in that way!” Stacy accidentally triggered a big laser that hit Hurricane and sent him flying, again, into a sign post. She ran to Hurricane’s side, helping him up off the ground. “I guess we can say you almost have a feeling for setting off moves, then helping your victims up.” Hurricane joked. “It isn’t funny, Hurricane! I never even wanted to learn to have powers, but now I can’t help it!” Stacy buried her face in her hands. “Hey, that’s how I figured out what I could do. I got angry at my friends, making a hurricane appear in my hand and accidentally pointing it at Tornado.” Hurricane sat with Stacy until she stopped weeping. “Now, I suggest we take you back home and rest for a bit.” He helped Stacy off the ground. “I could use a little bit of sleep.” She admitted. “See you tomorrow, Hurricane.” “Yeah, I guess so. Night.” Hurricane went to his house and Stacy walked to hers. In class the next day, it was normal. “Hey, pipsqueak! Get a different locker!” Pichu shook his head. A picture showed above with Chester in the same garbage dumpster. This time, a truck loaded with garbage dumped right on Chester. “That little electric mouse, I’ll get him back someday.” Chester muttered. Meanwhile, in class, someone was bothering Stacy. “Now that Tornado’s gone, I have a reason to do this.” Stacy got slightly annoyed, ignoring the words. But the student just wouldn’t stop. A voice popped into Stacy’s head and told her exactly what to do, even though it would get her in trouble. “You do not want to know what will happen to you if you won’t stop.” Stacy replied coldly. It continued on. Stacy spun around so fast and hit the student so hard, that she did it with the smallest shiver of silver on her fingers. She turned back quickly to resume her place at the desk. This got the teacher’s attention when one of the students weren’t in their seat. “What are you doing on the floor? The teacher asked the student. “Stacy punched me here, that’s what!” “No lying!” The teacher snapped. “Stacy would never do a thing like that. She can’t. You must’ve done it yourself somehow.” The teacher turned to write problems on the whiteboard, and got a look of hatred from the student. At the library, Stacy checked her email. She had so many from Tornado that she didn’t know what to do with them. “I’ll just print them out and take them home.” She thought to herself. Later on, Hurricane and Chester came over to Stacy’s house to hang out. “Ah, requesting permission to come inside?” Chester said loudly. “Be quiet, you dirtball! You’ve been saying that all day!” Hurricane hissed. He playfully pushed Chester lightly. “London bridge is falling down, falling down, London bridge is falling down…” Chester sang, hitting the ground with a grunt. “That ruins our appearance, you know.” Chester stiffened with his serious battle face on. “Correct. Jolly good, too.” Stacy came downstairs, opening the door. “Oh. Hi, guys.” “Hi. We were wondering if you wanted to work on homework with us. Because there is only one person in class with good handwriting…” Stacy laughed. “Yeah, okay, I could use a little help from you guys. Thanks.” Chester and Hurricane walked inside. They studied together for five hours straight, thinking and discussing their ideas of all the separate answers they got. “We have to go now, Stacy.” Chester reported. “Okay. I… think I will be practicing with my ring at the arena tomorrow, so I can’t help you.” Hurricane left with Chester after thirty minutes later of talk. Stacy stayed up late and watched TV. Switching to the news, she heard about scientists that found Negative Tornado’s hair. They were researching something when Negative Tornado suddenly came back to life near the end of the scientists’ research notes. He had destroyed the whole lab with one attack. Now Negative Tornado was coming for Stacy’s ring. She clutched it to her chest, closing a fist around it. Next morning, at Negative Tornado’s old hangout, Negative Tornado spent time talking to himself, also working on a new project. “If that ring contains all of Tornado's powers, I could experiment so I don't lose all of MY powers. But that's okay, because I would have that ring to test them on.” Negative Tornado made a plan to get the ring. The next day, Stacy walked on the sidewalk alone. She saw a stand set up on the other side of the road. At first, Stacy ignored it. But then, she saw a huge sign saying it was a ring shining booth. Stacy clutched her ring again, and smiled. Suddenly, she was growing short and yellow, turning into Pickachu. She ran ran across the street at an amazing speed. Turning back into herself to be able to reach the counter, growing rapidly back to Stacy. “Hello, what can I do for you? Shine your ring?” The person asked. Stacy looked at her ring one last time. If Tornado could do ANYTHING... she took off the ring and gave it to the worker. “Thank you for letting us clean your ring! I'll get back to you once I'm finished!” The store clerk smiled at Stacy. “Okay... bye.” She said uncertainly. As Stacy walked away, she thought, Wow! It actually worked! I created a copy of the ring! Negative Tornado turned back into himself. “I finally have it! The ring Tornado made with all his powers! I will take it back to my place and work on it.” He looked where Stacy had went. She was gone. There was a hill with a bench around it. That's probably where she was. Negative Tornado didn't mind. He headed straight back to his lair to start the testing right away. Once Negative Tornado figured out the ring was a copy, Stacy was already far, far away in Manhattan, walking down a lone, country road. Hurricane got the job of taking Stacy to school every morning for protection. This time, the only thing that was there was a lined piece of paper with Stacy's handwriting on it. It read: This life I once had in the town was too dangerous to live in anymore. I have run away and taken nothing but Tornado's ring with me and a coat to keep warm. Do not worry; I will take care of myself. Stacy Hurricane took this to all of Stacy's teachers. But first, he got Chester and searched for Stacy. In Paris, London, they search on the ground and in hotels, wherever Stacy might figure to go. Hurricane ran past a shrub. Chester did, too. “She's not here, Chester. We need to move on.” Stacy walked along the sidewalks, idling whenever she thought of something worse than what had already happened two years ago. “Tornado, did you give me this ring with special abilities for a reason?” Yes, I did. “Why?” Figure it out, Stacy. You have amazing skills at finding things out that you don't know about. This ring is a puzzle, just like the ones you loved when we were friends. “What? When we 'were' friends?” There is something you will figure out how to do in time and change what happened two years ago. Tornado's presence left her, and Stacy was puzzled over what he meant by being able to change what happened two years ago tomorrow. The following months, Stacy remained hidden from the world. She found a hotel and paid with cash for one room. Spending most of her time in there, inspecting her ring, Stacy figured out what Tornado had meant that day. Now, the following ten years since Tornado had died, Stacy made a plan. If this is true, and Tornado has given me ALL of his powers, I can go back into time with this ring and stop Super Negative Tornado! This is what happened: when Stacy got to the day and location where Tornado was going to die, her ring shattered into pieces.

To Be Continued in Two Years Later(3)

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