Planet millennium

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World 1

As the ships of the Undefeated glided through Outer Space, they came across a planet. “Hey, guys! Get over here!” Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy rushed to the window. “It’s an ocean above the clouds on this planet. You can see the water covering the outside of it.” “Wow! I never knew there was another planet out there!” Chester exclaimed. “You better believe it, too. We’re landing here for fuel.” A voice on the intercoms throughout the ships said, “We’ll be landing on World one soon. Brace yourself for impact and do not worry. Our experienced pilots will get us on the planet safely.” Everyone sat down and buckled up for landing. “Here we go!” Tornado yelled. The ship tilted almost straight down, going at a necessary speed to dive in the ocean and make it through the barrier of water. A jolt rocked the ship, followed by a big splash. “Are we in the ocean now?” Hurricane asked. “Yes, we are. We will be on the planet in a short time.” As soon as Tornado’s words came true, a skyscraper came into view. Higher than anyone had ever seen before, it rotated around, lifting heavy items that no one could lift. “Touch down!” Stacy cheered. “Wait a second, guys. This isn’t what I was told it looked like when my father came here.” In fact, the planet used to be a beautiful, quiet and peaceful planet. But now, Tornado wasn’t so sure. “Hi! What’s changed here?” Chester asked a person. “What’s happened? I’ll tell you what’s happened! We’re at war, in case you didn’t notice.” Tornado gasped. There were intruments of war such as none he's never seen before. “We were attacked by another planet's space ships! They just started firing on us for no reason.” Tornado thought about this. “Tornado, maybe it isn't a good time to come here right now...” Stacy tried to finish, but Tornado gently interrupted her. “No one is going to harm anyone as long as I'm around to see what's going on. Chester, Hurricane?” Hurricane nodded and Chester told them what he knew. “As far as I know, two planets were destined to go to war for no apparent reason in some old prophecy I read in a book. Maybe this is one of them.” “It could be, but what's the other planet?” “If you're taking a tour of outer space, it would be the last world. World Seventeen.” While the four talked, Stacy stood up and wandered down the street, looking at the once amazing place Tornado had heard about from his father. Some joke that was! Stacy peered around a corner to check for any cars coming. There were none. But a suspicious looking group of kids she saw snooped around in a dumpster, digging around and then jumping out to show the others their finds. Stacy started walking in the opposite direction until she was spotted, and then started running. “Come on! Let's get her!” A guy yelled. Tornado zoomed past Stacy and illuminated a bright light, temporarily blinding the gang, or whatever it was. “Stacy! Run while I take care of these guys!” Stacy turned around and ran out of the street, right between Chester and Hurricane. They noticed Tornado doing a face off, but he could handle this. They would interfere if it came up to that point. First, the biggest of guys took a swipe at Tornado. He ducked, and launched the thug into a wall. Another tried, and another. Finally, all of them rushed Tornado, but he just smiled and disappeared, causing the group to entangle themselves in a huge knot. Tornado reappeared right in front of Chester and Hurricane. “Don't mess with my friends! If you do, you'll have me to answer to! Let's go, guys. The ship is waiting.” All of a sudden, the ship they arrived in was engulfed in flames, spreading along the engine, making it explode with all of the fuel inside of it. Tornado raced to the other side where the most fuel was kept. That exploded, too. “Great! Now how are we supposed to get off this planet?” “There is no leaving now,” An unidentified voice told them. Tornado turned, seeing a white tiger in cage, staring at him. “Do you know who did this? Speak up, so everyone can hear.” The tiger just sat there. “Sorry for not introducing myself. I am Lea, a white tiger from Hawaii on Earth. What about you?” “Tornado Cyclone is the name. I'm also from Earth, visiting this planet, but I'm guessing I'll be staying for awhile since the ships aren't going anywhere at the previous moment.” Tornado wondered why a white tiger from Hawaii would be here in the middle of a war. “Do me a favor and get me out of this cage please?” “There is almost nothing I can't do, just to let you know.” The cage mystically turned into dust, hitting the ground and staying there. “One of my special abilities are turning anything I want to into dust. There's no comparing it to other abilities that I can do, not even some of my favorites.” Lea jumped down from where she was and followed Tornado to the front of the ship. Tornado's father, Cyclone walked up to him. Hey dad! This is a white Tiger named Lea that I met while exploring. She was in a cage and I got her out by turning it into dust!” “Interesting. I've never seen a white tiger here before. And you are from Hawaii?” Lea spoke up for herself. “I am from Hawaii. How did you know?” Cyclone laughed. “I know many things.” Lea started wondering if Tornado and his friends wanted to be her friend. Tornado walked over to Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy to talk to them. “We have a problem. The tanks of fuel blew up on our main ship, and I do not know how long it will take to get it repaired.” Hurricane looked around, scanning this new location. “It seems there is a war going on, and it's not a good time to be here. Tornado! Why can't you and your father just repair it with your abilities?” Tornado had to think about this for awhile. He could actually do it himself, but never thought of it. Lea stood close by, waiting. “I could do that. I haven't really paid any attention to practicing everything I have learned in the past.” Tornado threw his hands out and the fuel tanks repaired themselves. Fuel was inserted in the tanks and Tornado repaired the rest of the ship by himself. “All right!” Lea stood up from her position. “Tornado! Can I please be your friend?” Tornado headed over to where Lea was standing. “Why didn't you ask before? Let's get on the ship and blast out of here! It appears the natives are upset and are reforming! Chester, get Hurricane and Stacy and go in the ship! After that, come back out and help me defeat this angry army!” “Will do, Tornado!” Chester helped Stacy into the ship and came back out again. Cyclone rushed into the ship and got his sword belt on. “Tornado! You and your friends can help me beat back this army, and maybe we'll get off the planet!” Tornado nodded, and got ready. So did Hurricane, Chester, and Lea. The army charged, all soldiers running at their top speed. Tornado ran forward and jumped over the whole army. Lea jumped onto the first person she reached, knocking down several more like human dominoes. Hurricane, Chester, and Cyclone surrounded each side of the army. Cyclone blasted wind to push soldiers away from himself and also throwing them into walls of buildings. Tornado fought the army one on one with his sword, moving faster than the speed of sound and light combined. Tornado never got a scratch, but the whole army suddenly collapsed, every single one cut in half from the waist. “NOW LET'S GET OUT OF HERE!” Tornado yelled. Chester, Hurricane, Lea, and Cyclone followed Tornado back to the ship where they boarded it and took off at a great speed in able to get out of the ocean in the sky. “Where's my bed? I'm tired.” Chester showed her a room. “You get a whole room, now that you're on this ship. And you will be transported back to Hawaii once we are done with travelling.” Lea looked around at her new room. It had an extremely nice bed that was exactly like everyone else's. But it had Hawaiian bed sheets, pillows, and blankets. Her whole room was decorated Hawaii style. Chester left for his own room, and Lea laid down on her new bed. Maybe I can stay on this team. It would be really fun if this is all they do. Tornado had arrived silently at Lea's door without her hearing him. “You can stay on the team. It's called reading your mind.” Lea looked at Tornado unexpectedly. “I didn't see you come in here! So I can be on the team?” “I can always use extra help.” Tornado walked out of Lea's room and turned around. “Dinner will be ready soon, so get some rest.” She closed the door once Tornado walked away. I wonder when our next adventure is going to be? As soon as Lea thought about that, the ship stopped and landed on a runway on World 2. Tornado told Hurricane, Chester, and Stacy these words before they left the ship to go explore World 2. “Get ready! This is going to be a wild ride!”

To Be Continued in World 2 as soon as I can complete it.

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