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Version 1Edit

Tornado was in a deep slumber on his bed. There was a sound of breaking glass downstairs. Half asleep, Tornado walked downstairs. He wasn’t paying attention to the alarm, but Tornado smashed it to pieces. Suddenly, he was out like a light. “Perfect.” Someone said. The cameras and tape recorders turn quickly to Negative Tornado. “You have done well, my minions!” Negative Tornado praised his helpers. “You would never guess what would happen to you if Tornado here was fully awake. He bent over Tornado’s unconscious body and said, “Take him to the demolition arena!” At the arena, Tornado was still knocked out and long from waking. “Get ready for some action!” The announcer guy yelled into a microphone. Everyone cheered. All of the toughest bad guys that were there hooted, knowing that if Tornado were awaking soon, they would be no challenge to him. “Tornado!” Someone screamed. Tornado opened his eyes in a flash. He was surrounded by a lot of bad guys. “Why aren’t all of these people in jail?” Tornado mumbled to himself. He got up, tried to stand, and fell down again. He was tied, hands and feet! Chester and Hurricane arrived thirty minutes later. Tornado was scratched and bruised, but he was awake. “You come with me, Chester. We are going to stop this, right now!” Hurricane jumped over the fence into the arena. All of a sudden, Tornado saw Hurricane running over. He was slumped against the wall, and his head was hurting. “Tornado!” A voice softly said to him. “What is it?” He called out. “Time to remember, remember what good deeds you have done. And get up, break those wires holding you and fight!” The voice went away. Tornado saw Hurricane talking to Chester. “No use for that now, Hurricane.” Tornado said, smiling to himself. “No one here is going to leave without going to jail.” He sprang up, turned the wires magically into dust, and looked at Hurricane. Meanwhile, Hurricane finished talking with Chester when he felt this huge pain in his head. He fell to the ground, knocked out. Chester threw a stinger at one of the bad guys before he blacked out. “Good.” Tornado thought to himself. Stacy was suddenly right by him. “Stacy, get out of here! It’s not safe!” Tornado whispered as he looked at her. “No, I don’t care what happens to me, just so that you get out of here.” Stacy answered. Tornado groaned and fell backwards from exhaustion. “Tornado! Remember all of those times when you disappeared? You cannot do that again!” Stacy cried. “What once was,” Tornado said softly, “Is no more. Who once was, can never be again.” Tornado stayed where he was. As Stacy stood up from her position, fireworks started and she faded until she was gone, her last look at Tornado. “Well, this is a surprise!” Said Tornado. “Yeah, it’s not everyday I meet someone such as you, Stacy. Best friends… forever.” The flashback ended, and Stacy was in bed playing her favorite games. “Hello.” Stacy jumped in shock and went to the window. “Hurricane, what are you doing here? She hissed. “Just checking to…hey, what’s that doing in here?” Hurricane flew in and saw the picture of Tornado and Stacy. They were standing in front of Niagara Falls. “Oh, a picture Tornado took.” Stacy looked down pitifully. “We went on a vacation there. Tornado drove a normal car, and we acted like he had no problems, no worries, and… it was a nice time we had together.” Hurricane flew out the window and turned around to look at Stacy. “I’ll do something about this. No one tells Hurricane to back down.” Stacy had a giggle fit. “Just don’t get caught if I know what you’re doing.” Hurricane flew away, leaving Stacy alone for the rest of the night.

The End

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