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Two Years Later, Cont. After Stacy's ring shattered, that distracted Super Negative Tornado, allowing Super Tornado to regenerate himself and attack with full force, finally getting the sword out of his enemie's hand. “If that's how you want it, then fine!” Tornado was launched far across the school yard's play area into the slide. Super Tornado got up, and turned into Pickachu. “What? I thought, ahem, I KNEW YOU WOULD TRY THAT!” Super Negative Tornado yelled. Tornado ran all around, dodging energy blasts and calling upon lightning to hit his enemy with it. But before any of this happened, the sky began to darken. “Behold, the mightiest attack of all!” Super Tornado turned back into himself. “Don't do it! You can't know what will happen if you attack!” It was useless trying to talk his enemy into stopping now. Only one thing was on his mind: destroying Super Tornado with an attack he had never used before, no matter what anyone else thought. Super Tornado turned and ran in the opposite direction as fast as he could. Running at the speed of sound and light, Tornado was pushed up into the air and into space, where he watched the whole event occuring on earth below him. First, Super Negative Tornado's attack covered earth, smoldering it in complete darkness. Then it exploded. Tornado gasped. The fire from the explosion reached space, throwing Tornado even further out into orbit with Mars. These are the consequences of my actions and what I made. Now I have nowhere to go out here. Everyone is gone, and I have no one to turn to. They all died in Super Negative Tornado's attack. As Tornado drifted into space, he got his black eyes on, to survive in space for as long as he drifted there. Tornado didn't know what was worse: drifting in space without anything to do, or dying in his enemie's attack. Both are suitable, but Tornado liked the first option better. And who wouldn't? Unless you're Tornado, you can't survive in space like Tornado can. For thousands of years, Tornado was in Outer Space, floating towards more vast space and more planets. Not like the nine we already have, but seventeen more like earth, but slightly different. And after all that time, bits of earth gathered into one planet – the seventeenth planet Tornado was just passing by right now. Hurricane, Chester, Stacy, Metal Shadow, X, Jack Stone. They would all be transported to world seventeen soon.

Stacy woke up on an elaborate twin mattress bed. She found herself in a room that was fit to be for a girl like her. A bathroom was on her right with a toothbrush and toothpaste. Stacy noticed she had on soft pajamas, and changed into a shirt and jeans. Is this the afterlife? It felt like a dream, and yet it felt so real, Stacy couldn't imagine that this was Earth. It wasn't Earth, but another planet. Created out of bits of Earth and passing asteroids, this planet was now known as World Seventeen.

Tornado passed by World Seventeen again for what seemed like the millionth time. He got pulled into orbit, circling around the planet. Tornado had and idea of how to contact the people on it, but waited until nighttime. And then he made his blue stripe glow brightly.

Chester was in his room, gazing at the stars through his sky light roof. A blue, pulsing light appeared. Clearly not a star, but what?

Hurricane saw the blue light while he was flying low to the ground. He decided to go investigate. So did Chester. They both flew up into the stars, intent on finding out what this blue light was.

Tornado knew someone was coming. But he never realized it was Chester and Hurricane. They took him down to World Seventeen and found him a room. Tornado slept for a day, and then he was fully aware of everything that went on around him. While he took a walk outside in a nearby forest, Stacy was illuminated by the sun's yellow light. She was as beautiful as Tornado had ever remembered when Earth still existed. Now, seeing Stacy made him feel more alive than he could possibly feel in his whole life. “Tornado!” “Stacy! Gosh, it's been centuries since I've seen your face! Now that we're here, we might as well spend the rest of our lives having fun and hanging out. Until we reach the right age, Stacy. BFF forever.” Stacy slowly took her sandals off, and stepped onto Tornado's shoes. He gently started lifting up into the air, flying standing up over World Seventeen. Stacy got a nerve to look down. When she did, she shrieked. Everything was a small black dot on the ground. Stacy rested her head against Tornado, watching their surroundings as he passed by them one at a time. The building where they lived came into view. It was a peaceful time, like there were no worries at all. “Ready to try this on your own?” Tornado asked quietly. Stacy looked into his eyes. “Ready to try what on my own?” She replied, not knowing that Tornado was giving her the ability to fly. He backed away slowly, making sure Stacy didn't fall on her first try. “Guess what? You're flying!” Stacy opened her eyes and saw this was true. “Remain calm, my friend. All you have to do is tell your mind where to go. It's a bit more complicated for me, but I'll show you my way once you've gotten used to this way first. “Tornado! Help!” Stacy flailed, but regained control as she turned right, left, and went up, down, and all around in a circle. She laughed, and Tornado flew in the sky with her for as long as Stacy felt like. “Wow, Tornado, this... this is... indescribable.” Stacy and Tornado floated back onto the ground where they had stood before and continued walking underneath the trees. Chester and Hurricane noticed something strange about the sky: it was black, and a storm was arriving. Not a good sign. They stopped watching and raced down to where Tornado and Stacy were. “Guys! Hey guys, a storm is coming!” Tornado looked up and smiled. An evil smile, with red eyes. “What? Negative Tornado, what are you doing here?” Hurricane asked, clearly surprised. Tornado was out here with Stacy not long ago, he had known that! They flew together in the sky, and landed in this forest! Hadn't they? “Ah, yes, Tornado, my old friend took off as soon as I decided to act with this perfect opportunity. So, here I am.” “But you died after you did that attack on Tornado so long ago! Why are you still alive? You should be dead!” “I'm not dead, and I didn't die. The attack never touched me. Do you think I would be that stupid not to protect myself against my own plan?” “I thought you were stupider.” Super Negative Tornado whipped around and saw Super Tornado floating in the air. “Really, why would you use an attack that doesn't work?” “It DOES work! I'll have to show you again if you don't believe me!” He started it up again. Stacy looked scared, but Super Tornado flew down to her and whispered, “It's alright, Stacy. Nothing will happen, you just wait and see.” As Super Negative Tornado powered his attack, Chester and Hurricane and Tornado, along with Stacy, huddled in a group as Super Negative Tornado's attack blacked out the sky, and everything around them. TBC...

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