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Jade couldn't believe what he had just seen. He was about to be taken down by a robot, but someone interfered and stopped it. A display of three blue light flashes in the sky, and that was the end of it. Five hundred thousand robots were destroyed with one move. And Jade had no idea who did it, or who could do. Until his mind clicked to one day back. Kaitlyn had come to him, dragging Tony behind her. And Tony showed Jade what happened to him overnight. It was Tornado. Tornado had returned, and he saved Jade, but all along, Jade never knew it. Tornado – or his power had transferred itself into Tony Star, that much was certain. Right now, Tony was riding his bike down the sidewalk, away from Kaitlyn's house. They were finished, Tony knew. I have chosen you, Tony, because you have the desire to do good. And Kaitlyn will see in time that you only wanted to be her friend. Tornado's voice. Tony asked him back: How soon will it be? Very soon, Tony, I promise you. As he rode through the city, he had an urge to speed up on his bike. So he did. “Tony, wait! It's me, Kaitlyn!” Tony turned his head around just in time to see Kaitlyn wave at him to come back, but he rode on. Now's not the time, Tony. I can feel your emotions, but you have to let them go to be who I want you to be. “Alright, Tornado. Do what you want.” Kaitlyn saw Tony's mouth move, and then he disappeared alltogether. She ran forward and shouted, “Tony! Come back!” She ran into a big person. “Well, well. Look who we have here.” Kaitlyn slowly looked up. There stood Super Negative Tornado, unsmiling. “Let's get the party started.” He grabbed Kaitlyn and flew up into the air, holding her above his head. Kaitlyn screamed. “Look here, all of you stupid human idiots!” He shouted, voice resounding through every single one of their spines. “I have a valuable hostage, and she is very dear to someone I know! Summon him to fight me, and if he wins, I will release the girl. If he loses, I will kill everyone in the city and there will be chaos all around! Even though everyone will already be dead, I will create fake screams of horror to make it realistic.” Super Negative Tornado's speech was cut short by a blast to his back. He turned around, and saw... Super Tornado, revived from his death, and Hurricane, and Chester, and X, and Metal Shadow, and Jack Stone. “Let's give him a party he won't dare to forget!” Super Tornado yelled. They charged on their enemy, but he disappeared and showed up behind them. “Nice try! You're not going to get far doing it THAT way!” Super Negative Tornado dropped Kaitlyn... actually, Kaitlyn was being changed, too. Slowly, she took form of Stacy, Tornado's girlfriend. Tornado looked back and saw her falling. He decided to go and save her. Swooping right underneath Stacy, Tornado timed it perfectly so Stacy wouldn't get hurt by the impact. She saw Tony and asked, “Tornado? May we go down there to Tony? I want to do something.” Tornado touched the ground soflty, and let Stacy run over to Tony Star. “Tony? Tony! Wake up please! Please, oh please, let Tony wake up!” Stacy wailed. As if in reply to her prayer, Tony's eyes opened slightly. The first person he saw was Stacy, leaning over him. “Kaitlyn? You... you're... Stacy?” She nodded, tears staining her face. “It was so amazing of you to bring Tornado back, Tony. This makes me proud of you.” Tony's face turned a deep red. “Your wel...” Tony didn't have time to say any more before Stacy kissed him on the lips. “...come.” Tony breathed out, obviously very tired. Stacy laid his head gently back onto the ground. “No time for that! I've got to get up...” “Then go! And never bring me back with you when you go home. I want to stay here.” She finished, gesturing at Tony. Tornado nodded, hiding his emotions and blasting up into the air. “If I live through this, maybe we'll go home together, or we'll die here together. Stacy is no longer in my hands; she's in Tony's. And I respect her decision to stay.” Tornado whispered these words right before a flash of light appeared, taking them all home, not including Stacy. She remained by Tony's side, and Tornado's power went back into him. Tony woke up, alert as though he never had been before. He raised a hand to his cheek and it healed him. Tony sighed, upset Tornado's power never left him. It was only used to bring back and take home Tornado and his friends. Not including Negative Tornado. He floated in another dimension, stuck forever, and never to reappear again. Or was he stuck? Laughter echoed through empty space and time, travelling to Tony. It made him uneasy hearing laughter from a defeated enemy. Stacy saw him awake and rushed to his side. “How do you feel?” She asked in a soft voice. “I'm still tired, but I feel like I can't sleep.” Tony flew up from where he was, straightened out, and touched his feet onto the ground. “I was so nervous, I thought you would die for a moment. But you lived, and I am happy.” Stacy hugged Tony, and he returned her hug. In the following years, Tony relived all of the adventures Tornado had while he was alive. Rescuing Stacy became a constant event every single day, whether it turned out to have Stacy falling on purpose just so Tony could catch her and sometimes on accident, but mostly from being held hostage by the bad guys. As Stacy and Tony grew older, they started dating, and finally, after a few more years, they got married and had kids. One of them was named Tony Junior. He reminded Stacy so much of her husband. Tony Jr. was so energetic and respectful, who wouldn't want to meet him? Meanwhile, Tony walked through the woods like he always had when he was a kid. Tornado liked tromping through some trees where he lived, and now Tony did the same. Only, he had to fly to another part of Earth to do it. Or he could teleport to his place. But flying was funner. “Stacy, I'm going to the country. It's been quite awhile since I have walked underneath the trees. Besides, it's about time this story gets finished.” Stacy laughed, and... happily ever after. THE END. THAT'S IT! STOP READING NOW!

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If you guys have an idea for a title to this story, please let me know on my user talk page. Thank you!

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